International Affairs Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up $200,500 Yearly

International affairs jobs are becoming increasingly popular as the world develops increasingly solid. This job industry has numerous career paths, from economic experts to policy analysts to reporters.

International Affairs Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up $200,500 Yearly

However, the salary range for these jobs can differ greatly based on the country and specific job. This article will enlighten you on the most popular international affairs jobs and their salary ranges in different countries. All you need to do is read and follow the guides in this blog carefully.

What is an International Affair Job

International affairs jobs refer to career paths that involve working on global issues and relating with people from different countries and cultures. These jobs involve positions in government, non-profit organizations, multinational corporations, and media outlets.

Examples of international affairs jobs are economist, business consultant, policy analyst, lawyer, risk analyst, international relations lecturer, advocacy manager, security analyst, risk manager, and reporter. The specific nature of each job can differ extensively, but they all comprise some level of appointment with international affairs.

International Affair Jobs

These are some international affairs jobs you may find and apply for with ease:


An economist researches to enhance their knowledge of the economy and to solve financial issues. Government agencies often hire economists with degrees in politics and economics. Economic data is used by economists working for government departments to shape policy proposals. They earn an annual national average salary of $89,100.

Business Consultant

A business consultant advises businesses on essential decisions and assists them with creating strategic plans. Business consultants with backgrounds in international relations advise large companies, government agencies, and charities on tactical company choices.

Their awareness of different societies enables organizations to establish successful relationships with individuals from other countries and enter international markets. They make $96,650 a year as a national average salary.

Policy Analyst

A policy analyst reviews policies for the government and large corporations. They use their research to recommend various policy choices and changes. Their advice assists policymakers in creating new policies and modifying existing ones. These personnel earn a national average salary of $100,000 per year.


International relations lawyers represent clients in international crime or disagreement cases. International lawyers might concentrate on human rights, international business, or maritime laws.

They write documents related to law, conduct legal research, negotiate settlements, and represent the people they represent in court. For people with dual degrees in politics and law, becoming a global lawyer is a common career path. They earn $101,350 as an annual national average salary.

Risk Analyst

Risk analysts evaluate the degree of risk that organizations or countries face. These dangers may come from various factors, such as crime, conflict, natural disasters, and economic and environmental changes. They evaluate information and calculate risks using modelling tools and data analytics. Their findings are reported in risk evaluations.

Government departments, non-governmental organizations, academic research institutions, and large businesses employ risk analysts with diplomatic training. They probably earn a national average salary of $102,500 per year.

International Relations Lecturer

A university lecturer in international relationships educates international relations students. University lectures on diplomatic theory, foreign policy, and the history of politics are delivered by international relations lecturers.

They can also do independent international relations research and compose documents or books on the subject. This position necessitates a doctoral degree in international relations. They make a national average salary of $103,500 a year.

Advocacy Manager

These specialists work with the charitable department of a charity or business to advance its causes. They develop and oversee strategies to influence government policy, raise public consciousness, and raise funds.

They develop strategic relationships with interested parties and write documents to support causes, including policy responses and articles.

Advocacy managers with experience in international relations concentrate on global issues such as human trafficking, poverty, health crises, and conservation. They earn a yearly national average salary of $105,000.

Security Analyst

A security analyst identifies and prevents threats to an organization’s information from being compromised. If a threat occurs, security analysts reduce the harm and take steps to restore the security of a system.

Multinational businesses and government agencies can employ security analysts with experience in international relations. They earn a national average salary of $115,500 per year.

Risk Manager

A risk manager evaluates and manages threats to groups or countries. They work with risk analysts and assess their findings. They create and execute strategies that reduce the impact of financial and security risks.

Risk managers with experience in international relations can work for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, multinational corporations, research institutions, and think tanks. They earn an annual national average salary of $123,500.


Reporters, also called journalists, cover breaking news as it happens. They interview witnesses and conduct research before filing reports for TV, radio, or print media outlets.

Reporters may present live news stories on the airwaves. International relations and journalism majors can become international reporters or foreign correspondents.

Studying the international community enables reporters to compose well-informed, factual articles about foreign affairs. They earn a national average salary of $76,803 per year.

Top Highest Paying Countries in the International Affair Job Industry

These are some of the major highest-paying countries available in the international affairs job industry:


  • State Policy Reform Advisor –              $70,500/ year
  • Country Officer –              $60,450/ “
  • Government and External Affairs Director –              $200,500/ “
  • Business Development Manager –              $100,000/ “
  • Programme Officer –              $65,900/ “


  • External Affairs Assistant –              £45,850/ year
  • International Partnership Administrator –              £40,600/ “
  • International Partnership Manager –              £55,700/ “
  • International Relations Manager –              £47,580/ “
  • International Commercial & Trade Associate –              £80,000/ “


  • Senior Advisor –              $120,250/ year
  • Parliamentary Assistant –              $60,000/ “
  • Constituency Assistant –              $58,500/ “
  • Policy Officer –              $75,000/ “
  • Project Implementation Analyst –              $100,000/ “


  • Freelance English Editor –              $90,000/ year
  • Research Support Officer –              $95,000/ “
  • Personal Development Consultant –              $98,000/ “
  • Evaluation Specialist –              $65,250/ “
  • Policy Officer –              $90,500/ “


  • Public Policy Officer –              €60,400/ year
  • Head of Member Relations –              €57,800/ “
  • Manager of Public Affairs –              €65,000/ “
  • Communication Officer –              €61,500/ “
  • VISA Consultant –              €37,400/ “

Where to Get Job

These are some major platforms where you can get an international affairs job:


International Affairs Job Duties

International affairs job duties can vary based on the specific role and association. However, some common responsibilities may include:

  • Conducting analysis and research on international relations, policies, and political issues
  • Developing and executing strategies to promote worldwide cooperation and trade
  • Negotiating agreements and treaties with foreign governments
  • They provide guidance and advice to government officials on foreign policy matters
  • Representing administrations at international sessions and meetings
  • Collaborating with other international organizations to achieve common goals.

Other duties may include monitoring and reporting on global trends and events, managing budgets and resources, and structuring relationships with key stakeholders in the international community.

Requirements for an International Affairs Job

If you’re concerned about pursuing a career in international affairs, there are a few key necessities you should be aware of.

  • Firstly, you’ll likely need a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as international relations, political science, or economics. Moreover, several employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree or higher level of education.
  • Aside from education, language skills are regularly highly valued in international affairs.
  • Ease in English is usually a minimum requirement, but skill in additional languages is a major asset.
  • Other important skills include strong communication, analytical and critical discerning abilities, and cultural competency.
  • Finally, having appropriate work or internship experience in the field can be very helpful in safeguarding a job in international affairs.

How to Apply for an International Affairs Job

To apply for any international affairs job of your choice, you have to adhere to the steps outlined below:

  • Determine the type of international affairs job you are concerned with and qualified for. Research the job qualifications and requirements carefully.
  • Update your resume and cover letter to highlight your experience and skills related to the job. Be sure to modify your application materials for each job you apply for.
  • Search for job openings on several websites and job boards. Some prevalent job boards for international affairs include Devex, ReliefWeb, and Idealist.
  • Network with specialists in the field by attending conferences, joining professional administrations, and reaching out to alumni from your university.
  • Then, prepare for interviews by researching the association and the job responsibilities. Be organized to discuss your qualifications and experience in point.
  • Follow up after the interview with a thank-you note or email to express your gratitude and restate your interest in the job.

Remember to be determined and patient in your job search. International affairs jobs can be viable, but with commitment and hard work, you can find the right opening.


In inference, international affairs jobs offer various career paths for individuals interested in working on global issues and cooperating with people from different cultures. However, the salary range for these jobs differs greatly depending on the country and specific job.

As highlighted in this article, it is significant to carefully research and consider the salary range for these jobs in diverse countries before pursuing a career in this industry.

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