Five Star Tax Resolution: Tax Debt Relief You Can Trust

The feeling of dread sinks heavily in your stomach as you stare down the mountain of tax debt looming before you. Maybe you carry over taxes from previous years. Maybe you made a mistake on your latest return. Or the IRS hit you with a surprise audit or collections notice out of the blue.

Five Star Tax Resolution: Tax Debt Relief You Can Trust

Whatever the cause, facing the IRS and dealing with tax debt can be an intimidating, stressful experience. The thought of negotiating with the IRS directly makes your palms sweat. You don’t have the knowledge or confidence to take this burden on yourself.

But take heart! With the right tax resolution company on your side, you can find practical and cost-effective solutions to resolve your tax troubles. One firm that absolutely deserves your consideration is Five Star Tax Resolution.

What is Five Star Tax Resolution?

Five Star Tax Resolution is a trusted tax relief firm with years of experience successfully resolving complex tax issues. Their team includes highly qualified tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrollment agents.

They specialize in helping clients with:

  • Tax debt relief, including settling for less than you owe.
  • Defense in IRS audits and appeals.
  • Releasing tax levies and liens.
  • Stopping wage garnishments.

Five Star uses a customized approach to match the right tax resolution strategy to each client’s unique situation. And they offer affordable fees and flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, over a decade in business, and thousands of satisfied clients, Five Star has a strong track record you can trust.

Practical Tax Debt Relief Services

Tax debt can arise for many reasons – underpayment, filing errors, job loss, or identity theft. Five Star Tax Resolution employs various tax debt relief strategies to help clients, including:

  • Spreading the repayment over several months or years, with setup fees starting at $500.
  • Settling tax debt for less than the full amount owed, with fees typically 12-15% of the settled debt. Five Star has an excellent 44% acceptance rate.
  • Removing late filing or late payment penalties through First Time Abatement or Reasonable Cause strategies.

Five Star performs a thorough analysis of each case to determine which options make the most financial sense based on the client’s specific circumstances. Their tax professionals leverage intricate knowledge of IRS rules and procedures to maximize outcomes.

For example, they helped a client named James reduce his $110K tax debt to just $7,500 – an incredible 93% reduction! Experts you can trust, Five Star Tax Resolution deserves your consideration in 2023.

Affordable Tax Audit Defense

An IRS audit can be intimidating and overwhelming. Various issues can trigger IRS scrutiny, like:

  • Reporting income inconsistencies.
  • High expenses or business losses.
  • Math errors on returns.
  • Underreporting income.

During audits, IRS examiners review documentation and ask questions to determine if additional tax may be due.

Five Star Tax Resolution’s experienced CPAs and tax attorneys represent clients in these audits to put forth the strongest defense. Their tax professionals take the time to understand your unique situation and then handle every facet of the audit process on your behalf.

They thoroughly prepare documentation and argue on your behalf to minimize any proposed tax adjustments. Their extensive expertise with IRS rules often reveals opportunities to overturn or reduce IRS findings.

Removing Tax Liens & Levies

When taxes go unpaid, the IRS may take more aggressive collection actions like:

  • Tax Liens – The IRS files a claim to make a legal claim against your assets. This also damages your credit.
  • Tax Levies – The IRS can seize your bank accounts or garnish wages by sending levies.

The tax professionals at Five Star use their insider knowledge of IRS procedures to release tax liens and stop any active levies in their tracks. By negotiating with the IRS on your behalf, they can halt these collections actions and prevent further economic harm.

For instance, Five Star recently helped a client get a $92K tax lien removed in just two weeks after being stuck with it for over six years. Their quick work prevented the client from losing their home in a pending sale.

Why You Can Trust Tax Debt Relief

With over 450 combined years of IRS and accounting experience on staff, Five Star Tax Resolution has the expertise to provide trusted counsel and dedicated support throughout your case.

Their tax attorneys and CPAs pursue every legal strategy to resolve your tax issues at an affordable cost. Customers rave about their compassionate, personalized service.

Five Star also stands behind their work with a satisfaction guarantee. And with over a decade of maintaining an A+ BBB rating, they have proven their commitment to resolving tax debt with integrity.

Facing the IRS can seem intimidating, but the tax professionals at Five Star Tax Resolution can guide you to the best possible outcome. If you’re anxious over back taxes, an audit, or tax levies/liens, Five Star deserves your strong consideration in 2023

With specialized knowledge across all aspects of IRS resolution, Five Star Tax Resolution works passionately to solve their clients’ tax problems for good. Read on to learn why they’re one of the top recommended tax relief companies this year.

Tax Experts Focused on Practical, Cost-Effective Solutions

The team at Five Star Tax Resolution recognizes that tax issues like unpaid back taxes, penalties, interest charges, and liens create massive stress and financial burden for many households. Their mission is to provide practical, affordable tax relief solutions to both individuals and businesses alike.

They maintain expertise across all common tax dilemmas including:

  • Negotiating tax debt settlements and payment plans.
  • Preparing unfiled tax returns.
  • Removing wage garnishments and bank levies.
  • Releasing tax liens and withdrawing property seizures.
  • Qualifying clients for tax penalty abatements.
  • Handling IRS audits and collections notices.
  • Five Star Tax Resolution stands out for their specialized experience with the valuable Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). This refundable credit enabled businesses to recoup up to $26,000 per employee during COVID-19. Five Star Tax Resolution helps clients claim everything they deserve.

No matter your specific tax problem, Five Star Tax Resolution’s team strives to offer the most practical, cost-effective solution possible.

Tailored Tax Relief Process Focused on Your Needs

The tax specialists at Five Star Tax Resolution don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. They understand every client’s circumstances are unique.

Their resolution process starts with a free consultation to grasp the full scope of your tax troubles. They dig into specifics like how much you owe, your assets, your income sources, and any extenuating circumstances.

Equipped with a complete picture, their tax relief experts devise a customized action plan based on your situation. This tax resolution blueprint maps out the optimal combination of IRS negotiation strategies, penalty abatements, tax debt reductions, and payment plans.

Throughout the process, you’ll have a dedicated case manager directly interfacing with the IRS on your behalf. This ensures the best possible outcome with minimal stress and hassle. Many clients praise Five Star Tax Resolution’s attention to detail and expertise navigating the complex processes.

You can resolve your tax Problems Once and For All

Don’t wait and allow IRS collections and audits to spiral out of control. The seasoned tax relief professionals at Five Star Tax Resolution have the knowledge and experience to help you.


Dealing with the IRS and navigating complex tax resolutions can be daunting. The dedicated professionals at Five Star Tax Resolution have the experience, skills, and passion to be your ally.

With their commitment to affordable pricing and tailored tax strategies, Five Star Tax Resolution gives you the best chance to permanently resolve IRS issues in 2023 and beyond. Their proven results and stellar reputation make them a top choice for tax debt assistance.

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