How to Become a Quickteller Paypoint Agent

Whether you want to make extra money or start your own business in Nigeria, becoming a Quickteller Paypoint agent could be a good option. So, what exactly is a Quickteller Paypoint agent, and how do you become one?

How to Become a Quickteller Paypoint Agent

As an agent, you will manage Paypoint outlets on Quickteller’s behalf and earn a variety of enticing benefits and commissions. This business opportunity is available to anyone who meets certain requirements and is willing to invest in the business.

Who is a Quickteller Paypoint Agent?

Quickteller Paypoint is a brand name for Interswitch Financial Inclusive Services (IFIS) outlets located throughout the country. They are one-stop shops where customers can access all of IFIS’s products and services. The entity is making an effort to provide digital financial assistance to more than 50 million citizens of the country.

These locations provide cash deposits and withdrawals, fund transfers, account opening, bill payments, insurance, and airtime recharge.

Quickteller Paypoint agent enrollment

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), institutions, and individuals can own such outlets with the proper documentation and certification. There are various types of agents, each with its own set of requirements.

  • Individuals and unregistered businesses fall into this category.
  • Salons, chemist shops, MSMEs grocery stores, and a variety of other businesses fall into this category.
  • Larger businesses, such as restaurants and gas stations, will be classified as prestige.

Registration Requirements for Agents

The registration process is straightforward. Those who are interested must ensure that they meet the following requirements.

  • Literacy (the ability to read and write) is required.
  •  Have a current business outlet a copy of your ID card, driver’s license, or international passport
  • Proof of address can be provided by submitting utility bills (PHCN, GOtv, DStv, etc.).
  •  A working Android phone is required.
  • Bank account information or statements a photograph the size of a passport
  • A full Quickteller Paypoint agent registration form/agreement, as well as an account package
  • A minimum startup capital of N10,000 is required. The amount is the trading capital, which IFIS deposits in the Quickteller Paypoint agent wallet when the business is established.

In Nigeria, how do you become a Quickteller Paypoint Agent?

You can register by following the steps below.

  • Go to the Interswitch group’s website. Fill out the Quickteller Paypoint registration form correctly.
  •  Put N10,000 into the account they will give you. Quickteller will send a human resource officer to verify your office for their agency services. The officer will give you another form to fill out and will ask you to attach your passport photo.
  • Your account will be activated, and you will be provided with Quickteller Paypoint agent login information.
  • Your N10,000 deposit will be credited to your wallet as well. You must wait for them to send you the PIN. This would take no more than 24 hours. You can now start your business right away.

Business support personnel will come to your office to provide you with branding materials and to assist you in building a banner outside your office.

  • IFIS will also provide you with an IFIS certificate of completion.
  • Identification using the IFIS ID Tariff sheet for agents

Quickteller Paypoint Agent Advantages; Why Should you Consider Becoming a Quickteller Business Partner?

These are the numerous advantages you stand to gain.

  • You will become a part of the Interswitch brand and the expanding IFIS network.
  • You will receive comprehensive branding and marketing assistance.
  • You can expect a high volume of transactions due to the diverse range of products and services. Profits from attractive Quickteller Paypoint agent commissions
  • You gain social standing in your community. Every agent is trained and receives dedicated field support.


How long does it take to become a Quick Teller agent?

The amount of time it takes to become a Quick Teller agent depends on how quickly you complete the necessary registration and meet the requirements. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to become a fully registered and operational agent.

Can I work as an individual Quick Teller agent or do I need a business entity?

Individuals can often become Quick Teller agents in many cases. Some programs or providers, however, may require you to register as a business entity. Specific requirements should be confirmed with the Quick Teller program or provider.

How can I make money as a Quick Teller agent?

Quick Teller agents are paid commissions or fees on the transactions they complete. Your earnings will vary depending on the type and volume of transactions you handle.

 How will I be trained and supported as a Quick Teller agent?

Quick Teller programs and providers frequently provide their agents with training and support. This may include Quick Teller platform training, customer service tips, and troubleshooting assistance.

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