How to Change Maturity Settings on Funimation

No doubt Funimation is a great platform for streaming anime. But sometimes many parents and guardians feel it to be a little too explicit for their young children, especially teens, because it also broadcasts age-appropriate content.

How to Change Maturity Settings on Funimation

In such situation, you should not hesitate to change maturity settings on Funimation. We will show you how to do as we proceed.

Depending on your mature content restriction settings, the Switch app hides all content with a mature rating.

How to Change Maturity Settings on Funimation

It is best to avoid exposing young audiences in your family or home to mature content that will influence can their thinking. Although, teaching them about what TV programming is appropriate and inappropriate is good.

It will be probably best to just limit such titles in your settings to filter and ban them entirely out of your child’s reach.

Fortunately, it will just take some few clicks to do that on Funimation. Follow the instructions below to enable and disable the mature rated content restriction settings:

  • To begin, visit your account at to update this setting.
  • Then log in to your Funimation account with your email address and the password associated with Funimation account.
  • Now, go to your Funimation Account > Preferences.
  • Tap on the “Video Settings” on form the options available and look for the “Restrict Mature Content.”
  • After that, just click on the toggle to turn on / off the restricted mature content.

There you go! Once this is turn off, you wouldn’t have any access to any mature content on Funimation anymore.

NOTE: If you don’t want to turn Off this setting, you can also control the restriction mature content settings.

After setting everything up, and mature content are still present in the Funimation app, just close it and relaunch it to fix. Also, you may have to wait for the feature to start up for up to an hour.

Why can’t I change Funimation Matute Settings through the App?

Sorry, the Funimation app does not allow subscribers to alter the Funimation maturity settings. You can only change the mature settings on the Funimation official website.

Changing your Funimation account’s mature settings will prevent you and others using this account to watch or download explicit or rated content from Funimation.

Does Funimation offers Mature Content?

Because most people like watching anime episodes, there is some mature content on Funimation. Those who understand what they are watching and are aware of the result can watch mature titles and content.

Is Funimation Safe for Teens?

With its animation and entertainment value, anime is fascinating to kids. Some anime TV episodes also have clear themes.

Yet, you should be concerned about it. You can prevent your child from accessing these themes with mature ratings by disabling them on the Funimation website.

Final Words

Funimation is ever focused in providing a safe and enjoyable viewing experience for all their users. The mature content restriction function is just one of the many ways the platform works to accomplish this.

The mature content restriction on Funimation can be enabled or disabled using the instructions in this post, which we hope has been useful.


Do I need to pay for Crunchyroll to watch Anime shows?

No, you don’t have to pay. You can use the free section that Funimation offers alongside with a lot of advertising. You can watch any of the videos for free.

Do I have to pay for watching Mature Content on Funimation?

A limited number of Funimation anime shows are available for free in 1080p with advertisements. You must choose one of the three available plans to subscribe to in order to receive the full experience.

At $5.99 a month, premium offers streaming access to the whole library of subtitled or dubbed content.

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