New Accessibility Features Are Coming To Halo Infinite

Do you know that new accessibility features are coming to halo infinite? In the upcoming feature, we are expecting settings like enhanced colorblind features and assisted steering controls.

343 Industries’ goal is to make the newest journey into the Halo universe more accessible to many gamers as possible Xbox shared on its blog.

New Accessibility Features Are Coming To Halo Infinite
New Accessibility Features Are Coming To Halo Infinite

New Accessibility Features Are Coming To Halo Infinite

That includes those who are brand-new to the Halo franchise. And also those who struggled to play due to barriers that hadn’t previously been accounted for.

The features include accessibility standards like enhanced colorblind settings and the ability to rebind mouse keyboard and gamepad controls.

343 are also adding new innovations like the movement that is assisting the steering feature. It allows users to add more controls to help steer vehicles like the Warthog and Mongoose.

Lists of Halo Infinite Accessibility Features

Here are the lists of Halo Infinite’s accessibility features:

For subtitles;

  • Adjust the font size.
  • Adjust the background opacity.
  • Choose whether you would like subtitles for all dialogue or just dialogue related to the narrative in the campaign.

Here are the lists of Halo infinite accessibility features for subtitles.

General Gameplay

  • Customize menu and gameplay font size
  • Menu narration with adjustable narration speed for those who commonly utilize screen readers
  • A new mode called “Linear Navigation” lets users navigate through the UI without the need to visually see how controls are positioned on-screen to access them
  • Option of changing the friendly and enemy colors to include more options than just red versus blue
  • More UI settings, such as HUD (Heads-up Display) and reticule opacity to make it easier to identify information in the HUD
  • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text options for players that want to participate in voice chat and either need to send synthesized voice or receive voice chat as-synthesized text
  • New customizations for players to control their sound experience with different volume sliders for a variety of sounds in the game
  • Customizability for both controller and keyboard and mouse to rebind keys, adjust sensitivity, and change to taps and toggles versus holds
  • A new Movement Assisted Steering feature, which lets you use additional controls to help steer wheeled vehicles rather than just the classic “look-to-steer” mechanic.


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