Facebook Online Store – Most Effective Selling Strategy

Setting up a Facebook store is something every businessman would want to do for his business. Facebook is one of the many ways product sales can be boosted. Facebook is a platform that broadens the range through which you can distribute your products. When you think about opening a facebook store, surely there is a cost to you because you are considering using an e-commerce website.

Facebook Online Store

Facebook Online Store

But I am happy to break it to you that facebook now has a shop section on their own business page. Now you can create a store on your Facebook business page without even having to pay any extra charges as you do not even have to leave Facebook in the first place. Using an external e-commerce site is highly recommended because it gives your products and your store the finishing touch some of the top e-commerce sites are Shopify, big commerce, and square space. But it is ok to use facebook itself when starting a small business.

Facebook Store

Now let’s break it down to the real deal, what is a Facebook store? A Facebook store is an online store that can be accessed through Facebook. This store deals majorly with the selling of products. The only way you can get access to a Facebook store is by creating a facebook business page, this is usually easy but I will walk you through a brief guide if you are confused.

How to Open a Facebook Business Page

  • Log in to your Facebook account using any of the supported web browsers
  • Next hit the create a tab on the top navigation bar
  • Select pages from the new drop-down menu
  • To proceed further, choose the “business or brand” option as you want to create a facebook business page.
  • Write in the name of your page and add a category

To finalize, follow the necessary steps and remember to add a profile picture to the page. Now to the final step, creating a Facebook store, follow the step below to create a Facebook store using facebook

How to Create a Facebook Store

  • Go to the home page of the business page you wish to add a store to
  • Next, select the templates and tab options from the left sidebar
  • Hit settings right after the shop and turn it on to enable your store

Select a template for your store and follow the guided steps to set up your store. That is it.

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