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“www.alliedbenefit.com” Are you looking for an allied insurance company with are large percentage, and then you got to go shop for your insurance policy? When you start shopping for your insurance policy you are to consider certain options before buying.


At times, you will receive multiple quotes for coverage from different types of insurance companies. They are different types of allied insurance companies you can deal with; you will have to get a better idea of whether you are getting the best value on your insurance policy.

www.alliedbenefit.com – What is an Insurance Company?

An insurance company is the selling coverage products, security, and sometimes financial services. At times, most companies that are working in this industry would have to say that they will offer you peace of mind or the coverage/protection you need from disasters, risks, accidents, and the unexpected.

The policyholder is the one who purchases the policy. The amount that you are been charged for the purchasing of the policy is called “Premium”.

List of Insurance Companies in the United States

www.alliedbenefit.com is one of the best insurance companies in the United States. The United States has approximately 6,000 companies that are operating in the industry in the USA and they are related territories alone. The following are a few lists of insurance companies that are most common. Below are the given lists:


This is one of the world’s largest insurance companies; it has more than 88 million customers around the globe. AIG is a leader in providing property-casualty, life and retirement services, aircraft leasing, and mortgage.

New York Life

On the list of insurance companies in the USA and the world, the New York Life insurance Company is also one of the largest insurance companies.

Farmers Insurance Company

This is the third country’s insurer. The farmers have to offer car and homeowner protection, and as well have to provide a wide range of other financial products and services.  The slogan for the farmers is “WE are farmers”.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

It consists of 37 independently operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield member companies, a Federal Employee Program, and an association, which serves the collective needs of its plans.

Lists of insurance companies in Nigeria

The following are the lists of insurance companies in Nigeria.

Aiico Insurance Plc.

Aiico Insurance Plc. is one of the leading insurance companies in Nigeria. It was established in the year 1963, and it is insurance, pension management, and that of asset management group with market-leading positions in its key business lines to life insurance and annuity, general insurance and special risks, Pension management, health insurance, and asset management. The following are the plan you can choose from.

  • Travel insurance.
  • Income Investment.
  • Corporate saving.
  • Electronics equipment plan.
  • Three payment plans.
  • Team assurance plan.
  • Flexible endowment plan.
  • Education investment.

These are the insurance plan offered by Aiico insurance Plc.

Lasaco Assurance Plc.

Lasaco Assurance Plc. is a composite insurance and financial service as well; the company is incorporated on the 28th of December 1979 under the companies’ decree of 1968. The company was formerly known as Lagos State Assurance Company Limited obtained its License as an Insurer on the 7th of July ,1980 and begun its business operations on the 1st August 1980. The following are the plan you can choose from.

  • Money Insurance.
  • Motor insurance plan.
  • Fire and special insurance plan.
  • Professional indemnity plan.
  • Marine insurance plan.
  • Personal accident plan.
  • Aviation insurance plan.
  • Bond insurance plan.
  • Householder’s insurance plan

These are the insurance plan offered by Lasaco Assurance Plc.

Custodian and Allied Insurance

Custodian and Allied Insurance’s main purpose are to develop a package and deliver innovative products that best give satisfaction to the customer’s needs, efficient, resourceful, whilst operating a highly profitable and ethical organization that will have to survive well into the future and be a valuable asset to its shareholders. There are several insurance plans to choose from:

  • Capital plan.
  • Investment plus plan.
  • Immediate Annuity Plan.
  • Auto Insurance plan.
  • Tuition protection plan.
  • Travel insurance plan.

Here are the plans of Custodian and Allied Insurance.

African Alliance Insurance Plc.

African Alliance Insurance became officially incorporated on the 6th May 1960 the founders Chief S.L. Edu (CON), Mr. T.A Braithwaite (CON) and the Chief M.E.R. Okorodudu, backed by the world-class reinsurers and co-shareholders.

Munich Reinsurance Company.  It’s widely recognized for its efficiency and trustworthiness in life assurance, serving thousands of customers with personalized insurance products tailored for each stage of their lives. The following are plans you can choose from.

  • Annuity assurance plan.
  • Direct debit form plan.
  • Investment assurance plan.
  • Group life assurance plan.
  • Esusu plan.
  • Individual assurance plan.

These are the insurance plan offered by African Alliance Insurance Plc. Visit Allied insurance’s official website here.

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