How to Find Your Ancestors for Free

Do you want to know How to Find Your Ancestors for Free? If you are then you should just keep on reading this content or article. In terms of the best free genealogy site, Ancestry actually appears as one of the best genealogy websites.

How to Find Your Ancestors for Free
How to Find Your Ancestors for Free

You should just keep on reading to get all the information about Ancestry and also how you can download the app.

How to Find Your Ancestors for Free

This is a website where you can find your ancestors or simply get to know who your biological parent is through the AncestryDNA test. On the contrary, the genealogy site com is also a family history site that lately introduces a new generational health database which is simply known as AncestryHealth.

However, the Ancestry website is just a privately held online company that simply deals with many or various services. However, these services simply include Genealogical, Historical records, and also what we know as genetic genealogy.


Furthermore, is actually a website that enables you to find your relatives and also find stories about your family. For instance, many people, especially adopted kids, simply have been able to locate or find their birth father and mother on the website, through the DNA test.

However, the introduction of the Ancestry search also allows you to just search for your family tree and even records of your family history. However, the genealogy website simply has a long history and it’s even said to be the largest genealogical database in the world.

With an estimated number of over 16 billion family history records. Likewise, over 70 million people actually set up or just build family trees and also see your story emerge.

How can I Use for Free?

First of all, the genealogy website is just one of the best free genealogy sites. That enables or allows you to just find your ancestors through the use of the Ancestry free trial. However, as I said earlier, it also has the largest online search family history resource. Also, Ancestry is simply free for 14 days and also offers you free access to the Ancestry search to search for your own family history.

In addition, the company actually has the same similarity with 23andMe in terms of consumer genetic testing. Later on, it then launched AncestryDNA which also apparently is a subsidiary of the genealogy website.

The platform actually matches users with their relatives through DNA matches. Therefore, if you then want to know your family tree or history. You can just make use of either the genealogy/family tree website or AncestryDNA to locate or find your birth parent.

How to Find Your Family Tree/Ancestors

The genealogy website also helps you to just discover your family history, find your ancestors, and also build your family tree. The first thing is that you just need to be an active member. This is simply by selecting a membership plan, that actually comes with a free trial, to begin with.

  • To join the Genealogy website Membership plans
  • You should go to the Ancestry official website on your web browser.
  • Then, you should just click Free Trial at the top right corner of the page.
  • On the page, you will now see the Ancestry price and plan.
  • Then select a pricing plan and click Start Free Trial.
  • Finally, you should just create your account, enter your payment method, and review the process.
  • Now trace your Family Tree for Free Online – Step to Ancestry login:
  • If you then already signed up for the platform, click the link above.
  • Then, instead of clicking Free Trial, you should click the option Sign in.
  • Now enter your email address or username and password.
  • Lastly, you should click Sign in.

The following instruction that is then given to you above actually gets you started with the genealogy website. Where you can then be able to find your ancestors simply using the family tree search. Also, it builds your family tree on the genealogy website where you can then tell your store.

How to Download the Ancestry Mobile App

On the contrary, the Ancestry app is also another platform where you can just quickly discover and also know more about your family history. With the use of photos, stories, historical documents, and much more, you can even learn where you come from.

To download the Ancestry App

  • You should just go to the app store such as the Google Play Store, App Store, or Amazon App Store.
  • Then search for the app and install it on your devices.
  • After installing you can also set up your account with the Ancestry login process.

In summary, you can even use AncestryDNA to simply unitize your search in looking for your biological parent where you can just access the DNA text by AncestryHealth.


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