How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Just Your Voice

How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Just Your Voice. If you are a user of iOS 14.6 or later, Apple includes an accessibility feature that allows you to unlock your iPhone using just your voice.

How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Just Your Voice

You just have to go through this page to learn how it works and how to set it up on your iPhone. For a long time now, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has included a voice control feature.

How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Just Your Voice

This feature enables users to control a variety of system functions on their iPhones by using only their voice as the trigger. But until recently, one of the limitations of voice control was that it wouldn’t work if your iPhone was locked. If your iOS 14.6 or higher iPhone is on the lock screen, you cannot use your voice to enter the passcode and unlock it.

Keep reading through this page to get all the information you need on how to unlock your iPhone using just your voice. Before that, let’s take a look at how iPhone voice unlocks work.

How does iPhone voice unlock work?

The theoretical process of unlocking your iPhone with voice is pretty simple. With the use of this feature, your iPhone will open itself automatically after you say the voice phrase. This actually means you do not have to put a passcode on the lock screen using your finger. With Voice Control, you are enabled to create a command that will mimic the finger-tap gesture.

Just with a tap, the command will automatically pretend to be in the exact place on your iPhone screen where the correct passcode digits are. Furthermore, you can treat this as a virtual robot without an arm that taps your iPhone screen at the right places from inside, triggering the correct passcode to be entered.

How to Unlock Your iPhone Using Just Your Voice

If you have made up your mind to make use of your iPhone voice unlock, then follow the steps that show you how to set up Vice Control to unlock your iPhone using a simple speech command.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and click Accessibility.
  • Below “Physical and motor,” click “Voice control.”
  • Toggle on the switch next to voice control.
  • After that, you can lock your iPhone with the side button.
  • Touch your iPhone to wake the lock screen, then say “Go Home” to unlock your iPhone with Face ID. If it does not work out and you are presented with the passcode screen, say (for example) “Tap 1” to press the 1 key on the screen with your voice. Repeat the action for all six digits in your passcode for it to unlock your iPhone

In order to unlock your iPhone using just your voice, follow the information above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use voice commands to unlock my phone?

Voice Match on these devices won’t let you unlock your phone, but you can still use Google Assistant voice commands while your phone is locked. You must first train a trusted voice model to do this. Open the Google app and go to Settings > Google Assistant. Next, scroll down to Voice Match.

How can I unlock my iPhone if my screen is broken without Siri?

By using iTunes, you can bypass the iPhone screen lock and restore your device as long as you have ever synced it to a computer and trust this computer. If you have once synced your device to a trusted computer via iTunes, you’re probably going to try unlocking the iPhone XR or any other iPhone series with iTunes.

How do I unlock my phone with Siri?

Wake the screen (by a tap, saying Hey Siri, or Raise to Wake) and speak the custom Voice Control command phrase. It’ll swipe up to reveal the passcode screen and finally tap the passcode keys to unlock your iPhone.

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