Investment Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $150,750 Yearly

Investment jobs are highly sought-after positions available in the finance industry. These jobs involve a deep understanding of investment strategies, financial markets, and risk management.

Investment Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $150,750 Yearly

Investment experts work in a diversity of roles, as well as portfolio management, research analysis, and financial advising. The salary range for investment jobs differs depending on the country and the specific role.

In this article, you will have a chance to be enlightened on investment jobs in different countries and their equivalent salary ranges. All you are required of is read this blog carefully.

Types of Investment Jobs

These are some major available investment jobs you may find in any of your preferred country of work:

Financial Adviser

These are professionals who assist customers with determining their financial objectives in the short and long term and directing them toward suitable products.

An insurance advisor’s duties include being knowledgeable about insurance options, collaborating closely with underwriters and risk assessors, and serving as a primary point of interaction for clients. An adviser earns a national average salary of $75,005.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers manage a portfolio of businesses and governmental agencies that make investments in an array of industries. These professionals assist clients in increasing and investing capital to help the company achieve its financial goals for growth. They earn $84,510 as a national average salary.

Hedge Fund Manager

This job is similar to investment bankers except that they manage portfolios that have greater risk and reward for investors who pool their financial resources to make investments in hedge funds.

Hedge fund managers monitor markets to protect investors, so they get up early and leave the office late. Hedge fund investing is rarely a full-time occupation with regular working hours. This specialist earns a national average salary of $86,550.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts sift through financial information to assist business stakeholders in making financially sound choices. They work for financial organizations that include banks, funds, insurance companies, and more to support customers’ purchasing decisions and requirements across the country. They earn an average salary of $95,600 per year.

Information Technology Auditor

IT auditors usually work for government departments or private companies to guarantee that the technology platform fits compliance and other enterprise IT requirements.

They spend time conducting audits and ought to be skilled at it, which sometimes requires certification. These professionals earn an average salary of $98,100 per year.

Financial Software Developer

This job specializes in growing fintech space, and establishing programs that meet the needs of financial institutions and end users. They earn an annual national average salary of $109,200.

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief compliance officers are in charge of all duties and departments that involve meeting requirements for compliance.

CCOs are in charge of managing policies and monitoring compliance to help businesses run more efficiently and avoid failure to comply with fees. A chief compliance officer earns a national average salary of $137,350 per year.

Chief Financial Officer

A CFO’s responsibilities involve overseeing analysts and budgeting, making economical choices about technology infrastructure, and overseeing financial teams. They earn an annual national average salary of $150,750.

Senior Accountant

Senior accountants usually sit at the top of an accounting hierarchy and are in charge of the day-to-day accounting duties. They have accountability for budget adherence, meeting accounting goals, and overseeing corporate expenditures. These specialists earn a national average salary of $78,350 per year.

Private Equity Associate

These professionals network with investors to acquire private equity, which they utilize to make business investments that expand the investors’ portfolios. They earn an annual average salary of $111,400 a year.

Top Highest-Paying Countries in the Investment Job Industry

This is a list of some major investment jobs and their average salary:


  • Equity Derivatives Trader –              $120,000/ year
  • Financial Analyst Intern –              $83,550/ “
  • Client Adviser –              $92,000/ “
  • Senior Credit Risk Analyst –              $109,800/ “
  • Financial Analyst –              $80,505/ “


  • Finance Analyst –              $125,000/ year
  • Corporate Banking –              $153,150/ “
  • Sr Relationship Manager –              $120,000/ “
  • Startup Founder –              $94,600/ “
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Manager – $115,500/ “

United Kingdom

  • Stifel Financial Corp –              $135,000/ year
  • Head of Credit Risk –              $150,300/ “
  • Equity Derivatives Trader –              $180,000/ “
  • Investment Manager –              $80,000/ “
  • Credit Analyst –              $105,000/ “


  • Investment Banking Analyst –              $80,500/ year
  • Credit Risk Analyst –              $89,000/ “
  • Marketing Intern –              $70,000/ “
  • Client Advisor –              $75,000/ “
  • Startup Founder –              $65,000/ “


  • Paraplanner –              $75,500/ year
  • Mortgage broker support –              $78,000/ “
  • Credit Analyst –              $110,000/ “
  • Credit Officer –              $72,500/ “
  • Graduate Finance Operations Analyst –   $120,000/ “

Where to Get Jobs

These are some various platforms on which you may find any investment job of your choice:


Investment Job Duties

Investment duties vary depending on the role and company. However, certain typical investment duties are outlined below:

  • Conducting financial analysis and market research, including possibilities for investment and economic trends.
  • Creating investment plans and suggesting them to clients or management.
  • Managing investment portfolios and tracking performance.
  • Giving financial advice and direction to clients or management.
  • Working alongside additional professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, to guarantee regulatory and legal compliance.
  • Providing updates on investment performance and market conditions to clients or management.
  • Staying current on industry news and developments to make sound investment choices.
  • Carrying out risk evaluations and developing risk management strategies.
  • Analyzing information and making educated choices by using financial tools and software.

Once more, particular duties will differ based on the role and company, but there are a few typical duties that investment professionals might be in charge of.

Requirements for Investment Jobs

The requirements for investment jobs vary according to the role and the country where you apply. However, certain fundamental demands are met by the vast majority of investment jobs. These are some examples:

  • Education: A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting, or a comparable discipline is necessary for most investment jobs.
  • Experience: Most investment jobs require a certain amount of financial industry experience.
  • Analytical abilities
  • Communication abilities
  • Pay close attention to the details.
  • Financial market knowledge
  • Computer abilities

It is essential to note that the specific requirements for investment jobs may differ depending on the country and the company to which you want to apply. It’s always an excellent plan to research the specific requirements for the position you want and modify your application accordingly.

How to Apply for Investment Jobs

To apply for an investment job, start by researching companies that have openings for such positions. Once you’ve identified a few potential employers, you can search their web pages or job boards for vacant positions and apply.

It’s critical to match your resume and cover letter to the job that you’re applying for and to highlight any applicable experience or skills you have. Furthermore, as part of the hiring process, one must be ready to participate in interviews along with offering references. Best wishes for your career search!


Furthermore, investment positions are extremely competitive and lucrative in the finance industry. The salary range for investment jobs varies according to country and role.

The United States, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are some of the highest-paying countries in the investment job industry.

To work in the investment industry, you have to be experienced in investment strategies, financial markets, and risk control. In addition, you must have an appropriate college degree and work experience.

If you plan to pursue a career in investment, you ought to investigate the various job possibilities and ranges of wages available in various countries.

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