With Its Next Feature Enchanto, Disney Swaps Pure Fantasy for Magical Realism

Do you know that with its next feature Encanto; Disney swaps pure fantasy for magical realism? It is a new realm for Disney animation, it is Disney animated feature.

Encanto has a lot of what you will expect from the studio. It is dazzling and vibrant; it tells the story of a magical family that lives in the mountains of Colombia.


With Its Next Feature Enchanto, Disney Swaps Pure Fantasy for Magical Realism

And they have been blessed with superpowers. It is a musical with songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

And in spite of the familiar fantasy trimmings, it discovers new territory for Disney. Magic is born out of human need.

The Encanto Story

The Enchanted tells the story of the Madrigal family that lives in a magical home. And goes through a unique experience at the age of five (5).

They are given a special power that is tied to their personality. Isabela the beloved child makes the flowers shoot wherever she visits.

Luisa the rock of the family has strength like The Hulk. The story centers on a 15-year-old Mirabel, she is the only one that was given a magical gift.

The goal of each character is to create a familiar familial archetype. And later figure what power suits them best.

Aim of the Story

This idea of being applicable in reality is essential to what Encanto is all about regardless of the fact that it is about a super-powered family living in a magical house.

That is where the concept of magical realism comes into play. Charise Castro admits that magical realism can mean a lot of different things to different people.

The core pride is that having a more sensible world can intensify those magical or supernatural elements.

It absolutely has to be grounded otherwise, it is pure fantasy. Whereby anything can be happening at any time is the notion of why the family was given a miracle, how that happened.

That allows you to then have the contrast of the whimsy and the fun and this amazing fantasy that happens. But you have to have both of those pieces to function correctly.

Encanto Release Date

The movie is intense, vibrant, funny, and wonderful. But it does have some more stranded, different themes than traditional Disney movies.

There are some more challenging human elements to this movie. The movie Encanto is due to hit theaters on November 24th.

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