Anthem Tax Relief: Is Anthem Tax Relief Right for You?

Have you ever picked up the phone to angry threats from IRS collectors demanding payment for taxes you can’t afford? Do you break into a cold sweat when you see those familiar IRS envelopes in your mailbox? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of hard-working people face significant IRS tax debts every year.

Anthem Tax Relief: Is Anthem Tax Relief Right for You?

Back taxes and penalties can quickly snowball into five-figure sums that feel impossible to pay off. And if you don’t resolve your tax issues, the IRS has the power to seize your wages and assets.

Don’t panic, take a deep breath. Professional tax relief services exist to help people negotiate settlements on unaffordable tax burdens. Companies like Anthem Tax Relief specialize in getting taxpayers like you real relief.

What is Anthem Tax Relief?

Founded in 2012, Anthem Tax Relief is a national tax resolution firm based in San Francisco, CA. With a 4-star Better Business Bureau rating and over 1,200 positive customer reviews, Anthem has established itself as a trusted expert in IRS debt settlement.

The company’s dedicated Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys, and CPAs work with taxpayers to reduce tax debts through penalty abatements, audit defense, innocent spouse relief, and crucially, Offer in Compromise settlements. This involves negotiating with the IRS to pay just a fraction of what you owe based on your income and expenses.

Tax Relief Services Offered by Anthem

Anthem’s licensed tax professionals offer a full suite of IRS resolution services:

  • Tax Debt Negotiation – Their primary service, aimed at settling tax debts for less through OICs, penalty abatement requests, etc.
  • Audit Defense – Help dealing with IRS audits and appealing unfair findings.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief – Removing tax liability from spouses unaware of misfiled returns.
  • Tax Preparation Help – Assisting with filing past-due returns and fixing errors.
  • Wage Garnishment Release – Removing active wage garnishments by the IRS.
  • Bank Levy Release – Stopping IRS levies on bank accounts and assets.

Benefits of Using a Tax Relief Service

Trying to negotiate tax settlements solo with the infamously difficult IRS rarely goes well. The advantages of enlisting help include:

  • Expertise – The tax code is notoriously complex. Tax relief pros know how to leverage obscure laws and loopholes to your advantage.
  • Save Time – Hiring a tax relief firm saves you the hassle of learning how to deal with the IRS and lets you focus on your job and family instead.
  • Reduce Amount Owed – Their negotiation experts can often slash penalties and interest and settle for a fraction of the original debt.
  • Halt Collections – The IRS will halt collections while you have an active OIC settlement pending review.

Is Anthem Tax Relief Right for You?

If you’re facing aggressive IRS collection tactics on tax debts you can’t realistically afford, Anthem Tax Relief may be your best bet for relief. Their experienced tax professionals know every trick to minimize IRS penalties and negotiate affordable settlements.

Don’t wait until your accounts are frozen or wages garnished. Contact Anthem Tax Relief today for a free consultation and finally resolve your IRS problems for good. Their tax attorneys can review your situation and create a customized resolution plan. Take control of your tax debt by calling Anthem now.

Anthem Tax Relief excels at helping certain taxpayers in particular:

  • Those owing $10,000 or more in back taxes.
  • People who can’t afford to pay debts in full.
  • Anyone already facing aggressive collections like wage garnishment.
  • Business owners with payroll tax issues.

If you fall into one of these categories, Anthem may be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate what you owe.

What Does Anthem Tax Relief Cost?

Rather than charge hourly fees, Anthem bases fees on a percentage of the tax debt enrolled:

  • Fees range from 10% to 15% of the total enrolled debt.
  • The first consultation is always free.
  • Additional services like audit defense have separate fees.

The exact percentage depends on the complexity of each case. But clients only pay if Anthem successfully reduces tax debts, either through settlements or penalty reductions.

Customer Reviews of Anthem Tax Relief

With over 1,000 Google reviews averaging 4.8 stars, Anthem has mostly positive customer feedback:

“Anthem negotiated a reduction from $47K owed down to $3,500! I highly recommend them if you have tax issues.”

Some complaints mention the process takes time:

“It took almost 8 months to settle but it was worth it in the end.”

Negative reviews are few among far more positive ones.


Don’t wait any longer – the sooner you contact Anthem for a free consultation, the quicker you can eliminate your IRS burdens in 2023. Breathe easy again knowing your taxes are finally resolved at a price you can afford.

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