Facebook Nametests – How to Block Nametests on Facebook

Have you heard of Facebook Nametests before? Do you know what it’s all about? Name Tests, which has 120 million monthly active users thanks to Facebook pages in different languages, offers tests and quizzes which spread across social media.

Facebook Nametests

By abusing this flaw, advertisers could have targeted (political) ads based on your Facebook posts and friends. The researcher continued.

Facebook Nametests

With these name tests on Facebook, he data that the company behind Nametests, namely Social Sweethearts (now that’s an ironic name for you). Already has collected about you and your friends is not going to be affected by this move.

They already have it; however, this can prevent them from gathering even more data about you in the future (you do add more and more data as time goes by).

I am very sure you have some friends who insist on still taking these tests even if you have pointed out that they are helping to violate the privacy of their Facebook contacts (probably defending themselves with there will always be threats and viruses and this is just for fun not realizing the reasons that there will always be threats and viruses because of people like them.

In this article, you will find out good steps on how to prevent your data from being snapped up by unwanted third parties. These tips can also be used for any other app your friends use that you don’t feel comfortable with. So I hope this article will be useful for you.

Is Nametests safe on Facebook?

Like most other quiz and game apps, Nametests appears to be nothing more than a fun way to pass time while using Facebook. However, this news report, 2018 explains it could potentially expose your personal information to hackers.

An ethical hacker found a security loophole in Nametests.com a popular maker of Facebook personality quizzes. The flaw could have exposed the Facebook data of more than 120 million users to third parties. Nametests said there was no evidence that data was misused.

How do I get Rid of Nametests on Facebook?

To get rid of Name tests on Facebook you will have to follow these few steps below:

  • Go to the Apps menu:
  • At the top of the page, you see this:
  • Find nametests.com in the list of apps and click on the x to the right of it to delete it.
  • When you are asked if you want to delete it, tap on confirm and it will be deleted immediately.

With these steps above you will be able to get rid of Name tests on Facebook. But bear in mind that these tricks won’t stop you from seeing your friends post the annoying results of their annoying tests.

If you don’t want to see those postings at all you either have to unfriend those friends or install FB Purity. The latter makes it possible for you to clean up your newsfeed to look just like you want it to.

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