Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey – How to take Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey

Guess you don’t know what the Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey is right? Then don’t be troubled I am going to let know all about this platform. But you should know that Honey Baked is where people usually get food to eat.

Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey
Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey

Now, this platform has now brought about something interesting, which is what I am going to be explaining to you today, so stay tuned and keep on reading.

Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey

Now, this survey works as a customer feedback survey program, providing a platform for customers to share their thoughts or comments on a recent experience at The Honey Baked Ham.

With this, the company can easily find out more about the customer’s wants and needs to fulfill them. By gaining customers’ insight on various subjects such as cleanliness, timing, service, and likes, strategies can be implemented to work on them.

With the use of a minute portion of your time by filling out the survey, your genuine remarks will then help improve the company. Also, you will get the chance to partake in the honey-baked ham Minneapolis sweepstakes. You can easily participate in the honeybakedfeedback survey, which you can enter at


The Honey Baked Ham you hear of has been a private retailer for food items for over six decades now. Very specialize when it comes to mouth-watering recipes, Honey Baked Ham has grown into a large company with as many as 400 stores across America’s different states.

Many of the delectable items that must be mentioned are the Honey Baked Bone-in ham, Honey Baked Boneless Ham, Honey Baked Turkey Breast, etc.

Also, Baked Ham started in 1957 with a very humble beginning.  Harry J. Hoenselaar, the founder of Honey Baked Ham, began by selling honey-glazed ham to drugstores in Detroit. He also patented the spiral slicer, which helped slice ham effectively, accurately, and also with much more ease.

This company and its reputation have grown enormously over years now, striving to offer the best food and service for Customer satisfaction survey i.e., survey, has also been initiated for the same purpose.

They are open on weekdays from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey Requirements

For Requirements for the Myhoneybakedfeedback survey is given below:

  • Now the participants must be legal residents of the United States of America; the survey is limited to the citizens of the 50 states of America.
  • Also, must have a Honey Baked Ham receipt, which proves he/ she are genuine or honest customer of Honey Baked Ham.
  • To fill out the online comsurvey, a good and reliable internet connection, and a smartphone/PC/ tablet are required.
  • Must be of legal age, 18 years or older, to take the survey.
  • The survey can be filled out in either English or Spanish; basic knowledge of either is required.
  • Also, a single receipt of Honey Baked Ham works as an entry for just a single person.
  • Transfer or sale of a prize is not allowed.
  • The survey is also restricted to employees and their family members.

A few more important things to take note of about the honeybakedfeedback survey are

  • The purchase is mandatory, only through which you can be able to acquire a receipt to participate in the survey.
  • Also, a receipt is a necessary part; details from it will be demanded to process with the survey.
  • Not every item will be qualified for coupon use.
  • Coupons are limited and also now applicable to every Honey Baked Ham location.
  • The prize is limited to one-time use only.
  • The validation code becomes invalid when you exhaust the given time without making use of it.

Now at the end of the completed survey, you will then be notified or receive a validation code which you may then use to redeem the offer. Keep it safe.

Now validity period of receipt is currently unspecified. Also, no limit to the number of entries a single person can take. But, since one receipt equals only one entry, you might need to make more purchases for more entries.

How to take Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey

Here are the steps below for you to follow when you want to take the survey:

  • The first step, you should visit the Honey Baked Ham Company site to access the survey, or you can use com. it will direct you to the honeybakedfeedback survey.
  • After entering the page, you will be required to fill in certain details relevant to the receipt, such as the time, date, and survey code. These will be found at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Now complying with this, you should proceed to take part in the survey.
  • Now Questions will be asked inquiring about your last experience at Honey Baked Ham. You should answer them honestly and rate them accordingly.
  • Also, will need to answer the type of visit you had (dine-in/ catering/to-go/ retail purchase).
  • You will then be asked to rate your satisfaction on several issues such as the timing, food, atmosphere, staff behavior, etc.
  • Then, continue taking the survey by clicking on “NEXT.”
  • You will then be asked to share your insight on what was inadequate. Make sure to be honest with your answer. Will also be asked on the likeliness of revisiting or recommending Honey Baked Ham.
  • You will be required to enter your age, gender, and annual household salary or income.
  • While for honey baked ham Minneapolis sweepstake, you will be required to offer or provide your contact information. Now if you win the sweepstake, the company will contact you with the information provided.
  • Now at the end of the survey, you will then receive a validation code that you can use to redeem your discount.
  • To finalize the online survey process, you should click on the submit button and also cross your fingers to be the lucky winner of the Honey Baked Feedback

These are the steps to make you get this amazing benefit.


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