Trusted Online Money Making Sites in Nigeria

Trusted online money making sites in Nigeria are becoming ever more popular as more people try to find ways to earn a living from the ease of their own homes. In this blog, we will explore some of the most steadfast and effective online money-making sites for Nigerians.

Trusted Online Money Making Sites in Nigeria

Whether you have an exact skill set or simply want to earn some extra income. These platforms offer various occasions to generate income online.

From freelance websites to affiliate marketing platforms here are a list of some of the trusted Online Money Making Sites in Nigeria. This article got you covered. So, read on to explore the best online money-making sites in Nigeria.

Fiverr – an Online Freelancing Trusted Online Money Making Sites in Nigeria

Nigerians with abilities may earn money by offering their services to clients globally via the freelance website Fiverr. Since 2018, most people have been making money on this platform.

In Nigeria, freelancing has become one of the finest ways to earn money online. You may also earn money on Fiverr as a non-skilled Nigerian by reselling or performing easy Fiverr gigs.

It costs nothing to get started with making money as a freelancer on Fiverr, and you are free to charge whatever you think your labor is worth. For each job you complete, Fiverr will pay you 80% of the client’s pay and retain the remaining 20%.

You will receive payment in US dollars, thus you must create an American virtual bank account called Payoneer.

Amazon KDP

It’s common knowledge that authors may make money on Amazon KDP by listing their works for sale. But even if you’re not a writer, you may employ this website to get passive income in US dollars from Nigeria.

To be honest, you may publish books on this website and get money without having to use a computer. You can use your smartphone to make thousands of dollars a month.

You are not required to pay anything to sign up and begin earning money with Amazon KDP, but it would not be wise to begin without the knowledge you need.


Nigerians can register on the legitimate website MOBROG and make money through tasks such as filling out surveys, taking part in market research, and introducing contacts.

One of the greatest survey websites in Nigeria for individuals to earn money is this one as well. Currently, one of the simplest ways to generate money in Nigeria is to register for paid survey websites.

You can use your smartphone to accomplish a number of straightforward tasks on this site and make money even while you’re inactive. Furthermore, you will get awarded points for each task you finish.

You may cash your earnings out using PayPal or Skrill.

Upwork – an Online Freelancing Trusted Online Money Making Sites in Nigeria

Upwork, which has over 5 million active users, is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers worldwide. Americans make up the majority of Upwork’s registered user. But Nigerians with lucrative abilities can legitimately make a lot of money from the platform’s users.

On this platform, app development, development of software, copywriting, and programming are just some of the most sought-after abilities.


Digitstem is a Nigerian affiliate website on which you may earn commissions in dollars. Affiliate marketing is a business strategy that has assisted most Nigerians in becoming online millionaires.

With affiliate marketing, you may become a business owner and receive commissions for product sales made via your unique referral link.

You provide an audience with a product that they require to address their issue and get paid a commission based on a portion of the product’s purchase price.

Network marketing and multilevel marketing are very different from this business concept. You may promote a ton of excellent goods on the Digitstem website and earn an income of between 50 and 70 percent for every sale. On Saturdays, it deposits what you earn straight into your Nigerian bank account.

You must acquire the excellent affiliate marketing course Ultimate Money Machine Pro, in order to start using this website. It has all the data you require to be successful on the website.


Only those who are interested in obtaining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies ought to find Cointiply useful. If so, using this website might be a terrific option for you to earn money in Nigeria.

It can be earned in multiple ways. Even though some of them need some diligence, there are always ways to make money there. Besides clicking advertisements, you may mine, play a multiplier game, use a Bitcoin faucet, do surveys, and more.

You are qualified for a payment after you have earned $3.50. You will still get interest if you hold onto your money in the account longer.


This website was designed for those who are interested in earning an income that is passive in US dollars by marketing affiliate schemes in Nigeria.

Thousands of profitable digital products can be found on the Jvzoo affiliate network. It costs nothing to sign up, and even if you do not have a website, you may utilize this platform to advertise your goods.

The bulk of the offers on this marketplace are software deals, while some of them let you make several profits from just one customer by offering recurring or upgrade commissions. Your Payoneer bank account will receive the earnings that you have earned.

YouTube in One Trusted Online Money Making Sites in Nigeria

Nigerians who create and upload videos on YouTube can make cash from it. You could make a lot of cash from your YouTube channel through affiliate marketing, deals with sponsors, and the YouTube partnership program.

The kind of information your channel offers and the quantity of ad views the video gets to determine the amount of money you might earn on YouTube. A Nigerian YouTuber may receive $18 for each 1,000 ad views.


It appears to be one of the websites featuring most surveys available in Nigeria, and Surveytime is available anywhere.

It is quite simple to use. All you have to do to receive access to a regularly updated list of available surveys is to complete a survey during the sign-up process.

Every survey, even the most brief ones, pays $1. The fact that Surveytime pays immediately is a further great benefit. This implies you will receive your money right away after completing a survey.


This is an enjoyable GPT system where there is always something you can do to earn money. You can earn money from the comfort of your home by installing applications, clicking on advertisements, doing surveys, and finishing microtasks alongside posting on Facebook and other social media.

At Timebucks, affiliate marketing is utilized. Any business that wants to advertise its products or services on the platform has to pay a charge.

They keep the remainder and provide members that complete the work those companies asked them for to receive more of the money.

When a corporation conducts a survey using Timebucks, it may receive $1.00. However, Timebucks pays the user who registered $0.91 for engaging in the survey, deducting $0.10 for each response.

This process occurs for each task the site provides, which could account for the fact that new users may begin working as soon as they register or sign up.


This is another affiliate marketing business in Nigeria where Nigerians may benefit from the advertising of affiliate goods. You may earn up to 80% commissions by promoting a range of digital products on the Expertnaire marketplace as an affiliate.

The platform is used to make payments every week. Affiliates who advertise products on Expertnaire and generate a minimum of one sale receive payment directly to their Nigerian bank accounts on Fridays.


Honeygain is a possibility for Nigerians to make a little additional money online entirely through passive methods. But not everyone ought to utilize this website.

Sharing your unused internet can make you money, therefore, this is only beneficial if you have a fast, unlimited internet subscription. If you succeed, it could be an incredibly simple method of earning some extra cash.

You can withdraw the funds once you have made $20. Additionally, you instantly get a $5 joining bonus in your account if you sign up using the invitation link below.


Remitano is a highly recommended platform for Nigerians wishing for ways to earn money online through cryptocurrency trading or investments.

When compared to other cryptocurrency websites, Remitano’s P2P trading platform often offers Bitcoin and other digital currencies at cheaper rates.

The secret to profitable cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria is to purchase various cryptocurrencies at a discount on the Remitano website. Also, you can sell them at a premium on the Binance P2P marketplace. You may earn from Bitcoin, litecoin, BNB, USDT, and a lot more currencies that you purchase on this platform.


On the microjob platform Picoworkers, you may get paid for doing an array of tasks. It’s an internet marketplace that links modest task-completing freelancers with global business owners who are ready to pay for their expertise.

This website doesn’t need any prior expertise or abilities in order to allow you to start earning money in Nigeria. You can withdraw your winnings from this platform using gift cards, PayPal, Skrill, bitcoin, or other forms of payment. You receive your earnings in US dollars.


Nigerians can work from home and make money by instructing online courses on skillshare. Nigerians with expertise in specific areas can make money by developing a series of video courses that enlighten their intended audience on relevant subjects.

Having a degree in education isn’t a prerequisite for teaching courses online on Skillshare. As the name suggests, all you have to do is impart your newly gained expertise, whether in an official or unofficial setting.


After examining and studying a number of Nigeria online money making sites that are trusted by many today, it’s evident that there are respectable choices. That means that before spending either time or cash on any online offer. You ought to proceed with care and conduct an extensive search.

It is urged to stay away from any deals that look too good to be true and to only deal with trustworthy, established websites. It is achievable to work online in Nigeria and make a respectable living if one has the right mindset and approach.


Are Online Money Making Sites Legitimate?

Yes, most websites are legitimate and have been used by many Nigerians to earn money online.

Is it Possible to Earn Income From These Websites?

It is possible to earn a full-time income from these websites, but it requires dedication, hard work, and patience.

Do I Need to Pay to Sign Up for These Websites?

Most of these websites are free to sign up, but some may need a small fee to access premium services and features.

How Do I Receive Payments from These Websites?

Payment methods differ depending on the website, but most of them offer options such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and direct bank transfers.

Can I Use a Smartphone to Access and Work on Paying Websites?

Various websites have easy interfaces and can be accessed using a smartphone or tablet.

Do I Need Any Special Skills to Work on Websites?

It depends on the specific website; some require particular skills such as programming, copywriting, and app development. While others offer simple tasks like filling out surveys and watching videos that anyone can do.

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