Daycare Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $96,788

Daycare employment jobs have grown more essential worldwide as more households rely on two sources of income to make ends meet. However, the wage range for daycare positions differs by country.

Daycare Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $96,788

This post will enlighten you on daycare jobs and investigate their income ranges. As a result, read this article thoroughly for information on Daycare jobs in your area.

High Paying Daycare Jobs

Below are typical daycare jobs you may easily find in your desired country and their national average salary:

Early Childhood Teacher

Their primary duty is to plan and prepare the education environment, supervise safety and educational programs, supervise children in the classroom, and offer an encouraging environment for children to learn and practice suitable and acceptable private and collective behavior’s average of $16.50 per hour.

Preschool Teacher

Duties are to teach children fundamental abilities, including recognizing shapes, colours, numbers, and letters.

Work with kids in groups or on one, according to their needs and the topic. Develop and carry out a curriculum centered on different facets of child development. Average $16.11 per hour

Lead Teacher

Daily, they act as a role model for youngsters when it comes to attitude, speech, and behaviour. Respect every kid’s cultural background and treat him or herself with dignity. Encourage children’s growth in areas such as confidence, problem-solving, and taking responsibility for their conduct. Average $16.10 per hour.


A Daycare Teacher makes sure that children’s basic requirements are fulfilled, such as nutritional and developmental instruction. They often look after youngsters from dawn until mid-afternoon, feeding, monitoring, and changing children throughout the day. Average $18.40 per hour.

Childcare Provider

Supervise and oversee children’s safety. Prepare and organize children’s snacks and meals. Assist kids with retaining proper hygiene. Infant and toddler diapers ought to be changed. Organize activities or develop an educational program that allows youngsters to acquire knowledge about the world while simultaneously enabling them to explore their interests. Average $15.29 per hour.

Childcare Center Director

In charge of preschool teachers and childcare personnel. Recruiting and educating new employees. Provide staff with opportunities for growth in their careers. Create policies and explain them to employees and parents. Create standards for learning and programs. Maintaining teaching quality. Annual average salary is $73,472 to $96,788.

Assistant Teacher – Infant/Toddler

Prepare to teach in the place of the main teacher. Assist the instructor in charge of the preparation of scheduled tasks such as changing diapers, feeding time, laundry, and cleanup. Assist students with activities individually or in small groups. When necessary, assist kids in restroom training. Average salary $40,000

Childcare Specialist

Childcare specialists are professionals who monitor and take care of children. They frequently go to residential areas to care for kids whose parents are working, yet they also have jobs at preschools and daycare centers. They additionally help children develop good habits and can help with academics. Salary range 4,465.

Pediatric Nurse

Specializes in taking care of infants, children, and adolescents. A nursing degree, sometimes with an emphasis in paediatrics, in addition to the relevant licensing, is required for applying in this field. Average salary is $125,000 per year.

Child and Family Social Worker

Assesses the requirements of children and families, provides counselling, and organizes programs to help safeguard them. The required document to apply is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work, along with the necessary license. This professional salary ranges from $43,109 to $53,650.

Top Highest Paying Countries in the Daycare Field

Adhere to the outline below, cause it consists of the top 5 countries that pay the most for daycare jobs:


  • Early Childhood Teacher –              $16.50/ hour
  • Preschool Teacher –              $16.11/ “
  • Lead Teacher –              $16.10/ “
  • HeyTutor                                 –              $15.30/ “
  • School Teacher –              $18.57/ “

South Korea

  • Early Childhood Teacher –              $19.36/ hour
  • Preschool Teacher –              $16.91/ “
  • Lead Teacher –              $17.62/ “
  • Childcare Provider –              $16.28/ “
  • School Teacher –              $21.34/ “


  • Lead Teacher –              $17.48/ hour
  • Childcare Provider –              $16.16/ “
  • School Teacher –              $21.18/ “
  • Early Childhood Teacher –              $19.21/ “
  • Preschool Teacher –              $16.79/ “


  • Early Childhood Teacher –              $19.72/ hour
  • Preschool Teacher –              $17.23/ “
  • Lead Teacher –              $17.95/ “
  • Teacher –              $22.22/ “
  • Childcare Provider –              $16.59/ “


  • Preschool Teacher –              $16.84 per hour
  • Lead Teacher –              $17.54 “
  • Teacher –              $22.25 “
  • Childcare Provider –              $16.22 “
  • School Teacher –              $21.26 “

Daycare Job Duties

When considering looking for a daycare job, you should also keep in mind these duties:

  • Supervise and manage children’s safety.
  • Preparing and organizing children’s meals and snacks.
  • Assisting children in maintaining adequate sanitation.
  • Infant and toddler diapers ought to be changed.

Organize activities or develop an educational program that allows youngsters to acquire knowledge about the world while also allowing them to follow their interests.

Where to Get a Daycare Job Online 

With these platforms below, you may have a higher chance of getting a daycare job in your desired country:


Requirements for a Daycare Job

These are some common requirements you may fulfil to become a daycare job:

  • Education
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Experience
  • Driver’s license

How to Apply for a Daycare Job

These are the easy steps to consider whenever you are applying for a daycare job in your specific area:

  • Search for available Daycare jobs. To accomplish this, you need to choose a website that is utilized by advanced countries.
  • When you identify an available employment, read the job description to make sure you meet the needs of the company.
  • Create an ordinary CV and an application letter that is tailored to the job description.
  • Upload your CV and application letter to the business’s employee portal.
  • Then you have to wait for a response from the business before proceeding with your application.

During this stage, you ought to ignore any offer that requires you to pay a fee before getting hired.

Which Country Has the Best Child Care System?

Important Findings. The best childcare policies are found in Luxembourg, Iceland, and Sweden. However, no country leads on all four fronts, indicating that there remains space for growth, even among the most welcoming families countries.

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