How to Vlog with your Phone – The Best way to Build an Audience as a Vlogger

Whether you use an android phone, an apple phone, or any other kind of device, having success in vlogging does not actually depend on the type of device you use. There are some useful tips for being successful in vlogging, this article will talk about them. For now, let’s talk about what vlog is and how to blog even with your phone.

How to Vlog with your Phone
How to Vlog with your Phone

How to Vlog with your Phone

The word blog sounds even more exciting when you know the meaning. Derived from two words, video and blogging, Blog means video blogging. Sounds funny right, but that’s exactly what it is. Vlog means talking about what you bought in real videos.

The reason for this entirely different space is that people relate more to videos than ordinary written words. There are two different types or styles of blogs.

The Talking Head Vlog in which the ‘vlogger’ is static and faces the camera. This is usually done with the camera on a tripod stand.

The Move Around Blog is usually done while moving around. This is the freedom That our phones give us with or without a selfie stick.

With YouTube being the Major platform here, there lies a great opportunity to reach a higher audience, achieve fame and make lots of money, depending on what your goals are.

The Benefits of Vlogging for Growing an Audience

For those who are already bloggers, a vlog could open your doors to a higher or wider audience. This is because people prefer to access information in different ways. While some people prefer to read it, others prefer to watch it. A higher percentage of people fall into the second category.

Here are the benefits of a vlog;

  • It increases your reach because more people are watching Nowadays.
  • You can easily build personal connections with your audience through a vlog than through writing and podcasting
  • You can easily build the loyalty of your audience by connecting with them on a personal level.

one major downside of a blog is that the platform does not belong to you, everything you have to do must be on YouTube. The bright side of this is that you Can bring your YouTube followers to your Email list. This is achieved with so many strategies but overall, offering great value and building their trust in you. With your vlog, you can generate leads to other platforms and overall, get more conversions, on your website.

The Best way to Build an Audience as a Vlogger

It is not easy to excel in a new platform, especially when there are thousands of people trying to achieve that goal as the day goes by. The best tip any vlogger can give to you is to focus on a particular niche ( something you love or you are most skillful at).doing everything single content that comes to mind will not give you the best result.

More Advice On Vlogging with your Phone

If you want to start vlogging with your phone, you should use a phone with a very good camera and good audio quality.

If you have a problem finding what to talk about, then simply document your lifestyle, share your experience and your opinion on certain issues

Finally, you should be very consistent, this is the beginning of your vlog and gaps will not be favorable.



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