How to Save Audio Messages on an iPhone

How to Save Audio Messages on an iPhone. One of the quickest and most effective ways to share a lot of information without typing out a long message is the use of audio messages. The type of message is mainly used on mobile devices like your iPhone, where recording a quick audio message can take a fraction of the time as typing the same message.

How to Save Audio Messages on an iPhone

However, when compared with text messages, audio messages seem to take up more space. Your iPhone will automatically delete audio messages two minutes after you’ve sent them or listened to them.

How to Save Audio Messages on an iPhone

If you decide you want to save some or all of your messages, the good news is that you can. Well, you can surely save individual audio messages on an iPhone with a single tap. You can also edit your settings so that all of your audio messages are saved by default. If you are not sure, here is how to save audio messages on an iPhone.

How to Save Audio Messages Sent by You on the iPhone

Just like mentioned above, audio messages that you send or receive on an iPhone are usually deleted after two minutes. You have to change that setting if you want to keep them.

Steps to save an audio message you sent on your iPhone:

  • Send your audio message with the messaging app.
  • Underneath the audio message, you’ll see the word “keep.”
  • Click “keep” and your audio message will no longer be automatically deleted.
  • To listen to the message later, open the chart containing the audio message and press the play button.

That is all you have to do to save the message sent to you on your iPhone and have the chance to listen to it in the future.

How to Save Audio Messages That You Receive on an iPhone

If you want to save an audio message that you’ve received from someone else, you can do so in a similar way. You will have to wait for the save option to appear.

Step to saving an audio message you receive on your iPhone:

  • Play the audio message by clicking on the “play icon” in the Messages app.
  • You will be notified that the message expires in two minutes.
  • After a short wait, the “Keep” option will appear.
  • Click on “Keep” to stop the message you received from being automatically deleted.
  • If you want to listen to the message later, return to the same conversation and tap the play icon to listen to it.

If you have been finding it hard to save an audio message that you received on your iPhone, the steps to do that are listed above.

How to Save Audio Messages in Notes

Searching for an audio message in a long conversation will take a lot of time scrolling. So, you can save audio messages somewhere they are more immediately accessible. You can surely copy and paste an audio message into the Note app.

Step to save the audio message in Note:

  • Tap and hold the audio message you wish to copy.
  • Click on “Copy.”
  • Open the Notes app and open the note where you want to save the audio message or create a new note.
  • Click and hold an empty section of the note and select paste.
  • Your audio message will be inserted into your note.

You can copy and paste as many audio messages as you wish. You will not be able to rename the files, so you may want to make a note next to each audio message to remind you of what it is.

How to Save All Audio Messages on the iPhone

If you prefer to keep all of your audio messages on an iPhone, you can turn off the option to have them automatically deleted. This will ensure that all of your audio messages will be saved in your conversations. Moreover, if you have a longer message, it may start to eat up your device space.

One step to automatically saving all audio messages on an iPhone:

  • Start the Setting app.
  • Click on “Messages”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • Below Audio Massages, enter Expire.
  • Click on “Never
  • Exit the menu

Your audio messages (both sent and received) will be saved at this point. If you want to change it back to After 2 Minutes, you can still make use of the steps above.

Configuring Your Message on the iPhone

If you understand how to save an audio message, you won’t lose any valuable or important audio message that you love to keep. Well, there are other useful messaging skills that you might want to learn. For more explanation, you can make it easier to navigate your past conversations by deleting messages that you don’t need.

With unknown messages, you can also filter senders to stop your messages from being filled with spam. If you use other Apple devices, you will be able to enable Messages in iCloud to sync your messages across all of your devices.


Can you send saved audio messages on your iPhone?

If you have been wondering if you can send saved audio messages on your iPhone, the answer is “Yes”. With the Voice Memos app, you can share one or more recordings with others (or send them to your Mac or another device) using Airdrop, Mail, Messages, and more.

Does the iPhone automatically save audio messages?

Yes, with the Voice Memos app and iCloud, your audio recordings appear and are kept up to date automatically on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID and Voice Memos is turned on in the iCloud settings or preferences).

Where is audio saved on the iPhone?

You can listen to the saved MP2 file directly in the messaging app where you have received it. When you have saved the MP3 file in the “Files” folder of your iPhone, go to that particular folder and tap on the file to listen to it.

Do iPhone audio messages disappear?

By default, voice messages are deleted two minutes after the recipient listens to them. However, you can choose to save the audio message you’ve sent by tapping the “Keep” option beneath the media file. You can also change your iPhone’s automatic settings to ensure your messages are kept longer on your device.

Can you recover deleted audio files on your iPhone?

Through recovery, you can select recording. Click on Recover everything in the Recently Deleted folder. Click Edit above the Recently Deleted list, then tap Recover All. Delete everything in the Recently Deleted folder: Tap Edit above the Recently Deleted list, then click on Delete All.


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