Maritime Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $115,000

Maritime jobs are essential to the global economy, transporting goods and people across water bodies. There are numerous maritime jobs, ranging from crew members to officers, engineers, and other support staff.

Maritime Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $115,000

Each job has unique responsibilities and requirements, and their salary range differs significantly based on the country, experience, and qualifications.

However, in this article, you will explore maritime jobs in different countries, their salary range, the duties, requirements, how to apply for these jobs, and more.

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About Maritime Job

Maritime jobs refer to employment opportunities that include working on ships or other watercraft. This involves various positions, including crew members, officers, engineers, and support staff. Maritime jobs are essential to the global economy, as they transport goods and people across seas.

Here are some of the common maritime jobs you may find anywhere:

Maritime Lawyer

Maritime lawyers are lawyers who specialise in the laws and regulations that govern the maritime industry. Clients can be represented in legal disputes involving shipping, cargo, marine debris, and maritime accidents.

Their services might additionally be required for assistance with negotiating contracts and maritime legal issues. They earn $150,500 per year.

Ship Captain

This ship captain is in charge of the safe operation and navigation of the vessel. They make certain that safety procedures are adhered to and that the vessel is by international maritime regulations and laws.

Captains additionally have to supervise crew members, manage the ship’s cargo, communicate with various vessels, and make emergency decisions. They earn $77,100 a year.

Marine Welder

Marine welders are in the position of welding and repairing metal structures on ships, on land, and at sea. They are familiar with marine welding methods and can operate in various environments, including underwater. The national average salary $56,500 a year.

Ship Officer

Ship officers are accountable for the secure and effective operation of a vessel. Their duties might involve navigation, crew members’ supervision, and cargo handling. In addition, the ship’s captain makes sure the vessel follows every rule and industry standard. They make $75,250 as an average salary per year.

Marine Mechanic

Marine mechanics are in charge of maintaining and fixing ships’ and other marine vessels’ electrical and mechanical systems. However, they could be involved in the repair of engines, transmissions, and various other mechanical systems.

They troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance and repairs, and ensure that ships operate effectively and securely. They earn an annual national average salary of $55,500 per year.

Marine Superintendent

Marine superintendents manage the shipping company’s fleet of vessels daily. They make certain that ship repairs and operations adhere to regulations and industry standards. However, they can also supervise vessel schedules, and repair work, and interact with consumers and port officials. They make $115,000 salary per year.

Radio Technician

Marine radio technicians are qualified individuals who set up, operate, and fix radio communication systems on ships and other marine vessels. They may be required to work with an array of equipment, such as radios, transmitters, receivers, and antennas.

However, they must be able to solve issues and diagnose problems quickly and effectively. They make $55,000 per year.

Marine Engineer

Marine engineers design, develop, and operate ships and other underwater structures. They could be working on engines, navigation equipment, or electrical or mechanical parts. However, they can also supervise the installation and upkeep of these systems, ensuring that they work effectively and meet the demands of the law. They earn $85,500 average salary per year.

Marine Surveyor

A marine surveyor inspects and evaluates the condition of ships, boats, and other marine structures. They survey ships to verify their seaworthiness and compliance with safety rules.

Surveyors can additionally evaluate the damage, determine the need for repairs, and provide updates on the vessel. They could be employed by insurance companies, shipowners, or government agencies. The national average salary is $90,600 per year.


Seamen are crew members in charge of a vessel’s day-to-day operations. They have various responsibilities and can be found on the ship’s deck or in the engine room. They have responsibility for a variety of tasks such as maintaining equipment, cargo handling, standing watch, steering the ship, and assisting with docking and undocking.

However, they might additionally be expected to be aware of different safety procedures. They earn an annual national average salary of $50,250 a year.

Top Highest Paying Countries in the Maritime Job Industry

These are the highest-paying countries in the maritime job industry:


  • Team Lead                                 –              $16.50 per hour
  • Business Development Manager –              $120,550 per year
  • Chief Engineer –              $95,200 per year
  • Senior Maritime Engineer –              $100,125 per year
  • Head of Engineering –              $90,500 per year

United Kingdom

  • Sales Special Marine –              £50,500 per year
  • Sales Account Manager –              £60,000 per year
  • Senior Engineer –              £58,800 per year
  • Recruitment Consultant –              £40,000 per year
  • Safety & Environmental Engineer –              £38,000 per year


  • Accountant –              $100,250 per year
  • Collection and Recovery Captain –              $116,100 per year
  • Senior Sales Manager –              $125,500 per year
  • Senior Surveyor                                 –              $98,150 per year
  • Logistics Lead –              $70,600 per year

Where to Get Jobs

Utilize these platforms to successfully get a maritime job of your choice in your desired locations:


Maritime Jobs Duties

Job duties vary significantly depending on the type of position and role. However, some common job duties include:

  • Crew members: They are responsible for the daily operations of the ship, including cleaning, maintenance, and navigation.
  • Officers: They ensure the safety of the ship and crew, coordinate with the captain, and manage the ship’s operations.
  • Engineers: They are responsible for conserving and repairing the ship’s engines, machinery, and electrical systems.
  • Support staff: They offer administrative and other support services to the ship’s crew and officers.

Other maritime jobs duties may involve loading and unloading cargo, communicating with other vessels, and adhering to safety protocols and regulations.

Requirements for a Maritime Jobs

There are a few requirements you have to fulfill to work in a maritime job. These requirements will differ based on the job you want and the business you want to find employment for, but in general, you’ll need a certain level of training, experience, and educational background.

A valid passport, no convictions, passing a drug test, being physically fit, and having the appropriate permits and licenses are all typical requirements for a maritime job. You might additionally require prior seafaring experience, a degree in maritime studies, or training in specific areas, including navigation, engineering, or safety.

It’s always an excellent plan to look into the specific requirements for the job you’re seeking to ensure you possess every required skill.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a maritime job, there are a few things you can do to get started. One of the first steps is to investigate the different types of maritime jobs that are accessible and determine which ones are the best fit for your skills and interests.

After that, you can start looking for job vacancies by checking online job boards, going to the websites of maritime companies, and interacting with people in the industry.

Once you find a job opening that interests you, prepare a strong resume and cover letter highlighting your skills and experience. Finally, be prepared to go through the interview process, which may involve multiple rounds of interviews and assessments. Good luck with your job search!


In summary, maritime jobs are important to the global economy, and many positions are available for individuals with different experience levels. The salary range for each job position differs depending on the country, experience, and qualifications.

However, it’s worth observing that maritime jobs can be well-paying, with some positions earning six-figure salaries. If you’re interested in tracking a career in the maritime industry, it’s important to research the requirements and qualifications needed and explore opportunities in different countries.

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