The Poco Watch Review – Poco Watch Software and Performance

Poco Watch is a debut smartwatch from Pocophone, which has become famous for siphoning out strong yet affordable budget phones. There’s truly a custom of telephone brands making wearables to supplement their handsets; the Xiaomi Mi Watch, Honor Magic Watch and the Oppo Watch ring a bell as models from other Chinese organizations, and each is competing to be among the best smartwatches or best budget smartwatches.

The Poco Watch Review
The Poco Watch Review

Contrary to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Apple Watch 7, however, the Poco Watch exists in the ‘spending plan’ end of the range, which accommodates Poco’s Modus Operandi. Nonetheless, while Poco’s cell phones succeed with top elements notwithstanding the low costs, its smartwatch doesn’t do a lot to stand apart from its rivals.

The Poco Watch Review

The Poco Watch device does all that you anticipate from an inexpensive wearable: it allows you to get notifications on your wrist, tracks particular kinds of activity, counts your means, etc. These capabilities turn out great. It has an extraordinary battery duration too as it lasts up to fourteen days, which is significantly longer than the battery duration on bunches of other smartwatches.

In any case, it offers nothing we haven’t seen before – and haven’t seen for less expensive, essentially – with its list of features being close to identical to that of numerous comparable smartwatches. Poco might have followed some guidelines from its cell phone experience by finding an interesting selling point for the gadget, maybe a way it integrates with mobiles or a unique wellness tracking mode. Be that as it may, right now, let’s read down to get more reasons as to why you should get it.


  • Has a long-lasting battery life
  • Its relatively inexpensive
  • Has a good-looking UI


  • It lacks a stand-out features
  • Occasional repetitive notifications
  • The straps are kind of hard to remove

Poco Watch Availability and Price

The Poco Watch will be made available in the UK. Since Poco for the most part doesn’t sell its gadgets in the US or Australia, don’t let your imagination run out of control for availability outside Europe.

The Watch costs a reasonable amount, so it’s really reasonable as smartwatches go, generously undermining choices from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo. Yet, if you’re on the chase after a financial plan smartwatch, Amazfit has a couple of choices with additional highlights. To get the detailed price simply click here.

Poco Watch Design and Display

Like by far most smartwatches, the Poco Watch comprises a body and two removable lashes. All things considered, ‘removable’ in theory, since the button that you really want to press to eliminate them is unquestionably difficult to push down. You can purchase beige, naval force, or dark forms of the smartwatch, as the pictures show.

The fit overall is quite comfortable, especially since the Watch is genuinely lightweight at just 31g, including the straps. The straps are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a manufactured material that is somewhat less disturbing than elastic. It doesn’t rub however much silicon and isn’t excessively bothering for those with skin conditions. There are a lot of openings in the band as well, so you can undoubtedly change the fit for all unique wrist sizes.

Poco Watch Software and Performance

By far most of the exclusive working frameworks for smartwatches feel basically the same, beyond WatchOS, Wear OS, and HarmonyOS – and the Poco Watch is no special case. From the principal watch face, you can swipe down to raise your notices list or up for our fast settings list; swiping to the sides takes you through a merry-go-round of highlights like pulse checking, climate projections, or music controls.

If you press the home button, you’re taken to the applications list, which can be very overpowering since the applications don’t have names – you need to think about what they are depending on the logo. So when alerts, stopwatches, and clocks all have clock-looking logos, it’s exceptionally difficult to tell which application you’re checking out. However, involving the watch for quite a while assists you with learning the distinctions.

Poco Watch Fitness

The Poco Watch has more than 100 wellness modes… yet not all modes are made similarly. A portion of the center modes, such as Running, have a fair not many revealed measurements. Running lets you know your time, complete kcal, dynamic kcal, normal speed, max pace, normal speed, steps, rhythm, step, and pulse (in a diagram and zone breakdown). This will be all helpful for a maturing sprinter, however for the tip-top entertainers, you’re not getting as much data as you would in a committed running watch.

Poco Watch Battery Life

When a lot of people heard Poco’s claim that its smartwatch has a two-week battery life, I guess many of us were doubtful the body seems slender, so we didn’t fancy it could have a very big battery. However, we were off-base. After being tested, it’s said that the Poco Watch certainly has a fourteen-day battery duration. That was with a periodic exercise, however, if you go for two-hour-long runs each and every day, you won’t see the gadget enduring that long. Using the always-on display function will likewise enormously decrease that figure.


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