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Types of Visa Debit Cards. A Visa debit card is not difficult to know because you are definitely going to see that the Visa logo has been written on it. Today, most of the debit cards that are out there are simply Visa debit cards. So many people make use of Visa debit cards to have access to their money and accounts anywhere they go. The only thing is that many people do not know that there are different types of Visa debit cards.

Types of Visa Debit Cards

Types of Visa Debit Cards

In this article today I’m going to be showing you the different types of debit cards from Visa that are available. So that you can make the decision on what type of Visa debit card to go for, that is why this article is coming your way today. We are also going to take a look at some of the benefits of each type of Visa debit card in this article today.

What is a Visa Debit Card?

The Visa debit card is one of the most common and convenient debit cards to use. Instead of carrying around hard cash with you, it is better to carry or walk around with a Visa debit card. Visa debit cards are cards that give you access to your account to withdraw money wherever you are, whenever you want. Anywhere you see the VISA symbol, you can withdraw cash using your VISA card from that place.

When you are done withdrawing money with your Visa card, the amount is deducted from your account instantly and there is no extra interest to pay. Using your VISA debit card to withdraw money is far quicker and better than going to a physical bank branch to withdraw money from the teller. It eliminates the process of queuing in the bank and waiting for the card dispenser to give you money.

Types of Visa Debit Cards

Our main focus in this article is basically the type of Visa debit card that is available today. No, not that Visa does not issue cards on its own. However, Visa cards are issued by banks and other partners with Visa. There are five types of Visa debit cards that are in circulation today. If you have a Visa debit card, it probably falls into one of the below types:

Visa Classic Debit Card

The Visa Classic debit card is accepted at millions of locations all around the world today. It is one of the most common Visa debit cards available. These types of cards can be used to withdraw and pay cash at an ATM. They can also be used to make purchases at any merchant establishment online or offline.

The features and benefits of the Visa Classic Card

  • It can be used to make inquiries and provide assistance from anywhere in the world.
  • This card can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Services are provided by Visa’s global customer assistance service.
  • Have an emergency card replacement?
  • Also gives an emergency cash advance.

Visa Gold Debit Card

If you like to spend a lot, the Visa Gold Credit Card is your best pick. This is because it offers special offers for dining, retail, entertainment, and travel establishments. That is not all the benefits of this card. You can also receive medical and travel assistance and legal referrals with toll-free access 24/7.

Benefits of the Visa Gold Debit Card

  • Access to many offers at different establishments, such as entertainment, travel, and more.
  • Access to travel medical and legal assistance.
  • 24-hour access to this global customer assistance service.
  • You get medical and legal referral assistance, plus toll-free access 24/7.

Visa Platinum Debit Card

The Visa Platinum Debit Card gives you access to dozens of rewards and privileges as long as you hold the card. Do not worry, this card is also accepted globally and can be used for making international transactions.

The features of the Platinum Visa Card

  • Get 24-hour access to Visa’s global customer assistance services.
  • Getting your card blocked and also having a replacement card and emergency cash is possible with this card.
  • Having access to hundreds of deals, discounts, and privileges as a cardholder.
  • It can be used in over 1.9 million ATM centers in the world.

Visa Signature Debit Card

The Visa Signature Card is designed to enrich your lifestyle by providing you with exceptional spending power and a high level of rewards. This car also has a priority in customer service. Some of the features are listed below:


  • You also get the global assistance service with this card.
  • With this card, you have the ability to block a stolen card immediately and also request a replacement and emergency cash.
  • There are millions of ATM points all over the world where you can use your Visa Signature Card.
  • Get instant access to visas’ global customer assistance 24/7.
  • Get access to various deals, discounts, and privileges.

Visa Infinite Debit Card

The Visa Infinite Debit Card is the best Visa debit card there is. It has the best rewards and they use this card to enhance their lifestyle.


  • Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted globally.
  • You will have access to multiple deals and offers in your transactions.
  • You are eligible to receive six complimentary visits per year to any airport lounge.
  • Access to travel assistance
  • Extended warranty
  • The visa concierge service is available to holders.

These are not all the benefits that are being offered by the Visa Infinite Debit Card. All the debit cards mentioned in this article have a lot more benefits, but we can’t list them all here.

How to Get a Visa Debit Card

Debit cards are generally linked to your bank account, so if you have a checking or savings account, you can simply apply for one. You can apply for a Visa debit card from the bank that you have an account with and have it delivered to you. After receiving your car, the next thing is to simply activate it.

Visa Debit Card FAQ

What is the highest Visa debit card?

The highest Visa debit card is the Visa Gold Card. This is because this card offers a lot of rewards and high spending with a revolving line of credit to holders. They are accepted globally in over 1.9 million ATMs all over the world.

What type of debit card is Visa?

The Visa company is a payment system that started first with credit cards and now has different types of cards, including Visa debit cards. Visa debit cards come with a microchip and a magnetic stripe. The ones with a microchip are the best for security and have the latest card technology.

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