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Taobao is an online Chinese shopping website and the owner of this online shop is Alibaba. The headquarter and main base of operation is in Hangzhou, China. Also, this operation is done by the Alibaba group.


Therefore this online shop is said to be the world’s biggest e-commerce website. Then, with respect to Alexa, Taobao is the eighth most visited website in the world. The world of online shopping is one that is very unique and in vogue because of its easy mode of operations.

Online marketing today, is one of the bedrock of so many successful businesses. For a business to have a wide range of customers to buy their product they need to implement the use of online marketing.

Therefore, this is one reason Taobao solidifies its online market shop and also to reach out to more customers worldwide. Particularly, most internet users who love to shop can visit to know more and explore the shopping website.

More so, shopping on the website is super fast and easy also, you can find all that you want there.


Taobao can boost millions of consumers and also billions of products or items in their shop. In Chinese-speaking regions, Taobao has a platform for small retail online shops.

Basically, this is where they can post their products for sale at a good price. Furthermore, sellers have the ability to post goods for sales either at a fixed price or on auction sales. There is still some other online shopping website too like eBay, Aliexpress, Tmart, and

Taobao Language Translation – Taobao English Version

Although, the website is a Chinese website and all the letters are as well written in the Chinese language. But other users from other parts of the world, who do not understand Chinese can hit the translation caption on the homepage.

This will help them translate the letters to their own language for easy understanding when exploring the website. More so, you can as well translate the website to an English write up which is the Taobao English version.

How to Find Products on

For customers that explore this online shop.  As well internet users that want to buy products on Taobao should follow these simple steps below.

  • First users should download Google Chrome on the device they are using to access the online website.
  • They should make sure they enable the translation settings on the web browser.
  • Open the website and then hit the translation caption that will pop up.
  • Users will then see a search bar at the top of the page.
  • Type in the exact product you are looking for to purchase and hit the search caption at the end of the bar.
  • The product and other related products will pop up for the user to select.
  • Tap the one you desire to purchase and follow the checkout process.

Note: When typing the product search word, users should use keywords relating to Chinese keywords to search. This is because if a user uses another keyword pattern it will only bring out fewer search results.

How to Download Taobao App 

This online shopping store has an app that makes it easy for its users or customers to access the app smoothly.

  • So for users to get the App they just need to visit the iOS app store or the Google play store.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the app to search for “Taobao” and you should be directed to the application page.
  • On the application page, click the “install” or “get” button.
  • This should begin the download process.

After the download process is complete, the app would be automatically installed on your device. After installation, you can begin using the app.


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