How to Activate Access Bank ATM Card

An Access Bank ATM card provides simple access to your funds as well as the convenience of cashless purchases. However, before you can use it, you must first complete a one-time activation process. We’ll walk you through the steps to activate your Access Bank ATM card in this article.

How to Activate Access Bank ATM Card

What is an ATM card?

An ATM card, short for Automated Teller Machine card, is a plastic card issued to customers by a financial institution such as a bank or credit union.

It is linked to the customer’s bank account and enables them to do several banking transactions electronically through ATMs and other banking channels.

How to Activate Your Access Bank ATM Card Step-by-Step

To activate your Access Bank ATM card, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Obtaining Your Access Bank ATM Card

Before activating your ATM card, you need to make sure you have received it from Access Bank. The bank typically issues a card to you when you open a new account, or if you need a replacement card.

Step 2: Locating the Nearest Access Bank ATM

The activation process requires you to visit an Access Bank ATM or a compatible ATM that is part of the same network.

Step 3: Card Insertion

Insert your ATM card into the ATM’s card slot. Make sure the side with the chip or magnetic stripe faces up.

Step 4: Enter Personal Information

The ATM will ask you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is a secret code that you set up during the card issuance procedure. To proceed, enter your PIN in a secure manner.

Step 5: Conduct a Transaction

To activate your card, conduct a test transaction. This is often a balance enquiry, a minor cash withdrawal, or an account inquiry.

Step 6: Activating via Internet or Mobile Banking (Optional)

In rare situations, Access Bank may allow you to activate your card through online banking or their mobile banking app. If accessible, follow the instructions provided in the app or on the internet banking platform.

Once your card is activated, it’s essential to keep it in a secure place. Protect your PIN and never share it with anyone. If your card is lost or stolen, contact Access Bank immediately to have it blocked or replaced.

Why Should I get an ATM Card?

ATM cards from access Bank provide a variety of benefits to their users, improving the convenience and security of their financial activities. Here are some of the key advantages of having an Access Bank ATM card: 

24 Hour Access to Funds

ATM cardholders of Access Bank can withdraw cash or check their account balance at any time of day or night. This allows you to access your funds without having to visit a physical bank location.

Cash Withdrawals

Depending on the card’s features and global affiliations, you can withdraw cash from ATMs not only in Nigeria but also globally. This is very helpful for travelers.

Point of Sale (POS) Transactions

Access Bank ATM cards can be used to make purchases at POS terminals in retail stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. This eliminates the need for carrying large sum of money about.

Cashless Transactions

Access Bank ATM cards contribute to a cashless economy by reducing the need for physical cash and promoting digital transactions.

Fund Transfers

You can use your ATM card to transfer money between your own accounts or to other Access Bank account holders at ATMs or through online banking services.

For Emergency Purpose

In an emergency or if you lose your wallet, you can withdraw cash from an ATM using your Access Bank ATM card, as long as you remember your PIN.

Online Shopping

Many Access Bank ATM cards can be used for online shopping and transactions, both locally and abroad. This allows you to make secure online payments without providing your actual account information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how to activate Access bank ATM card and their short answers:

What information do I need to activate my ATM card at an ATM?

To activate your card at an ATM, you’ll generally need your card, your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the PIN, and how do I get it?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a secret code used to secure your ATM card. You’ll usually receive your initial PIN from the bank when you get your card. Ensure it remains confidential and change it to a new one as soon as possible for added security.

What if I forget my PIN or it gets blocked?

If you forget your PIN or it gets blocked, contact Access Bank customer support to request a PIN reset or unblocking. You may need to visit a branch with valid identification to reset your PIN in some cases.

How long does it take to activate my ATM card?

Activation at an ATM or online is usually instant. However, depending on their processing timelines, it may take longer if you activate it at a branch or through customer service.

Is there a cost for activating my Access Bank ATM card?

Typically, there is no price to activate your ATM card. However, there may be an issuance cost for the card itself, which varies depending on the type of card and the account you possess. When getting your card, it’s a good idea to ask about any associated fees.


By following these steps provided in this article, you’ll be able to activate your Access Bank ATM card easily.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions and access to your account whenever you need it. Remember to always keep your card and PIN secure to protect your account from unauthorized access.

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