Mercury Insurance – Types of Mercury Insurance Coverage

Have you ever heard of Mercury Insurance? But you don’t seem to understand it very well and don’t even get enough details about it. Well, today you will be reading this article, and you will then get to understand all about Mercury Insurance. You just have to keep on reading to get all the necessary information.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance

Founded in the year 1961, Mercury Insurance simply offers auto coverage similar to what you would find elsewhere, plus a range of discounts. Unfortunately, this insurance company simply only offers coverage in 11 states, and its rideshare add-on is only available in nine states. If you then live in a state where coverage is offered, this insurer might then be worth considering.

Pros explained

  • Rideshare coverage is available: Depending on your state of residence, drivers for services such as Uber or Lyft can then add a rideshare endorsement to their policy. It will then give you coverage for any gaps not covered by the rideshare company’s policy.
  • Multiple discount opportunities: Mercury Insurance has a range of available discounts for policyholders, including mercury, which is a usage-based app that offers an immediate participation discount. Discounts might then vary by state.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage available: This type of coverage simply acts as an extended warranty that pays for qualifying repairs if your car breaks down.

Cons explained

  • You need to purchase a policy through an agent: Unless you simply prefer one-on-one help, you might not like having to work with an agent if you prefer a completely online application process.
  • Only available in 11 states: Only residents of Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia can simply purchase an auto policy with this insurer.
  • No online claims filing available: Policyholders will even need to call Mercury Insurance’s 24/7 hotline to speak to a claims agent.


Mercury Insurance simply offers auto insurance coverage such as collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motor vehicles. Applicants can then take advantage of eight available discounts, though the availability varies by state. Those who simply prefer to work with a company completely online will then have to look elsewhere, as Mercury Insurance only sells policies through its agents.

Company Overview

Mercury Insurance was founded in the year 1961 and is simply headquartered in Los Angeles. Mercury Insurance offers auto, homeowners, renters, business, and even personal umbrella policies. It’s the leading independent agency writer of auto insurance policies in California. However, the auto coverage through Mercury is only available in 11 states, including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

Types of Coverage

Mercury Insurance simply offers the following auto coverage options:


Collision coverage simply pays for vehicle repairs after being in an accident or replacement if the car is deemed a total loss. If your car is then totaled, Mercury will also IRS after being in an accident or replacement if the car is deemed a total loss. If your car is then totaled, Mercury will also offer you the actual cash value of your car after you pay the deductible.


Liability insurance might then also protect you if you are found legally responsible for causing injury to another person or their property. It will then also protect you in case someone files a lawsuit against you for causing property damage or bodily harm. Mercury Insurance can then offer bodily injury liability and also property damage liability coverage.


Mercury simply offers comprehensive coverage, which then protects your insured vehicles from covered losses such as extreme weather, vandalism, or fire.

Rental Car

Mercury Insurance simply pays for a rental car if you are in an accident and your vehicle needs repairs. It’s an optional coverage, but it can also be useful if you need a car to commute back and forth from work or school. You can also then select from coverage limits ranging from $30 to $100 per day, for up to 30 days.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motor Vehicle

Uninsured and underinsured motor vehicle coverage simply protects drivers who are then deemed not at fault in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. For policyholders with this coverage, Mercury Insurance will cover the cost of things like car repairs, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Medical Payments

Medical payments insurance simply covers the cost of medical expenses if anyone in your vehicle is hurt in an auto accident, regardless of who’s at fault. Availability will also depend on your state of residence.


Mercury Insurance calls its rideshare coverage “ride-hailing insurance,” and it’s available for as little as $0.90 per day. This optional rider then allows you to simply add coverage to your personal auto policy if you drive for companies like Uber or Lyft. It’s available to policyholders in nine states, including:

Each state simply has different minimum insurance requirements, so if you are shopping for a new insurance policy, it’s best to check which coverage your state requires.


Mercury Insurance offers several discounts to help you lower your premiums, including the following:

Payment Discounts

  • Multiple policy discount: Save on your auto premiums by simply bundling your policy with that of homeowners, condo, or renter’s insurance.
  • Pay-in-full discount: You will then get a discount if you pay your premiums upfront annually.
  • E-signature discount: You will also receive an e-signature discount if you sign policy documents electronically.
  • Autopay discount: Signing up for autopay will then get you an additional discount.

Driving Habits and History

  • Good driver discount: You might then qualify for a rate reduction if you are accident-free for a specified amount of time.
  • Good student discount: Students who excel in school might then be eligible for a discount.
  • MercuryGO: Drivers who use this app are then eligible for immediate participation discounts and might then receive additional discounts when they renew their policies, depending on their driving habits. Discounts and availability vary by state.

Vehicle Equipment

  • Multiple car discounts: You might then get a reduction on your insurance premiums if you simply insure two or more vehicles. You can then get a premium discount.
  • Anti-theft discount: Vehicles with anti-theft devices might then qualify for a discount.

Since the availability of discounts varies by state, it’s best for you to contact a Mercury Insurance agent to see what discounts you might be eligible for.

Payment Options

Mercury allows policyholders to pay for their premiums in a few different ways, including by:

  • Checks
  • credit card.
  • money order.

Policyholders can even set up automatic payments or make one-time payments online via the Mercury Insurance website.

Loss Ratio

Looking at the loss ratio of an insurer is then helpful when shopping around. That’s because it can simply give a decent insight as to whether an insurance company is under financial distress or whether it will be able to pay out claims.

Mercury Insurance has a 67.40% loss ratio, which is close to average among the auto insurers we compared. This signals that the company is relatively financially strong.

Other Features

In addition to its other coverage options, Mercury Insurance also offers mechanical breakdown coverage. This type of protection simply pays for qualifying repair costs if your car breaks down and you are past your warranty period.

Account Management

Mercury Insurance then offers two options for account management. Policyholders can then manage their policies online by simply creating an online account through the Mercury Insurance website. Those that prefer to speak with a representative can even call customer service or speak with a local agent for assistance.

How Mercury Insurance Compares to Other Auto Insurance Companies:

When simply compared with premiums from competing insurers operating in the same states, Mercury’s premiums are even slightly lower. Still, your premium might then be higher or lower depending on factors such as the make of your vehicle and driving history. It’s also a good idea to shop around in order to find the best rates for auto coverage.


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Is Mercury Bank a Good Place to Work?

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