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The Vine app is an incredibly simple and intuitive video, text, and photo-sharing app from Twitter. However, it allows you to make and share videos (i.e Vines). Therefore, this last for not more than 6 seconds, of happenings around you on the go. Vines are generally fun and fast videos that loop endlessly when playing back on Vine’s own social network.

Vine App
Vine App

Vine App

Furthermore, some Vines are so interesting that you wish they should last longer than 6 seconds. Particularly, some are just there, and others are just lame. Thankfully, it lasts for just 6 seconds, so whatever the case, it will be over before you know it.

Vine App Features – Vine Edit App

The Vine app has a simple interface and as such is very easy to use. There are four main tabs on the app and they include;

  • Feeds: these are the Vines from the people you follow.
  • Activity: this notifies you of fellow Viners’ interactions with you, like your ‘likes’.
  • Explore: this lets you explore the Vines of people other than those you follow. They can range from Comedy to Sports to Music
  • Profile: this shows your own profile.

Making and Sharing your own Vines – Vine Videos

To make your own vine videos is very simple all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Click on the camera icon, then touch and hold the screen to make your 6 seconds recordings. If you want, you can change your scenes by letting go of the screen and then pressing it again when you are ready to resume recording.
  • Do the same to add mini-clips or even a stop-motion effect. The Vine app will then stitch your various clips together.
  • You can also upload clips from your camera roll by tapping the ‘upload icon’ at the left of the shooting interface. A grid of your videos will appear, select the one you intend to post.
  • Trim and crop page will appear, allowing you to trim your video if longer than 6 seconds. Also, crop your videos before sharing them.

Alternatively, you can combine shots from your camera roll with an actual recording made with the Vine app. Trim the video if need be. Therefore, some of the shooting tools available on the app include;

  • The Ghost tool, helps you create stop-motion videos by showing you the last image shot as transparency.
  • The Flashlight-on button.
  • The leveler switches from gold to green to tell you that you are holding the camera perfectly horizontally.
  • The Grid overlay helps with framing.
  • The Delete button erases the last segment you shot or loaded from your camera roll.

However, you can either share your vines with the Vine community. Also, you send them directly to specific friends by selecting recipients, as with private messages.

Watching Other People’s Vines on the Vine Video App

You can only view Vines from people you follow. Make sure to follow people you find interesting or simply admire, like you would do on Twitter or Instagram, to have a swell experience on the app.

The Vine video app shows the number of times vines on your feed have been looped. You can Revine (i.e works like the Retweet button on Twitter) any Vine you find interesting on the Vine social network or share them on websites, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

Vine Mobile App Download

Vine app is available on Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS devices. To download the Vine app internet user can visit the Google play store on their device.

  • To download on Android devices here.
  • Download on iOS devices here.
  • Download on Windows phone here.

Click on the link relating to your device and hit the “install” or “get” button to begin the download. After downloading, the app should automatically be installed on your device.


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