Bank of America ATM Cards – Types and How to Apply

As a customer with Bank of America, you should get a Bank of America ATM card to help make your banking easier. When you need cash urgently and do not have the luxury of time to get inside your local Bank of America branch, you can easily use the Bank of America ATM card to get your cash.

Bank Of America ATM Cards

Possessing a Bank of America ATM card grants you access to 24/7 cash without stepping inside a bank and joining long queues.

The Bank of America ATM card allows customers to withdraw their cash, and transfer funds between accounts.

Whether you need gas money on a road trip, cash to grab a bite to eat, or to check your balance without waiting in line, the Bank of America ATM card has you covered.

As one of the largest banks in the United States, Bank of America has invested heavily in expanding its network of ATMs.

If you bank with Bank of America and you do not have an ATM card, then now is the right time to apply, keep reading to find out more on how to apply and the types of cards available.

Types of Banks of America ATM Cards

Bank of America has different types of ATM cards, they are listed and explained below. You can make an informed choice:

Debit Card: They are directly linked to your checking account. you can use it to buy things in stores, online, or withdraw cash from ATMs.

ATM Card: it is designed for ATM transactions, which means it is only for withdrawing cash and checking your balance at Bank of America ATMs. Can’t use it to buy things.

SafeBalance Banking Card: it is designed to help avoid overdraft fees. With this card, you can only spend what you have to stay within your budget.

HSA Debit Card: This is a health savings account debit card for health savings accounts. You can use it to pay medical costs like doctor visits and prescriptions.

EDD Debit Card: This is an employment development department-issued card. It is designed for people getting unemployment or government benefits in California.

International ATM Card: For traveling abroad. Let’s you withdraw cash from ATMs around the world, usually with lower fees than a regular debit card

How to Get a Bank of America Credit Card

If you are eager to get your hands on your Bank of America ATM card but do not know how to go about it, you do not need to worry. Simply follow the steps below to begin:

  • Open your account with Bank of America
  • Choose your account type
  • Request for an ATM card online or in person
  • Choose your card design from the various design options available
  • Keep your eye on your mailbox while you wait for it to arrive
  • Activate your card
  • Start using your card

How to Activate Your Bank of America ATM Card

Having received your ATM card, you can proceed to activate your card by following the steps below:

  • The ATM card will come with printed instructions, find and read them
  • Choose from the available methods, the best method to activate your card. The methods include online, phone, and ATM activation
  • Follow the instructions that are in line with the method you chose
  • Confirm your activation
  • Start using your card


What are the Fees Associated with Bank of America ATM Cards?

Bank of America offers you several services that make banking very convenient, below is the breakdown of the fees you will encounter as you use the Bank of America Credit Card:

  • Withdrawal fees
  • ATM fee
  • Balance inquiry fee
  • International transaction fees
  • Overdraft fees
  • Replacement card fees
  • Miscellaneous fees

Does Bank of America Offer any Rewards Programs, Cashback, or other Benefits for using the ATM card Regularly?

Yes, Bank of America offers several cash bank incentives and other benefits and they are listed below:

  • BankAmeriDeals allows cashbacks
  • Preferred Rewards programs eligible for customers who have a certain level of combined balances
  • Cash back rewards credit cards
  • Relationship rewards such as waived fees, discounts on loans, and access to exclusive banking products.
  • Savings round-up offers a keep-the-change feature
  • Special promotions

What are the Security Measures Involved in the Bank of America ATM card?

Bank of America employs several security measures to ensure customers get the best out of their ATM cards while saving them from unauthorized use and fraud, below are some of the measures:

  • Chip technology.
  • Personal identification number (PIN).
  • Card Activation.
  • Transaction monitoring.
  • Fraud alerts.
  • Zero liability protection.
  • Secure online banking.
  • Card replacement services.
  • Secure communication.
  • Enhanced authentication.

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