What Is a Canceled Check? – Canceled Checks vs. Returned Checks

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What Is a Canceled Check
What Is a Canceled Check

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What Is a Canceled Check?

A canceled check is a check that has simply been paid or cleared by the bank it was drawn on after it has been deposited or cashed. The check is also “canceled” after it is been used or paid so that the check cannot be used again.

Someone who has written a check might also cancel it before it has been deposited or chased by alerting the issuing bank, thus simply voiding the check.

How a Canceled Check Works

Once your bank then clears a check, whether physical or electronic, it then marks the check as canceled. From there, the banks are not required to be able to send you canceled checks or copies of them. However, some might be able to provide a “substitute check” a paper copy of the front and back of your original check as part of their agreements with account users or holders.

So what if your bank does not send you your canceled checks but you need one or more of them? In this case, you will then need to contact your bank to request them.

You may be able to view and also print your checks online or be able to order paper copies in the mail. Bank policies can also vary on how long they keep canceled checks, but most state laws require banks to simply keep copies of checks for up to 7 years.

Canceled Check Fees

While canceled checks themselves do not even come with any charges or fees, you can then be able to run into fees when you order copies of them from your bank. For instance, Bank of America does not charge for the first two check copies of each request, but then it will simply charge $3 for each copy up to $75 per request. These fees simply vary by institution and also can often be avoided by viewing and then printing canceled checks online.

Canceled Checks vs. Returned Checks

The Returned checks are checks that are not simply processed because the issuing bank does not pay them. This can simply happen for a variety of reasons, such reasons are: insufficient funds or a missing signature. If your check gets returned, you will then often have to pay a fee.

Canceled checks are ones in which the money is been deducted from the checking account and also processed successfully. They are also marked canceled by the bank so that they are not then processed again.

Canceled Checks vs. Stop Payment Requests

If you have then written a check but want to halt its processing, then you can simply issue a stop payment request. After doing so, the check will then be flagged so that if someone tries to cash it, it will be simply denied. You might also need to order a stop payment if, for instance, you lost the check before sending it. This is then different from a canceled check that has been marked “canceled” upon completion to prevent duplication.

How to Get a Copy of Canceled Checks?

Now that you know what the canceled check is, you would want to know how you can simply get a copy of your canceled checks. There are couples of options available to you.

Ask the bank

The most direct way for you to be able to get a copy of your canceled checks is to ask your bank. The exact process will then vary from bank to bank.

For you to then get the process started, you should then visit the local branch of your bank and ask a teller if you can get a copy of your canceled checks. It helps a lot if you simply know what timeframe you would like checks from, or if you simply know the specific check that you are seeking for.

The teller will either be able to offer the canceled checks to you after a short wait or will be able to tell you the process for requesting copies of canceled checks.

You might have to send a request through the mail to the bank’s main office to get the copies.

Often, there is also a fee attached for getting a copy of canceled checks. The size of the fee simply varies from bank to bank, but they simply tend to be sizable enough that it is only worth requesting copies of canceled checks if you have a reason to need them.

Why Would I Need A Copy Of A Canceled Check?

Several situations might pop up where you may need a canceled check, maybe to dispute a withdrawal from your bank account or just to serve as proof of transaction history. Here are some common issues you might face.

  1. Disputing an error with your bank — For instance, you might have deposited a check or paid someone with a check, but neither party can find a record of the payment.
  2. Providing a receipt of charitable donations — In addition to a letter or receipt, you might also need a copy of your canceled check as proof come tax time.
  3. Proof of making a tax payment — if you made a payment to the Internal Revenue Service but it doesn’t have a record of it; a canceled check can be then serve as your proof. If two weeks have passed since you mailed your tax check and it has not been acknowledged your payment, a canceled check copy can also serve as evidence for your case.
  4. Resolving payment issues between companies or banks — if someone then claims they didn’t get paid from your check, a canceled check or a monthly statement referencing the check can then prove payment was made.

How to Search For Canceled Checks

If you end up by needing a canceled check returned to you, it might not be easy to get your hands on it. That is because banks are not required to provide you with physical copies of your canceled checks. So it is important to understand your bank’s policies on how you can then get a copy. Here are two methods of getting a canceled check:

  • Using your online banking platform — Many banks will then provide images of canceled checks that you can simply download. How long they are available online will then vary from bank to bank.
  • Request a copy in branch or over the phone — If you then need access to a canceled check that is not available online, you might then still be able to request a copy from a bank teller or by simply calling the customer service number. Usually, the banks and the credit unions are simply required to then keep copies of canceled checks for 7 years. Accessing an older canceled check can then come with a fee, so be sure to check with your bank or credit union.


What Is A Cancelled Check For Direct Deposit?

To simply be able to protect your account and then prevent anyone from filling out and also trying to cash one of your checks, you should then be able to provide what is called a voided check. This is far less esoteric than it sounds: It just means that you have written “VOID” across the face of the check so no one can use it.

How Do You Get A Canceled Check?

Request a copy inthe  branch or over the phone, if you simply need access to a canceled check that is not available online, you can still be able to request a copy from a bank teller or by simply calling the customer service number. Usually, the banks and also credit unions are then required to keep copies of canceled checks for seven years.

What Is Proof Of A Cancelled Check?

A canceled check is also a check which has cleared the depositor’s account, and therefore has marked “canceled” by the depositor’s financial institution. Copies of the canceled checks can then be used as proof of payment and also are accessible for up to 7 years. You can even get a copy of a cleared check online.

Can You Cash A Cancelled Check?

When you place a stop payment you can then place it at the bank that holds the account, and the teller’s check scanners at the bank will simply be able to recognize the check if anyone attempts to cash it. You can cash the check at another bank as the employees of that bank would have no idea that a stop payment had been placed.

Is A Cancelled Check A Receipt?

A cancelled check can also serves as a receipt for items that are been purchased or bills paid. Canceled checks can even allow the account holder or user to track expenses and also are essential for balancing the bank statement every month. A canceled check can even also be used during an IRS tax audit to simply show the proof of a charitable contribution or other deduction.



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