PMP Certification Cost in 2022

PMP Certification Cost in 2022. Have you guys ever wanted to know the PMP Certificate Cost in 2022? Well, you are not the only one that is curious. I was once like you too, until I got to find out all about this and also how it even works. There are lots of things for you to know. What you need to do is simply read on, and then you will get to know all about this topic today.

PMP Certification Cost in 2022

PMP Certification Cost in 2022

PMP certification costs are also a critical aspect for PMP certification aspirants. Many PMP certification candidates simply consider only the PMP certification cost of the exam and not the training courses. However, there are other aspects of the PMP certification cost. What do the different aspects of the PMP certification cost? How much money should you then plan to spend on getting PMP certification? Is there any other aspect of the PMP certification cost other than the training program and also the exam fee?

There are three main costs for PMP certification:

  • PMP Certification Training Cost: $50-$3,500.
  • PMP Exam Fee: $555.
  • PMP Exam Prep Time: ~six months.

Now I will then go over each of these cost items one-by-one in detail.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a PMP Certification?

The PMP Certification is simply a highly valuable qualification for people who are working in the project management field. As the project management field is simply growing more and more popular, the people who are officially qualified as project managers are simply in-demand. If you are simply working or simply planning to work in the project management field, and if you do not have a PMP certification yet, you should simply know the importance of obtaining this qualification. You must probably be looking for the PMP certification cost as well. In this blog post, I will simply cover the PMP certification cost to then help you make your financial plans accordingly.

Let’s begin briefly by simply defining what PMP certification is. PMP is the short name for Project Management Professional. The PMP certification is also given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and it is the most recognized project management certification for project management professionals.

So what is now the PMP certification cost? Actually, the PMP Certification Cost simply has three main elements. Two of them are just pretty obvious: the cost of PMP certification training and also the PMP certification exam fee. But there is even another element that you have to be very well aware of: we can simply call it the “hidden” PMP certification cost. This is then the cost of the time you will simply be spending when you study for the PMP certification exam.

We are going to have a look at these different elements of the PMP Certification Cost more thoroughly in the following subheadings.

#1: The Cost of 35 Hours of Project Management Training

Before you are able to take the PMP Certification Exam, you are then required to meet certain criteria. One of the most important items in this PMP eligibility requirement list is for you to attend a project management course(s) at least for 35 hours. There are even other criteria you have to meet before taking the PMP certification exam.

So how much does the PMP certification cost for training? Well, there is not a single answer to this question. It will only then depend on whether you are willing to take PMP certification classroom training or just an online PMP certification course. The PMP certification classroom training will then also simply depend on which country you are located in to take this project management education. It ranges from 500 USD to 2,000 USD.

Here are some examples of how the cost of PMP Certification classroom training varies from one country to the other:


PMP Classroom Training Price Range (USD)

US, Canada, Australia


Brazil, Chile (South America)


China, India


European Countries


Arabian Countries (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.)


As you can see, we cannot say that there’s a fixed price for PMP Certification classroom training, and thus for the PMP certification cost.

There is also another option for you to take the PMP certification training: online PMP Certification Training. Today, you can even find a great number of online PMP certification training courses on the web. Most people are also willing to get online PMP certification training.

What are the advantages of taking an online PMP certification training course? Well, first you should know that this is an online course, so you do not have to be present in an actual classroom, which is really advantageous for full-time working professionals. Secondly, these online courses cost a lot less than regular classroom teaching. The prices simply vary between 200 USD and 500 USD.

Our 35 hours of online PMP certification training is also a self-paced course, so rather than attending online live classes, which are then pre-scheduled, you pace the course and also determine when to study and even when to complete it. In other words, you can then simply take the course, which includes previously recorded training sessions, according to your own timing. This way, we believe that you will then be more ready to simply take the PMP Certification exam because your information on the subject will even be fresher and more interiorized.

If you are more into interactive training rather than simply following a self-paced PMP course, you can then simply consider enrolling in an instructor-led PMP online class session as well. The cost of instructor-led PMP training changes from an amount of $800 to $3,500 depending on the country, training provider, and training materials as well.

PMP Certification Cost #2: Preparation Time

As most of us are usually busy professionals, the time we are then sparing to take this project management education will then cost us our precious leisure time. But you can then also minimize this effect with a self-paced online PMP certification training course because you will also be the only one to decide when to have a lesson or not.

For example, if you are simply planning to take the PMP Certification exam in the next 3 or 4 months, you can then spare only 5 or 6 hours a week to study to pass the exam. Of course, the duration of the training will also depend on your dedication, your professional experience, and also on your background in project management. So you will then be able to finish the course in a shorter time than 3 or 4 months if your goal is to then obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification earlier.

After helping thousands of professionals to then clear their PMP certification exam in their first attempt, we can then confidently say you should plan around 6 months to simply get ready for the PMP exam. If you are a full-time working professional, you will then need this time to simply get ready for the exam.

You might also see several PMP training providers that guarantee you will pass the PMP exam in 30 days. This is not impossible. However, it is not easy if you do not have a solid project management background and enough time to dedicate yourself to PMP preparation as well.

Many of the PMP students passed their PMP exams in less than 30 days. Joffrey and Rahul are just two of them, and you can even read their 30-Day PMP Study Tips.

PMP Certification Cost #3: Exam Fee

The third item of the PMP cost is the PMP exam fee. After you have finished the 35 hours of project management education, you then have to take this PMP Certification exam at a Pearson VUE test center. There are even certain steps to complete your PMP application. When PMI accepts your application, you will then have to schedule your exam date at the nearest Pearson VUE test center.

The following table simply shows the PMP exam fee distribution for PMI members, non-PMI members, and re-attempts.

PMP Examination

PMI Member Examination Fees(USD)

Non-PMI Member Examination Fees(USD)

PMP Exam – First Time



The PMP Re-attempt Examination



The PMP Certification exam fee is simply 555 USD for those who are not members of PMI, and for PMI members it is 405 USD. If you then choose to become a PMI member at the time of your application, you will then also just have to pay 555 USD for the exam fee and the membership fee combined. If you do not then opt to become a PMI member, you will also pay the same PMP exam fee. So, since you are applying for the PMP with membership and also as non-member costs are the same, we recommend you opt for the application with PMI membership.

The following table simply shows the PMP exam fee distribution for PMI members, non-PMI members, and re-attempts.

PMI Membership Dues

Prices in USD.

one-time application fee.


Fee for PMI Membership


What are the advantages of PMI membership? Its duration is one year and you also gain free access to download some very important documents about project management, including the PMBOK.

If you want to have further information on the PMI membership, you can then check out their website.


Is PMP 2022 Worth It?

If you are a believer that “Network” defines “Net Worth”, the PMP is also the perfect credential to get in 2022. If you are considering the PMP credential and also need help deciding, reach out and research. There is content that would be helpful to you.

What Is The Pass Mark For The PMP Exam 2022?

If you want to pass the exam, I suggest you aim for more than 70% or 126 questions out of 180. Additionally, in January 2021, the PMI migrated the exam to the new exam content outline, including the Agile and Adoptive project management methodologies. The candidates are complaining that the test is hard.

Does PMP Increase Your Salary?

PMP Salary Increase – If you are then PMP certified, you can also then expect up to a 20% increase in your PMP salary if you simply compare with a project manager who is even not certified. Therefore, there is a clear PMP certification salary growth of 20%.

How Hard Is The PMP Exam?

The PMP exam is simply known for being hard, but PMI does not disclose specific statistics about the passing score or even the failure rate. Some project expert surveys estimate the failure rate at around 40–50%, meaning only about half of the first-time test takers pass the PMP exam.

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