How to Write a Check in 2023

Do you want to know How to Write a Check in 2023? If you do then you should just keep on reading and you will get the whole details. If you take note you will understand that technology has greatly improved the way the world banks now.

How to Write a Check in 2023
How to Write a Check in 2023

Directly from your home, you can even bank from anywhere you are simply using Internet banking or mobile banking. But some traditional banking methods remain, an example is writing a check.

This is just one of the oldest banking methods and instruments. The use of checks is also still a legal tender payment method. However, in this article, you are going to know how to fill out a check or how to write a check.

How to Write a Check in 2023

Due to the use of electronic payment methods like debit or credit cards and auto drafts, the need for checks has now become less important. About 80% of people around the world actually have no idea how to simply write a check.

But the use of checks is actually still in use for rendering payments to people. When you are then filling out a check, there are also some important things for you to take note of, because an error made on a check can actually prevent you from checking out the check.

The procedure on how to write out a check is very easy and simple. All you just need to do is read and follow the instructions provided below on how to write a check for someone or yourself.

Things You Need To Know About Checks

Before starting the process of writing a check, I need to simply identify some important sections on the check. These just include three important numbers located at the bottom of the check which are then printed on every check.

Bank Routing Number: All banks are then identified through their routing number. It also comprises nine numbers and is even located at the bottom of the check which is the first number.

Account Number: This simply has to do with your individual checking account number which usually appears in the middle of the three numbers.

Check Number: All checks are numbered and you can be able to find it at the top of the check and also at the bottom after the account number.

Now you just have an idea of what the three numbers represent on a check, you can also check out the following step to write a check.

How to Write a Check

Many businesses and also consumers actually send money electronically through Internet banking and some other means, but checks are still used as a legal tender for payment. However, checks can just be ordered from various means such as banks or third-party printers. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to fill out a check:

Date the Check

First, you should locate the date section at the top right-hand corner and then fill out the current date. The use of “date” helps in notifying the financial institution and the recipient of the validity of the check. The date can also be written in different forms either 3/10/2023 or March 10, 2023.

Who is this Check for?

This simply means writing the name of the payee. The section that says “Pay to the order of” is where you then fill out the name of the person or company you simply want to pay, known as the payee. Ensure that you also write the full name of the person or company and not the use of a nickname.

You can also write “cash” as the payee if you do not know the person’s name or the company’s name. Note, the use of “cash” as the payee can actually be risky because anyone can simply cash the check if lost or stolen.

Write the Dollar Amount in Numbers

Two sections also indicate where you can just write the amount you want to pay. The first is the small box located at the right of the line for the recipient’s name. Just write the amount numerically, for example, $300 or $300.75 in the small box.

Also, make sure that you write it very clearly so that the bank can accurately withdraw the exact amount from your account.

Write the Dollar Amount in Words

The next thing for you to do is to write the dollar amount in words on the line below “Pay to the order of” and then make sure it corresponds with the numerical amount.

Here is how to write the dollar amount in words and also how you can write cents on the check, “three hundred dollars only.” If you then want to add cents to the amount, write it like this “Three hundred and 75/100.”

Write a Memo

Now fill out the section that says “Memo”, this is also optional but very helpful in indicating the reason for writing the check. The way to actually write a memo is simply by writing the reason for the check, for example, if it’s to pay for a monthly electric bill or rent, you can just write “Electric Bill” or “Monthly Rent” in the memo section.

Sign the Check

Finally, you should then sign the check by signing your name on the line at the check’s bottom right-hand corner. Also just keep in mind your signature must correspond with the one you used when you opened the checking account. Your signature also shows the validity of the check to the bank that you then agree to the cashing out of the check.


How Do You Void a Check?

Voiding a check actually implies that you will be making the check unpayable to anyone. Voiding a check also comes into play when you simply make a mistake filling it out, it is just a way of canceling a check.

Also, sometimes a voided check can even be used to set up direct deposit or set up automatic bill pay. To then void a check, you should just write the word “VOID” in giant letters across the front of the check.

Can You Write a Check to Yourself?

Yes, it’s also possible to wire a check to yourself and also deposit it in an ATM, branch, or using mobile banking app. All you just need to do is to just follow the process outlined above, where you are then needed to put a “Pay to the Order of” You can put your name on the check.

How do you write $100 Dollars on a Check?

To write a $100 check, you can simply write “100.00” and in the dollar line write “one hundred and 0/100.

How to Write a Check for $1,500 Dollars?

To then write a check for $1,500 dollars all you just need to do is write “1,500.00” in the dollar box and in the dollar line write “one thousand, five hundred and 0/100.”


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