Florida Debt Relief: Questions to Ask Any Florida Debt Relief Provider

With over 20 million residents, Florida sees its fair share of consumers facing unmanageable debt burdens. But the Florida as a state offers multiple debt relief programs and services aimed at providing financial stability.

Florida Debt Relief: Questions to Ask Any Florida Debt Relief Provider

This article explores the leading types of Florida debt relief available, major providers to turn to, and factors to weigh when seeking assistance.

Debt Relief Options in Florida

Are you looking to reduce or eliminate problematic debts in Florida? I have several potential options:

Debt consolidation

Consolidating multiple higher interest debts into one consolidated payment at a lower interest rate. This reduces monthly payments through lower rates and an extended repayment term.

Credit counseling

Meeting with certified credit counseling professionals to receive budgeting advice, financial education, and guidance on improving credit. Many non-profit agencies provide these confidential services.

Debt management plans

A debt management program (DMP) involves working with creditors through a credit counseling agency to negotiate reduced interest rates and payment amounts. This helps make debts more affordable long-term.

Debt settlement

With debt settlement, a company negotiates with creditors to settle debts for an amount less than the full balance owed. This provides relief, but expect fees and taxes on forgiven debt.

Each approach has unique benefits and drawbacks to weigh given your financial situation. Combining options may also be beneficial.

Major Debt Relief Companies and Resources in Florida

Many reputable companies and non-profit organizations operate within Florida to assist residents specifically. Some leading debt relief providers in the state include:


Provides information and education on debt consolidation programs. They also offer access to government relief programs and free DIY debt resources.

Consolidated Credit

This non-profit credit counseling agency offers confidential debt and budget assessments by certified counselors. They provide guidance on debt management solutions.

Money Fit

Money Fit has worked with over 15,000 Floridians, offering debt relief services tailored to individual needs. They help develop customized debt payoff plans.

InCharge Debt Solutions

Based in Orlando, InCharge is a nonprofit credit counseling organization that assists with debt management, education, and consolidation.

New Era Debt Solutions

New Era is a debt settlement company focused on negotiating and settling debts for Florida consumers. They have over 20 years of experience.

Reputable companies will be upfront about fees, provide certified counselors, and belong to associations like NFCC.org. Always vet any organization thoroughly before enrolling.

Understanding Debt Consolidation in Florida

Debt consolidation rolls multiple unsecured debts into one new consolidated loan or credit card. This allows borrowers to:

  • Lower overall interest rates, reducing the total interest paid.
  • Consolidate payments into one lower monthly payment.
  • Pay off debts faster with a fixed repayment term.

Consolidation helps motivate borrowers through simplified payments. However, this works best for those with good credit and reasonable debt levels. Poor credit scores lead to higher consolidated rates.

Many Florida credit unions and non-profits provide consolidation loans to residents. Florida residents have collectively saved over $250 million in interest through Credit.org’s debt consolidation programs.

Consolidating debt is one strategy to make repayment more manageable. But pursuing additional changes to spending habits is wise as well.

Credit Counseling Services Available in Florida

Florida has experienced certified credit counselors that provide budget and debt advice to residents. Services include:

  • Reviewing your full financial situation including income, expenses, and debts.
  • Debt management counseling and customized action plans.
  • Advice on improving credit through prudent money management.
  • Ongoing coaching and resources on budgeting, saving, and reducing debt long-term.

Many credit counseling agencies in Florida are non-profits focused on financial education and empowerment. They provide confidential services to help individuals understand their finances better.

Sessions often cost little to no money for Florida residents in need. Speak to a counselor to get unbiased debt relief advice.

How Debt Management Programs Work

Debt management plans (DMPs) are commonly used in Florida. DMPs function by:

  • Working with creditors to lower interest rates, waive fees, and reduce monthly payments.
  • Consolidating multiple debts into one monthly payment.
  • Disbursing payment funds to creditors.
  • Providing education on managing finances responsibly going forward.

DMPs require a long-term commitment and dedication to the repayment plan which lasts 3-5 years typically. This time-frame allows for affordable payments that satisfy debts in full over time.

Florida credit counseling agencies often provide and administer DMPs on behalf of clients. Plans suit those with regular income but high amounts of unsecured debt.

Considering Debt Settlement for Florida Debt Relief

Debt settlement companies like New Era Debt Solutions negotiate with creditors to settle account balances for less than the full amount owed. This can provide financial relief, but understand that:

  • The process takes 2-4 years typically to complete settlements. Monthly savings get set aside.
  • Fees average 15-25% of total enrolled debt. These fees pay for settlement services.
  • Any forgiven debt gets reported to the IRS as taxable income.
  • Results vary on a case-by-case basis depending on creditors.

Vet any debt settlement company thoroughly, as scams exist. Legitimate firms belong to TASC and should clearly explain expectations. Debt settlement works best for those facing severe unsecured debts compared to their income.

Other Florida Debt Relief Resources

Beyond private companies, Florida residents can turn to:

  • Federal student loan programs – Income-driven repayment plans, deferments, etc.
  • Bankruptcy protection – Chapters 7 and 13 provide options with pros and cons.
  • Government assistance – Stimulus payments, healthcare subsidies, unemployment aid.
  • Legal aid groups – Free legal help for low-income residents.
  • Church-based charities – Local ministries, food banks, thrift stores, and more.

No one should struggle alone. Various public and private programs exist to support Florida residents facing financial crises.

Avoiding Florida Debt Relief Scams

When seeking debt help, beware of:

  • Companies charging large upfront fees before providing services.
  • Vague promises of quick debt elimination.
  • Firms claiming non-profit status that cannot provide proof.
  • Lack of detailed written contract on services.
  • High-pressure sales tactics or threats.

Only work with reputable companies belonging to professional associations. Check complaint bureaus for red flags and consult with a financial advisor if possible.

Questions to Ask Any Florida Debt Relief Provider

Always get written answers on:

  • Will my credit score be impacted, and if so, how?
  • What are all included fees, and when are they due?
  • What training and certifications do your counselors/advisors have?
  • How much could I save on interest payments or debt balances?
  • What will the time-frame be to complete the program?
  • What results have past clients seen with your services?

No debt relief solution is one-size-fits-all. Asking the right questions ensures you select the best approach for your unique situation.

Finding the Right Florida Debt Relief Option

As a final summary, weighing all relief options against your financial situation is key:

Consolidation works well for Florida residents with fair credit seeking to lower interest rates. Those with very poor scores may pay higher consolidated rates.

Credit counseling provides budgeting and management guidance. This empowers residents to develop healthier financial habits.

Debt management plans suit individuals comfortable committing to a 3-5 year structured repayment plan with reduced rates.

Debt settlement helps those with very high debt who need relief from burdens they realistically cannot repay quickly.

Reach out to reputable Florida providers to discuss your specific circumstances. With personalized guidance, you can find the debt relief approach that brings your finances back to stability.


With time and commitment, the right debt relief solution can help you regain control of your finances. While the process may take years for some, developing healthy money habits now leads to stability down the road.

Be proactive, seek assistance early, and know there are many individuals who have found debt freedom in Florida. With diligence and support, you can be one of them.

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