Animal Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $140,000 Yearly

Animal care jobs are a typical career path for individuals who enjoy working with animals. There are many careers available in this profession, ranging from animal caretakers to veterinarians. The pay for these jobs differs based on the country and the position at hand.

Animal Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $140,000 Yearly

In this article, you will understand the various animal vocations and their corresponding wage levels. Continue reading for additional insight, and then carefully adhere to the steps in it.

Here are the top 10 major animal jobs you may find, and their national average salary:

Animal Caretaker

An animal caretaker helps ensure the health of animals in zoos, animal shelters, clinics, and various other settings. You must provide them with food, drink, adequate living space, and time to exercise while they are in your care. It is required that you play alongside them whenever possible and observe any shifts in their mood or health.

Although official education is not required to obtain this employment, a high school degree or GED is preferred. The national average salary is $23,940 per year.

Pet Sitter

A pet sitter looks after pets for a particular length of time when the owners are absent. Pet sitters can interact with pets, clean up after them, and comply with their owners’ directions. Owners may discover trustworthy sitters online, however, they ought to employ someone they know. Although not much education is necessary to become a pet sitter, prior familiarity with animals is preferred.

$37,857 a year as a national average salary.

Pet Groomer

The primary task of a pet groomer is keeping the animals clean and groomed. They may perform things like clipping a pet’s hair, cleaning their teeth, and trimming their fingernails. You’ll need excellent interpersonal abilities with pet owners as well as patience when working with the pets during grooming. Although no official education is needed for work as a groomer, prior familiarity with dogs is favoured. This job’s national average salary is $35,776 a year.

Veterinary Nurse

A veterinary nurse differs from an assistant because they perform medical procedures alongside an authorized veterinarian. They will mostly perform animal physicals, though they may assist with blood tests and vaccinations.

A high school graduation or GED is essential, however, qualifications vary based on the place of employment. Most of them, however, require you to finish a course of study. They receive $31,940 as a national average salary a year.

Animal Control Officer

Animal control agents support the enforcement of animal cruelty laws. They seek for animals with injuries in the community while responding to calls from residents about animal accidents. They additionally draft activity reports that are kept in their records.

It requires to have a high school diploma or GED. They’ll need previous expertise working with animals, so search for volunteer opportunities in your local area. A $31,800 a year as a national average salary.

Veterinary Technician

A veterinary technician offers care for animals in animal hospitals. They conduct normal examinations, surgeries, and situations of emergency, and administer drugs. They also do tests, keep medical files, and undergo X-rays of their bones. To be considered for employment, you need to hold an associate degree in veterinary technology and pass the veterinary technician national exam.

It is additionally suggested to join the National Association of Veterinary Technicians to improve your chances. $31,720 per year for a national average salary.


This job typically works with a single animal and supervises the breeding process, including dogs and cats. The breeder additionally works closely with a veterinarian to guarantee the health of the puppies.

There aren’t any exact educational qualifications needed to become a breeder, although it is suggested that a person working in this capacity knows the kind of animal they wish to breed and collaborates with a veterinarian through the entire procedure. The national average salary for this job is $30,040 a year.


Zookeepers specifically catered to animals with injuries in zoos. Feeding, grooming, cleaning, and observing behaviour are a few instances of zookeeper duties. They also answer key questions from the public concerning zoo animals, their diet, and how they communicate with humans.

Zookeepers need an undergraduate degree in biology to work in this field. Internships and volunteer opportunities may assist you in landing an entry-level job. $27,840 per year is the national average salary.

Animal Nutritionist

An animal nutritionist helps animals by knowing their dietary needs to ensure they are fed appropriate meals. They analyze their eating habits and provide specific food suggestions to a zoo or government. A bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry is enough for entry-level positions, but a master’s degree may assist you in advancing. A $52,728 a year as a national average salary.


A veterinarian is an animal doctor who is employed in a hospital or another medical facility. They treat sick and ill animals. They also monitor a pet’s dietary patterns, do exams, provide diagnoses, and administer vaccinations and exams.

A doctorate in the field of veterinary medicine is required for a veterinarian. They additionally need to obtain a license by completing the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam and any extra state exams that might be required. The national average salary for this job is $96,020 per year.

Top Highest Paying Countries in Animal Job Field

Below are the top highest-paying countries for agriculture:


  • Animal Shelter Management –              $59,254/year
  • Companion Animal Cruelty Prevention –              $165,527/ “
  • Animal Modeling –              $165,527/ “
  • Animal Control Director –              $125,600/ “
  • Animal Scientist –              $171,401/ “


  • RSPCA –              £48,667/ per year
  • Rehoming Centre Manager –              £40,000/ “
  • Animal Carer –              £20,063/ “
  • Head of Data Engineering –              £72,500/ “
  • Advocacy Consultant –              £60,000/ “


  • Small Animal Veterinarian –              $140,000/ year
  • Veterinary Technician –              $60,000/ “
  • Mixed Animal Associate –              $100,000/ “
  • Veterinarian –              $150,000/ “
  • Philanthropy Coordinator –              $71,750/ “


  • Animal Care Technical Officer –              $91,844/ year
  • Animal Care Support –              $150,000/ “
  • Animal Attendant –              $65,200/ “
  • Regulatory Compliance –              $139, 750/ “
  • Animal Event Coordinator –              $80,000/ “


  • ER Veterinarian –              $170,000/ year
  • Clinical Veterinary Technician –              $55,000/ “
  • Animal Criticalist –              $53,650/ “
  • Veterinary Assistant –              $37,055/ “
  • Animal Radiation Oncologist –              $350,000/ “

Where to Get Animal Job Online 

These are some common platforms on which you may find an animal job in your area:


Animal Job Duties

An animal care worker offers care to various animals in several settings, including in pet stores, kennels, zoos, veterinary clinics, and animal shelters. Job duties may differ depending on where the professional works and how much knowledge they have. Duties for animal care employees include:

  • Animal feeding, grooming, washing, and watering
  • Animals exercising
  • Giving tender care to animals while they are away from their families or in shelters for animals
  • Cleaning and disinfecting enclosures for animals
  • Searching for changes in behavior that might indicate an injury or sickness
  • Keeping track of information regarding the animals, including their feed and health.
  • Conducting animal training sessions
  • Assisting in the vaccination and euthanasia of animals under the supervision of a veterinarian
  • Educating people about the significance of pet health
  • Screening individuals who want to obtain a shelter animal

Requirements for an Animal Job

However, the qualifications required will differ depending on what kind of work you desire. So, here are a few frequent requirements to consider about:

  • A readiness to care for animals, particularly when they are violent, unwell, or difficult to care for.
  • Paying close attention to the details.
  • Capability to work under pressure
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent ability to collaborate
  • Physical fitness and strength (to assist you when lifting restrained or injured animals)
  • Sympathy, compassion, and empathy
  • Accounting and technological abilities are required.
  • Confidentiality is accepted.
  • When interacting with animals and their owners, patience is essential.
  • When handling blood, faeces, and body fluids, an adequate tolerance is required.
  • Willingness to get your fingers filthy and clothing dirty

How to Apply for a Daycare Job

Here are some simple actions to consider while seeking an animal job:

  • Investigate interest in animal jobs. To accomplish this, you need to pick a website that is utilized by advanced countries.
  • When you determine an available position, read the position description to make sure you meet the job requirements.
  • Create a standard CV and a cover letter that match the job description.
  • Upload your CV and cover letter to the company’s staff portal.
  • Then you have to wait for a response from the business before applying.

During this period of application, you should reject any offer that requires you to contribute a fee before being hired.


What is the Highest Animal Paying Job?

One of the highest-paying animal jobs involves that of a veterinarian. There are many different kinds of veterinary occupations. Mixed practice veterinarians care for both small and large animals, both domesticated and exotic.

Which Country Pays Highest Salary to Vets?

These are the major highest-paying countries for veterinarians:

  • Qatar: $60,959 on average salary per year.
  • Luxemburg: $53,040 as an annual salary.
  • Netherlands: This country’s annual salary is $69,244.
  • Iceland: Its annual income salary is $65,935.
  • Germany: veterinarians may earn between €49,261 and $53,650 a year.
  • Switzerland: Around $68,722 each year.

Which Country Requires Vets the Most?

However, there’s a global shortage of veterinarians for pets, with the US alone requiring 41,000 veterinarians by 2030, which will be cut short by 15,000 people. When it pertains to shortages, New Zealand is one of the nations where veterinarians have been in high demand.

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