Esurance Car Insurance Review – Car Insurance Types You Can Get from Esurance

Esurance is an online car insurance company that is known for its user-friendly website, cutting-edge mobile apps, and interactive tools. Esurance is best suited for people who prefer to get quotes online and manage their policies due to their insurance needs.

Esurance Car Insurance Review

They offer car insurance services in 43 US states while they allow their customers to do several things online through their mobile app. Esurance has competitive car insurance rates but decent insurance rates for drivers with speeding tickets.

They further offer usage-based car insurance for drivers who wish to improve their driving and practice safe driving to reduce their insurance costs.

Esurance provides SR-22 insurance fillings to drivers alongside excellent roadside assistance at every point in time.

As earlier mentioned, they operate in 43 states except Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Delaware, Washington DC, Montana, and Wyoming.

Esurance has 17 offices across the United States alongside 3000 agents nationwide. They have excellent policy coverage as well as several ways to save on insurance policies.

Car Insurance Types You Can Get from Esurance

Esurance provides its customers with several types of standard car insurance coverage types. Below are a listed few:

Liability Car Insurance

Liability insurance coverage covers the cost of medical bills for injuries for people involved in an accident you caused.

They help to pay for any legal cost that stems from the accident, this coverage can also pay for damages caused to the cars of others.

Collision Car Insurance

Collision car insurance coverage covers repairing and replacing cars damaged in an accident, regardless of who caused the accident.

Damages caused by a collision with objects, fences, trees, and other vehicles will also be settled by the collision car insurance.

Comprehensive Car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance coverage helps cover the repair and replacement of vehicles damaged due to natural disasters such as fire, flood, hail, animals, and theft.

It will cover the vehicles of others involved in an accident you caused as well as your vehicle.

MedPay Insurance

MedPay car insurance coverage helps to pay your medical bills and those of persons involved in accidents regardless of who is at fault.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection car insurance coverage helps to cover the payment for injuries. It could be you or that of your passengers regardless of who caused the accident.

They proceed to pay for rehabilitation costs and funeral expenses in the case of accidents that lead to death.

They can also provide finance for expenses you can no longer settle as a result of the accident as well as a spay for lost wages.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist Coverage

This Motorist Coverage will pay for Your passenger’s medical bills as well as yours if an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident.

Rental Car Reimbursement

This Coverage pays for rental cars when your car is being fixed in the event of an accident, you may also get a car comparable to the one you own.

Roadside Assistance

This coverage helps provide roadside assistance if you have a flat tire, run out of gas, or need to jumpstart.

It will also help you cover the cost of towing your vehicle if it breaks down by the roadside.


What Does Esurance Offer Drivers with DUL Conviction?

Esurance offers the third-lowest annual rates for DUI drivers, with Esurance, DUI drivers can save hundreds of dollars.

Drivers who have been convicted of DUI will usually expect their insurance rates to skyrocket, however, Esurance can be of great benefit to them.

Can I get the New Car Replacement Insurance with Esurance?

No, Esurance does not offer new car replacement insurance, however, they offer gap insurance coverage which is a little similar to the new car replacement insurance.

What Can I do on my Esurance App?

Esurance is an online insurance website, which has several features you can do, below are some of them:

  • You can view your auto insurance ID Cards
  • Pay Bills
  • File a Claim
  • Check your Coverage details
  • Submit Photos for claims and appraisals
  • Request roadside assistance
  • Manage policy documents
  • Add or remove vehicles.

What Do I Do After Filing a Claim on Esurance?

follow the steps below after filing a claim on Esurance:

  • Provide the company with enough information when you file a claim
  • A claims rep will be assigned to you who will contact you witin24 hours
  • Schedule a vehicle inspection
  • The damage will be estimated
  • Take the vehicle to an approved repair shop
  • You will be offered a rental car.

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