Reviews: Should You Trust Them for Tax Relief?

The feeling of embarrassment and stress sits heavily on your shoulders as you stare at the IRS notice demanding payment. Between the tax debt, a lien on your home, and wage garnishment, the pressure of the collection feels unbearable. Reviews: Should You Trust Them for Tax Relief?

You need help navigating the complex IRS bureaucracy to resolve this growing problem. Tax relief companies like promise they can lift IRS levies, remove liens, and reduce the amount you owe. But should you trust them to deliver on these promises of tax relief?

An Overview of is a veteran tax resolution firm that has been in business since 2012. They offer tax debt relief, audit defence, penalty abatement, and other services related to IRS collections and audits.

Their team includes tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents with decades of combined experience dealing with the IRS. They charge flat fees starting at $1,000, with total costs typically ranging between $2,500 to $5,000, depending on the complexity of each case.

The Good: Positive Reviews of Service

Many reviews of highlight their ability to quickly resolve IRS issues and deliver on promised results:

  • “My wage garnishment stopped, and the tax lien was removed fast.”
  • “I owed over $20K, and they settled it for $3,500! Amazing.”
  • “Efficient services – levy was released within 2 weeks.”

Positive testimonials praise their expertise in navigating the IRS system:

  • “Their knowledge of IRS procedures is outstanding.”
  • “They handled things professionally and really know how to deal with the IRS.”

The Bad: Negative Reviews to Consider

However, some clients had less positive experiences dealing with communication delays and higher than-expected fees:

  • “Slow to return calls and emails.”
  • “Seemed to drag things out for several months.”
  • “Fee wasn’t fully explained upfront.”

Others felt promises were unrealistic or results took longer than they expected:

  • “Promised a 6-week resolution but took over 3 months.”
  • “Didn’t deliver on original settlement promises.”

Is Legit?

Evaluating the reviews shows has the expertise to deliver results, but clients should understand potential drawbacks upfront. No tax relief firm can eliminate IRS debt entirely or instantly stop aggressive collections like levies and liens.

But an experienced professional can help reduce tax burdens faster than trying to deal with the IRS solo.

When vetting any tax resolution company, check credentials, read reviews, understand fee structures, and look for satisfaction guarantees.

With reasonable expectations, appears capable of providing the tax relief assistance many desperate taxpayers need during difficult times facing IRS collections pressure and accumulated debt.

I’ve looked into the reviews and experiences of real customers. I’ll walk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’ll see actual customer testimonials along with common complaints.

By the end, you’ll have the straight scoop on whether is the tax help hero you’ve been hoping for or if you’re better off seeking other options.

Arm yourself with information – it’s the best weapon for fighting the IRS. Knowledge is power when it comes to taxes!

So lend me your ears, and let’s dive right into demystifying once and for all. The suspense is killing me – I’m dying to share what I uncovered. Read on to unlock the answers!

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

When it goes well, clients report good experiences with’s tax professionals. Here are some positives found in reviews:

Expertise in resolving specific issues – Many praised their ability to remove IRS liens and lift wage garnishments in particular.

Patient explanations – Some said their representative took time to explain the tax resolution process.

Prompt communication – Positive reviews noted quick callbacks and email replies from the company.

Stress relief – Customers felt at ease letting handle negotiations with the IRS.

Overall, satisfied clients felt the tax relief team resolved issues as promised. Many commented on the polite, prompt service received.

Negative Reviews and Common Complaints

However, has garnered its fair share of negative feedback as well. Here are some of the most common complaints:

Lack of action on cases – Some customers waited months or even years with no resolution to tax problems.

Poor communication – Many reviews cited unreturned calls/emails often for weeks.

Hidden fees – Clients were upset by add-on fees not disclosed at the outset.

Undelivered results – In some cases, liens weren’t removed as assured or audits not settled.

High-pressure sales tactics – Reviews mentioned feeling pushed into signing agreements and services.

For these customers, failed to resolve issues or deliver the experience they expected.

How Compares to Top Competitors is a legitimate tax relief firm, but so are many competitors. Here is how they stack up against top-rated rivals:

Optima Tax Relief – 4.8/5 rating with over 500 reviews. Full tax resolution services.

Community Tax – 4.6/5 rating with 400+ reviews. Non-profit model offers lower fees.

Tax Defense Network – 4.4/5 rating with 300+ reviews. Free consultation and case review.

Conclusion has resolved IRS issues for many clients, but their mixed reviews suggest results can be inconsistent. While some praise great service, others report unresponsive staff and lack of progress.

There are instances of expertise and reliable outcomes. However, there are also customer complaints indicating caution could be warranted.

Ultimately, those seeking tax debt relief should thoroughly research options. Comparing multiple firms can help identify the best fit for your situation.

While some clients achieve positive results, their mixed reputation makes it wise to also consider highly rated alternatives.

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