How to Download the Opay App

Do you wish to download the Opay application? Having a CBN license and NDIC insurance for deposits, Opay is a reputable and popular supplier of financial services in Nigeria.

How to Download the Opay App

The Opay app offers a number of advantages, including cashback on data and airtime top-ups, immediate and free transfers, an instant account opening promotion, swift customer care, and welcome bonuses.

If you’re wondering how to get the Opay app on both Android and iOS devices, continue reading to find out how to Download the Opay App.

Benefits of Opay

In Nigeria, Opay is a well-known and popular provider of financial services, depending on and being used by more than 40 million people.

Opay continues to enhance its infrastructure and product to offer services that are genuinely “Beyond banking” in Nigeria. It remains committed to its objective, which aims to “make financial services more inclusive through technology”.

Opay is a platform for digital financial services that has a CBN license and NDIC insurance for deposits. However, if you download the Opay app you will enjoy:

  • Cashback on data and airtime top-up.
  • Instant and free transfers.
  • Instant account opening and welcome bonus.
  • The most convenient and reliable debit card.
  • Quick customer service (It is accessible via physical channels and online).

Other Benefits

These are benefits you may access if you download and start banking with Opay:

  • Speed and Efficiency.
  • Cashless Convenience.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Peer-to-peer transfers.

Download Opay on Android Device

To download Opay on your Android device is easy, and to fulfill it you have to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Use the search icon to search for the Opay app.
  • Click on it to access the download section.
  • Click on the Install option to start downloading the app.
  • Once the downloading finishes, it will automatically install on your device.
  • Now go to your device homepage and sort out the Opay app.
  • You can now Launch the app.

Just as easy as that, you may access the Opay app on any of your Android devices.

Download Opay on your iOS Device

The steps to download the Opay banking app on your iOS device differ from Android, but a bit similar, however, here are the guides, follow through carefully:

  • Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for Opay using the search bar.
  • Select the app once you see it.
  • On the next section, click on the GET option to continue.
  • Depending on your device settings, you may be prompted to allow the installation using Face ID, Apple Password, or Touch ID.
  • Then wait for the app to install.
  • Once the installation process finishes, you may Launch the Opay and start using it.


Finally, downloading the Opay app is an easy procedure that gives you access to the platform’s many advantages.

Such as cashback on data and airtime top-ups, immediate and free transfers, an instant account opening promotion, quick customer service, and welcome bonuses.

The Opay app is simple to download for Android and iOS users by following the instructions on their respective app stores.

If you run across any problems, do get in touch with the app’s customer care for more information. With Opay, you can benefit from peer-to-peer transfers, cashless ease, exclusive offers, and promotions.


Why Can’t I Download the Opay App on My Phone?

You won’t be able to download the Opay app if your device is incompatible with it. If it cannot resolve the issue, kindly contact the application’s creator for assistance.

How Do I Use Opay for the First Time?

Easy as well. Simply install the app or download it, then create an account by entering your email address, phone number, and other details. Viola!! Your account is now available for usage.

Where Can I Download the Opay App?

You may easily download the Opay application, from your Android device on Google Play Store, while from iPhone you can get the app from App Store.

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