2021 Easter Sunday: Read This!! Before Celebrating Easter This Year

(2021) Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide, it commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death as written in the Christian Bible. Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, it is celebrated on Sunday and it marks the end of Holy Week.

2021 Easter Sunday

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The end of Lent, the last day of the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday), and is the beginning of the Easter season of the liturgical year. As we know from the Gospels Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion which would be Sunday.

2021 Easter Sunday

His resurrection marks the triumph of good over evil, sin, and death. It is the singular event that proves that those who trust in God and accept Christ will be raised from the dead. Since Easter represents the fulfillment of God’s promises to mankind, it is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar. 

In the gospels, the precise details of the Easter narrative vary slightly but none of these variances are critical to the main story. It is argued that the variances are simply matters of style and not substance, despite the variances the key aspects of the Easter story all match.

And above all, they agreed the tomb of Christ was indeed empty which is the most essential fact. Based on direct evidence from the mid-second century it is believed that easter was regularly celebrated from the earliest church days. The Easter date is movable and always falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25.

Easter Sunday Feast

Easter is the principal feast of the ecclesiastical year, Leo I (Sermo xlvii in Exodum) calls it the greatest feast (festum festorm) and says that Christmas is celebrated only in preparation for Easter. It is the center of the ecclesiastical year, the order of Sundays from Septuagesima to the last Sunday after Pentecost the feast of the Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, and all other movable feasts from that of the prayer of Jesus in the Garden to the feast of the Sacred Heart depending on the Easter Date.

Easter has no fixed date like Christmas because the 15th of Nisan of the Semitic calendar was shifting from date to date on the Julian calendar.

What do people do

Many Christian worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers, and the ringing of church bells. Easter processions are held in some countries such as the Philippines and Spain, many Christians view Easter as the greatest feast of the church year. It is a day of joy and celebration to commemorate that Jesus Christ is risen according to Christian belief.

Many towns and villages in Italy have sacred dramas about the episodes of the easter story, these are held in the piazzas on Easter Day. Although Easter maintains great religious significance, many children in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom think of it as a time to get new spring clothes to decorate eggs and to participate in Easter egg hunts where eggs are hidden by the Easter bunny.


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