How to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate

Are you looking for tool to express your creativity in the form of sketch? Procreate is one of the top leading drawing apps and software available in the market today.

How to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate

This app often has a few or just one particular object. So, you may want to select multiple layers since working on layers one by one at a time slows down your productivity.

How to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate

To select multiple layers in procreate is quite straightforward. Your adjustments will reflect on each layer as soon as your have selected several layers. Now, let us consider how you can select multiple layers in procreate, both on your iPhone and iPad devices.

Steps to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate on an iPhone

Here are the steps to follow to select multiple layers in procreate on your iPhone:

  • Navigate to the “Layers” panel and choose the layers you would like to select. As indicated by its blue color, you will see one of the layers is already selected.
  • Then just drag it to the right to select a layer. After that, the layer will change to blue, this means that you have selected the layer.
  • From here selection additional layer will not be difficult. Just repeat the previously mentioned step for each layer.
  • And that is all.

NOTE: The previous layers would not be deselected as new layers get selected.

Steps to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate on an iPad

Well, the steps to select multiple layers on an iPad is pretty much the same as with an iPhone. The following are the steps to select multiple layers in procreate on your iPad:

  • Just click on the “Layers” panel to bring down “the layers menu.” After that, a list of layers with one already selected will appear. This happens by default.
  • You can easily identify the selected layer since it turns blue when selected. Then drag to the right across a layer you would like to select.
  • The layer will turn blue, if the steps is done accurately.
  • Just repeat previous step in that case if you want to pick any other layers.

These are all the step you need to consider to select multiple layers in Procreate on your iPad.

How to Copy and Paste Selected Layers by Grouping

Creating a group for all the layers you want to replicate is an alternative approach to the one described above. You can continue working on the same canvas by doing this, but there is a drawback. It will be impossible to work on individual layers after merging numerous layers.

Instead, they are represented as a single object in procreate, and any modifications you make to it will affect the whole. The Brightside is that this method is quite straightforward.

The step are as follows:

  • Firstly, go to the “Layers” panel, and swipe right to select all the layer you want copy.
  • Next, you will see two options at the top right corner of the layer panel either to “Delete” or “Group,” once multiple layers are selected.
  • Then select the option to “Group.” Note that this action will not merge the layers.
  • Now, simply copy the group. Immediately you choose to copy, you will see “New Group” will display in the panel.
  • Each layer in the group will remain accessible after it has been copied. When the layers are grouped, you can merge them all into one layer if you choose.
  • The “Flatten option” can be used to combine layers. Please take note that after merging, working on individual levels won’t be allowed.

This is how you can to manually handle the selection. In terms of layers, procreate does not offer a “Select All” option. So, you cannot select every layer on your canvas automatically.

How do I select and delete multiple layers in Procreate?

In Procreate, removing your layers is the easiest way to clear your entire screen. Swipe right on each layer in your layer panel to select them all. Next, select “delete.” You can choose “yes” when procreate prompts you to decide if you want to remove all of the layers.

Which button is used for selecting multiple layers?

Holding down the CMD (Mac) or CTRL (Windows) key while clicking on each layer you want to have selected will select several layers. Choose the first layer, hold down the SHIFT key, and select the last layer to select many layers in succession.

Can I select multiple layers in Photoshop iPad?

Here are the steps to select multiple layers in Photoshop iPad:

  • To choose a layer, tap it in the Layers panel.
  • Tap the Three-Dot icon in the task bar, then select Start multi-select mode.
  • If you want additional layers in the layer picker, simply tap their checkbox.

How do I select and merge layers in Procreate?

This alternative can also be carried out one layer at a time, just as Merge Down. To combine two neighboring levels into one, tap “Merge down.” Simply press the layer and select “Merge down.” Now the layer below it and the layer above it will combine.

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