Medical Esthetician Job Description

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Medical Esthetician Job Description

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Medical Esthetician Job Description

The job title might then be esoteric, yet thousands of people flock to skincare specialists, who are also known as medical estheticians, each year. An esthetician in a medical spa simply helps to improve the health and also the appearance of a patient’s skin through a variety of minimally invasive therapies notes the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics.

The demand for this career continues to grow with cosmetic and aesthetic arts procedures becoming more advanced and even more readily available. If the career interests you, you can then simply attend a program at one of the top medical esthetician schools. These are the duties that you will find in a medical esthetician’s description.

Enhance Skin Health

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a medispa is a cross between a day spa and also a medical office. In this setting, a medical esthetician might then work with patients who are scarred, or who simply have pigment disorders, sun damage, acne, or wrinkles.

She may then apply medical-grade skin care products to be able to remove dead skin cells through micro-dermabrasion or perform chemical peels to simply remove facial lines and hyperpigmentation. In addition, she might then perform such basic duties as blackhead extraction or include therapeutic and even pampering facials as part of her work duties.

Provide Laser Services

Most medispas simply offer laser and light-based treatments for the removal of unwanted hair or cellulite, even out pigmentation, remove unwanted birthmarks, and also diminish varicose veins. A medical esthetician must then be certified in laser safety and even laser applications to safely perform these services.

Perform Cosmetics Services

Some patients do get tired of applying eyeliner or have sparse eyebrows. Therefore, a medical esthetician’s job description can simply include performing cosmetic tattooing services. She may also teach patients who have undergone chemotherapy how to apply makeup to boost their appearance.

Harsh radiation treatments can also affect the skin, and the esthetician might then show them the proper way to help cleanse and moisturize. An esthetician may also instruct patients on how to conceal bruising, scars, or redness following surgical procedures and even while the skin is healing.

Medical Esthetician Work Environment

Medical estheticians might then work alongside a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner to treat patients with both cosmetic and medical needs. An esthetician may then use medical devices and also cosmeceuticals to simply produce results that are superior to the services a day spa is able to provide.

A medical esthetician may also be exposed to harsh chemicals and also lasers. Therefore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics simply advises she must take precautions and also wear proper equipment to protect herself from the risk of injury.

Contrary to popular belief, a medical esthetician’s job is simply not a sedentary one. She may even bend, stretch, and get up for most of the day.

Medical Esthetician Outlook and Earnings

Medical estheticians can simply expect good prospects due to the demand for skincare services, with the BLS forecasting 29 percent growth through 2030. As of 2020, skincare specialists received median earnings of ​$36,510 annually.

Esthetician Responsibilities:

  • They provide waxing, facials, body treatments, and also makeup applications, and even lessons.
  • Adhering to appointments in a timely manner by simply monitoring the time schedule
  • Welcoming clients in a warm, friendly manner, accompanying them to and from treatment rooms, and also sincerely thanking them on departure.
  • Interviewing clients to simply obtain information about contraindications and also examining skin to evaluate the suitability of treatments.
  • Advising clients on skin care and also recommending suitable treatments and even home care regimens.
  • Engaging and also conversing with clients during sessions on topics relating to their interests.
  • Maintaining product knowledge to simply promote and also sell spa and salon services and retail products.
  • Adhering to esthetics policies pertaining to chemical usage, and also cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of equipment.
  • Caring for linens and also replacing them between sessions.
  • Ceasing treatment and also informing the supervisor in the event of inappropriate guest behavior.

Esthetician Requirements:

  • State licensure to then practice as an esthetician.
  • 3+ years of industry experience.
  • Proficient in performing all the applicable treatments.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Outstanding people skills and also a warm, friendly manner.
  • It will allow you to stand for extended periods and also lift 50 pounds.
  • You have the ability to maintain client confidentiality.


How long does it take to become a medical Aesthetician?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Medical Esthetician? Medical esthetician school can be completed in 9 months to a year after graduating from high school. State licensure or certification might then take additional months to achieve.

Is medical Aesthetician a good career?

As a medical esthetician, you can enjoy a career that has a lot to offer to hard-working and ambitious professionals. Not only can a medical esthetician career be a very beneficial one, but it is also one that is very much in demand.

Can a medical Aesthetician do Botox?

Beauty therapists and aestheticians are not licensed, medical professionals. Therefore, they are not authorized to then administer these cosmetic procedures by themselves. They can, however, be able to assist the clinician during the treatment or by doing photo documentation.

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