Jumia Black Friday Deals: Everyday is Black Friday on Jumia

Since 2016 that Jumia launched its Black Friday sales, it has been successful. In this Jumia Black Friday Deals article, I will be sharing with you the information you need to know about the samples.

Black Friday is the shopping day following immediately after Thanksgiving. While it might be popular now as the best day to get the hottest deals and discounts, it has a history that many are unaware.

Jumia Black Friday Deals


The history of how Black Friday came to be is quite fascinating. It offers great deals for shoppers to get, most items include free shipping. Isn’t that interesting? Well, let’s find out the Black Friday Deals of 2020.

Jumia Black Friday Deals

Jumia Black Friday Deals features amazing deals and discounts on kitchen appliances, fashion, TV sets, toys, laptops, smartphones, and many others. It offers great deals for users that are shopping for the e-commerce platform.

The platform offers jaw-dropping deals that will have customers saving up just to meet up with the deals. It is great and very incredible.

Jumia Black Friday Deals have been on for the past years and 2020 is not left behind, as they are bringing in great and excellent deals. Okay, so when is the Jumia Black Friday date?

When is Jumia Black Friday 2020

Jumia Black Friday 2020 is scheduled to hold this year starting from November 6 to 27. Every Friday these days is Black Friday.

That’s is for say, the most important and great deals fall on Fridays 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th.

Black Friday Deals on Jumia 2020

Jumia has promised shoppers to bring them the best selection of items and products at great prices that will save them more money. 2020 Jumia Black Friday has promised more than just discounts for customers.

That is, as a shopper, you stand a chance to participate and win exciting prizes. There some really promising vouchers to be won in flash sales, daily and weekly treasure hunts.

Are you well prepared to be swept off your feet, then you should definitely participate in this year’s Jumia Black Friday?

With the deals, most deals are 70% off, 30%, 50%, and others. If there’s something you’re wanting to buy but never had enough money for it, then now is your chance.

On the Black Friday Deals, you get off, and if you’re lucky enough free deliveries on items that you want to buy.

You should also lookout for the treasure hunt deals. In this hunt, items are hidden at strategic locations on the site.

For instance, you could find a hunt reward that is a TV set under women’s fashion. That’s the truck of the hunt. So you unjust have to watch of it.

Where can I get these Deals from Jumia?

The Black Friday deals on Jumia are open for both web and mobile users l, however, the best is for mobile app users.

So you would want to download the app from the App Store of your device if you want the best. The app is free and simple for all to use and download, all you need is your Jumia Login details.

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To stay updated, you can follow them on their social accounts and sign up for their newsletter. Make sure to download the app into your device Android or iPhone, it doesn’t matter.

How to Access Black Friday Deals on Jumia

I know that you would be eager to get the full list of Black Friday deals in 2020. Well, that is what this section is for. Follow the steps below to get the full list of Jumia black Friday deals.

  • Open the Jumia application on your device.
  • You should see a banner on the top slider. Click on the banner that says “Black Friday”.
  • You should see the number of days left for these black Friday deals.

Aside from that, you should also be able to see all the deals that this Black Friday would be featuring. With that being said, you must be using the Jumia app to get access to these deals.


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