How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Social media platforms have become an important component of our lives in the digital age, allowing us to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues all across the world.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Facebook, for example, has changed the way we communicate and share information. As our online identities evolve, you may opt to change your name on Facebook.

This article will bring you through the procedure step by step, whether it’s due to a marriage, a need for privacy, or simply a personal preference.

We’ll go over why you should change your name, what variables to consider, and how to change your name on Facebook easily.

Reasons for Changing Facebook Name

There are several reasons why you might want to change your name on Facebook:

Life changing:

Life events such as marriage, divorce, or personal growth might prompt you to change your name to reflect your new status or identity.

Privacy concern:

With the increasing importance of online privacy, some users might choose to use another spelling of their name or a false name to protect their personal information.


Many people keep a professional online presence for networking purposes. It is usual to change your name to reflect a consistent professional identity.

Transgender of non- binary identity:

Facebook welcomes people of all identities. If you identify as transgender or non-binary and want your profile to reflect your true self, you may need to change your name.

Cultural or Personal Reason:

Changing your name might sometimes be a subject of personal or cultural significance that you want to express with your online community.

Factor to consider before changing your name on Facebook

Before going ahead to change your name on Facebook, it is important to consider the following factor:

Facebook name policy:

Facebook has a strict name policy that requires users to use their “real” names. While the platform has gotten more open over the years, they may still request some type of information to confirm your name change if it appears to be too different from your previous name.

Impact on friends and connection:

Some of your friends and contacts may be confused or surprised if you change your name. To avoid confusion, consider sending out a status update telling them of the coming change.


After the name change, your friends should still be able to find you easily. If you use a completely new name, it may be more difficult for your network to find your profile.


If you’re using Facebook for professional networking, it’s best to keep your name similar to prevent misleading potential clients, employers, or partners.

Step by Step on How to Change Your Name on Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook account using your login information.
  • To open the dropdown menu, click the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner.
  • Choose “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings.”
  • in the left column, click “Personal Information.
  • “Under “Personal Information,” you’ll see your current name.
  •  To start the name changing process, click “Edit” to the right of your name.
  • You’ll be asked for to enter your new name in the “Name” area. Keep in mind that Facebook has strict guidelines for the names you can use.
  • You can also add other name variations, such as your maiden name or a nickname, by clicking on “Add other names.”
  • Facebook will display the name change for your review when you enter your new name. Check that it is written correctly and follows their policies.
  • To proceed, click the “Review Change” button.
  • You can optionally include your name’s pronunciation to assist your friends in saying it correctly. This is especially useful if your new name is uncommon or has a unique pronunciation.
  • You will be given the chance to choose how your name appears on your profile. You can choose to display your full name or simply your first name and a surname name initial.

Having Concern on Privacy Name Change

  • If you have concerns about your privacy, this step is important.
  • Facebook may request that you explain why you changed your name. This is to guarantee that you are not violating company policies or attempting to commit fraud.
  • Choose the most relevant claim from the list provided.
  • If your new name differs greatly from your former name, Facebook may ask for evidence to verify the change. A marriage certificate, driver’s license, or other official documents are examples.
  • To begin, carefully upload the necessary documentation.
  • After you’ve finished all of the steps, go over the changes one more time.
  • To save your new name, click the “Save Changes” button. For security reasons, you may be required to enter your password.


Changing your Facebook name can be an important move toward aligning your online presence with your changing identity.

Whether you’re changing your profile to show an important occurrence in your life, privacy concerns, or personal choice, Facebook has made the procedure pretty simple.

You can manage the procedure with ease by following this detailed article. Always keep the platform’s requirements and the potential impact on your network in mind.

Remember that your online identity is a representation of your true self, and changing your Facebook name is a step toward expressing that identity in the digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to Change your Name on Facebook

Changing your name on Facebook may appear to be a simple process, but it’s natural to have concerns before taking a chance.

We’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist you address your concerns and through the process of changing your Facebook name.

How often can I change my name?

You can change your name on Facebook, but there are restrictions on how often you can do so. In most cases, you can change your name every 60 days. This limit, however, may vary depending on the circumstances.

What documents are required to change name on Facebook?

If your new name differs greatly from your previous one, Facebook may seek proof for verification. A marriage certificate, driver’s license, or other formal documents displaying your new name can be included. These papers can be uploaded to help speed up the process.

What if I made a mistake while changing my name?

Even if you’ve changed your name, Facebook allows you to edit it. To change your name, follow the steps outlined in the tutorial. However, keep in mind that changing your name too frequently may cause issues.

Will my old name still be visible on my profile?

No, your old name will no longer appear on your profile once you’ve changed it. Your new name will replace the old one in your Facebook profile and interaction.

Can change my name to anything I want on Facebook?

While Facebook is becoming less restrictive, there are still some restrictions on the names you can use.

The use of fake names, symbols, numbers, repetitive letters, and excessive punctuation is not allowed per Facebook’s rules. They also advise against using titles, professional titles, or unpleasant language as your name.

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