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How to Do Video in Video Multitasking in IOS 14

How to Do Video in Video Multitasking in IOS 14 for Noobs

Do make use of the iPhones and you don’t know how to do a video multitasking in iOS 14? Here is the good news, that you are right on track. Read on to get...
New iOS 14 Features

New iOS 14 Features Everyone is Talking About in 2020

The iOS has just introduced another feature known as the “NEW iOS 14 Features”. This feature has been the talk of the social media platform. What is this new iOS 14 features about?  Some...
Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020: Create Your Dream Team and Battle Your Friends

What is Football Manager 2020 all about? Let’s get to find out all about the Football manager 2020. Football has returned following the pandemic of the world. That break from months now had to...
Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6: A Major Breakthrough in the Fitness Niche

"Apple Watch Series 6" Apple has finally released a new pair of Apple watches. I know you are so eager to know the pair of watches it released. Well, it is the new Apple...
How to Activate Sound Cloud on Xbox

How to Activate Sound Cloud on Xbox Step by Step

How to Activate Sound Cloud on Xbox? Yes, do you know about How to Activate Sound Cloud on Xbox? So if you have been looking for a way to do that, this article is...
Free Online Cloud Storage

Free Online Cloud Storage – Best Free Online Cloud Storage in 2020

Do recall the days when you are getting close running out space for your email?  And as such you will have to pick your beloved correspondence and the ones you have to trash to...
Microsoft Online Cloud Storage

Microsoft Online Cloud Storage – You Never Have to Lose a File Again

Did you know that the Microsoft online cloud storage could be referring to as OneDrive online cloud storage? I know you are kind of confused and that’s why this article is to make you...
Ford Bronco 2021

Ford Bronco 2021 – All-New 2021 Ford Bronco Pricing and Reservation

“Ford Bronco 2021” In the race of ford cars, the bronco family has ben a vast one. Its vastness comes with a reach that goes as far as you are willing to take it...
Free Unlimited Online Cloud Storage

Free Unlimited Online Cloud Storage – Reduce Costs on Cloud Storage

When you see or hear about the word Unlimited, what comes to your mind first is that there no restrictions attached to it. Free unlimited online cloud storage could be said to be having...
Cheapest Online Cloud Storage

Cheapest Online Cloud Storage – 11 Best Online Cloud Storage Platform in 2020

There are lots of things you need to put into consideration before looking out for the cheapest cloud storage.  You should also have to do some research on the features and the criteria when...