Amazon Gift Card Now Allows You to Send Gift Cards to Facebook Friends

Do you know that Amazon Gift Card Now Allows You to Send Gift Cards to Facebook Friends? If you don’t know about this yet then you should just keep on reading and you will discover a whole lot of information about this.

Amazon Gift Card Now Allows You to Send Gift Cards to Facebook Friends
Amazon Gift Card Now Allows You to Send Gift Cards to Facebook Friends

Now when you are reading this article you should make sure not to skip it, if you do then you might miss a lot of information that will be outlined here.

Amazon Gift Card Now Allows You to Send Gift Cards to Facebook Friends

During the holiday period, Amazon announced a new and easy way for you to send Amazon gift cards to your friends and also family on Facebook. Therefore, if you are then purchasing a gift card on, you can simply link your Facebook account to it. Furthermore, you can even personalize the Amazon gift card code to a friend also on Facebook.

Therefore, this is just the same process you must then use to send gift cards through emails and also print the certificates out. More so, the gift card will also be posted on the wall of the Facebook users that you send the card. This is very nice as Amazon simply lets you send gift cards to Facebook friends.

Amazon Gift Card

Right on the gift card section, you can even select to sign in to your Facebook account with the Facebook connect button. Therefore, this process will now allow Amazon to filter your friends’ names and their dates of birth.

Furthermore, on the same birthday date, Amazon will then immediately post a gift card to your friend’s wall. However, your transaction history and data will then be private and also secure on the Amazon database.

Also, you can simply select a gift card design from a vast number of designs and as well pick an amount to send. Therefore, this amount can just be up to $5000 with a message written on the card which is optional.

More so, you can as well schedule this gift card to then appear in a year interval on the receiver’s Facebook wall. The gift will then be delivered to the same friend’s Facebook wall through a post. Regarding the amount and redemption of the gift card, only the receiver can also see the code and amount and claim it.

Features and Benefits of Amazon Facebook Gift Card

You as the sender can simply select if everyone can see the gift card and the message or only the receiver can.  Although, this also makes it confidential because you may not want anyone to see the gift you sent to someone.

As the giver, you will simply have the opportunity to send an email to the receiver to notify him or her that you sent a gift across.

Therefore, for the first 10,000 customers to then give an Mp3 theme Amazon gift card to various 5 Facebook friends will also receive a $5 credit. You can even use it to access Amazon mp3 music downloads.

Basically, Amazon integrating with Facebook to even bring out this feature is a fantastic idea. More so, Amazon is even gearing towards the social media space to then incorporate users into the Amazon platform.

Also, a few months back, amazon gift cards near me brought out an amazing new social feature that also enables you to receive recommendations with respect to info on your Facebook profile. Also, this simply includes what your friends want as well.


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