Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford. Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2023 in the Uk simply provide an outstanding opportunity to academically brilliant students from around the globe. The Clarendon grant also lets extraordinary students study in Oxford for free.

Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

The fully-funded UK scholarship is simply for every talented mind who can not afford to come to the world’s most prestigious institute for higher studies. The scholarship aims to fulfill the mission of the university to simply welcome the world’s brightest minds to their Oxford community.

Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

The Oxford scholarship has been granted from the Clarendon fund since the year 2001, the year in which the fund was simply established. Basically, the fund is sponsored majorly by the Oxford University Press to simply support the university’s vision of excellence in research and education.

Every year, 200 scholarships are simply granted to international students in order to successfully achieve the goals that fulfill the basic objective of Oxford University. Thus, by promoting its own mission, the Oxford University scholarship also gives a life-changing chance to the students as well.

Studying at the UK’s top university is also a matter of prestige and also instills a high level of confidence in the students. Moreover, the Clarendon Scholarship Program 2023 is simply an outstanding platform on which long-lasting social, academic, and professional connections are built.

About The Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

Moreover, the Clarendon Scholarship Program 2023 is also an outstanding platform on which long-lasting social, academic, and even professional connections are built. The Clarendon scholars, along with academic excellence, also gain insights into the cultural diversity of the UK.

Oxford scholars simply become distinguished by attending a diverse range of events, ranging from lectures and academic symposia to cultural outings. The outings include visits to theaters and also places of historic importance all over the UK.

The University of Oxford scholarships for graduate students simply support the students to then focus on their studies by bearing all the financial costs that could potentially hinder the mental capabilities of the scholars.

As the scholarship’s sole purpose and focus are to gather the best and brightest minds, the Clarendon Scholarships are highly competitive and also considered very prestigious in the Oxford community.

Moreover, by becoming Clarendon scholars, the students automatically become members of the Clarendon Scholars Association and they become connected with other scholars in the community.

Fortunately, the scholarship is simply for full-time as well as part-time master’s and DPhil students. Further information about this fully-funded international scholarship in the UK is discussed in the following paragraphs.

Oxford Clarendon Scholarships, 2023 in the UK:

Host Country:

  • United Kingdom

Host University:

  • The University of Oxford

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree Program
  • DPhil/Ph.D. Degree Program

Subject Area:

  • Students can apply in any subject with no restrictions.

The Benefits of Clarendon Scholarships, UK:

Here are the benefits of Clarendon Scholarships, UK.

  • The tuition fee for the master’s and also the DPhil will be covered.
  • Annual grants for living expenses of up to about $15,609 will then be granted to the students.
  • The scholars will also become part of the Clarendon Scholars Association.
  • The scholars will be given access to symposia, cultural sites like theaters, and also historic places.

Eligibility Criteria Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2023 in the UK:

Here are the eligibility criteria for Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2023 in the UK.

  • Students of any nationality, race, ethnicity, or gender can simply apply.
  • There is also no subject restriction for this scholarship.
  • The student must simply get admission to Oxford University for a graduate degree (master’s or DPhil).
  • Students who are already doing their master’s and also want to study for another part-time master’s or another part-time DPhil at Oxford can also be eligible for scholarships. (The student must then be currently studying at Oxford).
  • Post-graduate courses and diploma courses are not eligible.
  • Special considerations are simply given to the students who then have potential academic reasons and also an aptitude to continue in the selected courses.
  • A candidate should or must select the program of his/her interest.
  • All interested candidates are simply directed to first apply for admission to the master’s or doctoral program of the university.
  • After applying for admission, the applicant would then be automatically selected for the scholarship.

How to Apply for Oxford Clarendon Scholarships in 2023

If you want to apply for this scholarship, then you should read below.

  • There is simply no separate procedure to apply for this scholarship.
  • The applicants also have to apply for graduate courses at Oxford University between December and January.
  • If the applicant fulfills the eligibility requirements, then the college or institute automatically forwards the name of the application for the scholarship.
  • Once you are shortlisted, the Clarendon Fund will simply contact you through email and will also send you an offer.
  • You have to then accept that offer letter.
  • The candidate also has to fulfill all the contract requirements of his/her selected college as well.
  • If you have deferred your funding offer once, you will never be contacted for any future funding offer by Oxford.

Here is the official website: https://www.ox.ac.uk/clarendon

Documents Required for Oxford Scholarship 2023:

  • Personal Statement
  • Research Proposal (if applicable)
  • Proof of Awards, Certificates, etc.
  • Degrees and academic transcripts

Application Deadline:

  • All applicants may then apply according to the course by the relevant December or January deadline.
  • The course simply starts in October 2023.


How do I get a Clarendon scholarship?

How to Apply for Clarendon Fund Scholarships: If you then apply for a full or part-time master’s or DPhil course at Oxford by the January deadline for your course, you will then automatically be considered for a Clarendon Scholarship.

Is a Clarendon scholarship hard to get?

Outstanding academic record: An excellent academic record is also essential. The majority of successful scholars usually have at least a first-class honors degree or its equivalent. For example, a GPA score of at least 3.7, if the mark is out of 4, noting that a lot of the Clarendon scholars simply achieve higher than this score.

How much is the Clarendon scholarship?

The scholarship amount simply varies for full-time and part-time program students. Full-time program recipients will then receive at least GBP 15,009 (18,630 USD) and part-time program recipients will get at least GBP 5,003 (6,210 USD).


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