Pokemon Shield Exclusives – Pokemon Shield Exclusives Lists | Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Shield Exclusives is one of the versions of the pokemon games. If you are hearing about this word for the first time, you will be wondering about what the franchise is all about. There are originally two forms of pokemon which are almost identical games.

Pokemon Shield Exclusives - Pokemon Shield Exclusives Lists | Pokemon Shield

The traditionally two forms of pokemon which are very similar are the pokemon sword and pokemon shield. Like all the paired games in the pokemon series, sword and shield each consist of pokemon that cannot be obtained in the alternate version.


To obtain them animated games missing from your version, you must have to trade with someone who has the opposite version. All the exclusives will be listed in this article. All you have to do is keep your attention on the blog.

Pokemon Shield Exclusives

Are you surprised as to what list will benefit you between the sword exclusive and the shield exclusive? The decision to choose between the two versions of the same game has been a feature of the pokemon series ever since red and green were released in japan in the year 1996.

Generally, the difference between the two subtitles and the individual experience of players tends to be the same. But there are still some players who were able to outline some little difference between the two.

There are more differences than usual between the pokemon sword and the pokemon shield from version exclusive pokemon through to version exclusive. The button line here is that it is important for you to know what is obtainable in each of them before making your decision to choose.

Best Pokemon Games

From the early days, Pokemon has found a way to reinvent itself for each generation of audience. The masters and new players of the series are captivated by these cute and sometimes scary little monsters.

Each of the games has a pretty consistent feel to it and follows the one before it but builds a little more into the pokemon world. With every new iteration of pokemon new features and pokemon bare brought to the table.

With the existence of pokemon for some years now, there have been different versions of the game. Well, this article will try to reveal the one that would best for unfamiliar players to try out. The wide range of pokemon spin-off games and new players can explore the vast world of pokemon.

Best List Of Pokemon Shield Exclusives

Are you looking for the best pokemon games to get yourself acquitted as a new player? Then you are in the right place. Pokemon games have been in existence since 1996 and there are a whole lot of lists available for you to enjoy.

  • Goomy (Dragon).
  • Sliggoo (Dragon).
  • Goodra (Dragon).
  • Larvitar (Rock/Ground).
  • Pupitar (Rock/Ground).
  • Tyranitar (Rock/Ground).
  • Galarian Ponyta (Psychic).
  • Solosis (Psychic).
  • Duosion (Psychic)
  • Reuniclus (Psychic).
  • Drampa (Normal/Dragon).
  • Vullaby (Dark/Flying).
  • Mandibuzz (Dark/Flying).
  • Gengar, Gigantamax Raid native to Shield but can be shared (Ghost/Poison).
  • Lapras, Gigantamax Raid native to Shield but can be shared (Water/Ice).
  • Cursola (Ghost).
  • Lotad (Water/Grass).
  • Lombre (Water/Grass).
  • Ludicolo (Water/Grass).
  • Sableye (Dark/Ghost).
  • Lunatone (Rock/Psychic).
  • Croagunk (Poison/Fight).
  • Toxicroak (Poisin/Fight).
  • Basculin, Blue-stripe form (Water).
  • Spritzee (Fairy).
  • Aromatisse (Fairy).
  • Oranguru (Normal/Psychic).
  • Appletun Gigantamax Raid native to Shield but can be shared (Grass/Dragon).
  • Eiscue (Ice).
  • Indeedee, Female (Psychic/Normal).

Sword and shield also have version-exclusive gyms which depends on the type of games you buy.  You would see yourself facing an exclusive Gym leader with their own type-focus at one point.

Battle Point

In Pokemon Shield Exclusive, you will be battling against;

  • Allister the ghost-type leader.
  • Melony the ice-type leader.

If facing off against any of these particular pokemon types you break out in  hives, then it can  really help you in your  decisions whether you go for pokemon sword or shield.

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