How to Update Sony TV

Do you want to update your Sony TV? It is possible that the software running on your Sony TV is outdated, and you may be wondering how to update it. Well, updating your device normally allows you to access new applications, feature updates, and bug fixes on your Sony TV.

How to Update Sony TV

Not only will doing so improve your watching experience, but it will also keep your Sony TV in good working order. This post will go over the procedures and advice for correctly performing the Sony TV system upgrade if you’re wondering how to go about it.

How to Update Sony TV

Upgrading your Sony TV is very easy and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. You can do it with your TV remote. However, it is important to ensure your Sony Smart TV is running the most recent firmware to guarantee that Stan always functions properly and to prevent any difficulties.

Please follow the guidelines below to upgrade the firmware on your Sony TV:

  • First, get your Sony TV remote and locate the “HELP” button.
  • Once you see it, just tap on it. Then scroll down and select “System software update.”
  • If you can’t find the “HELP” button on your remote, you can still get this screen. Simply head to “Settings” and select “Device.”
  • Then click on “Device” again in the following screen and then select “System Update.”
  • On the next screen, just choose “Check for a systems software update.”
  • Now, if there is an update available for your device, just follow the on-screen process to download and install the new firmware.

Your Sony TV will be as good as new after installing the new system software.

NOTE: You can select “No – Contact Stan” from the list below to contact Sony customer care if you run into any issue while running the systems software update. And they will be at your response within 15 minutes.

What Can I Do if There is no Software Update Option on the Menu?

You can’t force your TV to look for an update on some older Sony models. The only option in this situation might be to subscribe to “Automatic Software Updates” or “Automatic Software Download” depending on your TV model.

This enables the TV to automatically check for updates when in standby mode. Follow the instructions below to go about it:

  • Simply press the “Home” button on your remote.
  • Then head to “Settings.”
  • Select the “Customer Support” or “Product Support” option depending on the device.
  • After that, just select the “Automatic Software Update” or “Automatic Software Download” option.
  • Then the click “On” tab and click “Enter” on your remote.

You can minimize delays by setting your TV to receive automatic software updates. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about an internet connection, since can get the latest firmware through broadcast signals.

NOTE: You will automatically receive software updates through broadcast signals if the automatic software option is set to “On.”

Things to Note while running an Automatic System Upgrade

Typically, an automated update begins when your TV is in standby mode. The TV flashes an orange LED while updating

During this time, it is unresponsive to buttons on the control panel or the remote until the update is finished.

Final Words

You ought to be able to access the most recent firmware update for your device using the information provided.

It might be necessary to do a factory reset if you have problems while attempting to upgrade. To do this, go to the Sony TV’s “Settings” menu, choose “Storage and Reset,” then “Factory data reset.” If that doesn’t work, you might need to ask your merchant or the Sony support team for help.

How can I update my Sony TV without a remote?

Download the most recent software for a USB storage device using your computer and the Sony support page. The software update will begin immediately when you plug the USB storage device into a USB port on the TV.

Does Sony Bravia update itself?

No! Well, to update Sony Bravia, simply press the “HOME” button on the included remote control. And head to your “Settings.” Choose either “Customer Support” or “Product Support.” Then finally click “Automatic Software Update” to update your TV.

How do I reboot my Sony TV?

First, tap and hold the power button on the TV remote. Then select “Restart” from the operating menu and then tap and hold to power button to restart your device.

How do I use my phone as a Sony remote?

You can do that by using the “TV SideView” app. Firstly, download and then launch the “TV SideView” app on your smartphone. After that, look for your TV on your home network or among the Wi-Fi Direct devices that are nearby.

The list of recognized devices will then appear on your smartphone. Then select the TV from the list of identified devices, then use your device to carry out the necessary action.

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