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Have you ever wanting to access your documents quickly, and you are unable to do that because you don’t have a desktop to handy. That’s where cloud storage comes in; with cloud storage, you can access your documents quickly and also convenient as well. Although, there are more enough storage devices or services that are available you can make use of. They may be similar to you and every one of the choices is not similar also. Whenever it comes to the kind, the price, and that of the storage capacity, the cloud storage is more preferable to the storage services.

Online Cloud Storage

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Online Cloud Storage- What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is been referred to as a way to store documents online rather than make using a local way. The cloud storage requires s internet connection for your table to upload share documents and presentations, spreadsheets, audio, videos, and many others. it online storage services providers don’t store any data on the hard disk of your computer. Its tools help you to gives you free access to your documents with any devices of your choices. I will be discussing some of the cloud storage tools, where you can download them and their features as well. Below are the lists are given for the latest and popular cloud storage?


This is a cloud storage service where users do save any documents on the cloud and the iCloud will instantly sync it your device. Also, you can use the service for the Mac and that of Windows PCs as well. It is been handled by Apple Inc.


The following are the features of the iCloud below:

  • Its limited file size for uploading is 15GB.
  • Lots of persons can be working together by just sending a link to them.
  • iCloud provides a 5GB of free.
  • It gives you the avenue to collaborate with numbers, pages, notes, and others.

Download link.

Here are the features and where you can download iCloud.


The pCloud is very simple to make use of and secure storage for your data. This tool gives you the chance to share, and collaborate the files with your employees, etc.


  • You can back up your valuable documents to the cloud just by one click of a button.
  • With the help of the search archive files, you can store versions on your files for some time.
  • You can also filter your files according to their file format.
  • It assisting you in keeping your private documents or files vital.

Download link:

The above are features and where you can also download pCloud.


This is cloud storage that deals with file management and sharing as well.  It is available for Windows, macOS, and mobile platforms.


  • It allows the admin to also add external users to collaborate the contents and control the version.
  • It is faster and easier when searching for a file by using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.
  • It allows you to invite the team to male changes and upload files.

Download link.


The IDrive helps to provide service for you to back up your data. It has 5GB for free and is available to Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac users.


  • The IDrive is just 5GB free.
  • Users can just upload and download files that are 2GB in size.
  • Users can monitor their back up for their PC from the web interface.
  • It gives a solution to protecting all computers, Macs, iPhones, and Android devices into just one account.

Here are the features of IDrive cloud storage.

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Best Online Cloud Storage Platforms

However, there is other cloud storage also that you can make use for storing your data and files. Let’s, list a few of them.

The above lists are a few of the online cloud storage and download links.













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