Wildlife Conservation Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $72,260 Yearly

Jobs in Wildlife conservation defend ecosystems against extinction, disease, and poaching. There are several options in wildlife conservation to select an area of expertise suitable for you.

Wildlife Conservation Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $72,260 Yearly

If you are interested in making the world a safer and more sustainable place for animals and plants, you ought to look into conservation jobs.

In this article, we highlight ten different sorts of wildlife conservation jobs, provide national average pay, and country and discuss each role’s responsibilities.

Program Coordinator

Program coordinators operate in a variety of areas. Wildlife specialists create events and supervise staff to develop an integrated experience that educates people about a variety of wildlife.

Wildlife program managers promote the program, keep records about funding as well as other important aspects of the program, and collect information for analysis to help design future programs. Its national average salary is $37,941 a year.

National Resource Technician

This job assists aid environmental biologists in their duties. They collect samples from habitats using a variety of techniques, including electrofishing and trotlines. They additionally help scientists in the development of environmental reports.

Natural resources experts are also working to preserve habitats by eliminating litter and weeds, allowing native creatures to thrive. With a national average salary of $44,890 a year.

Environmental Health and Safety Officer

This function involves evaluating business activities to ensure they comply with applicable environmental laws. They keep on top of environmental policies while offering suggestions for adjustments and improvements.

Environmental Health and Safety Officers conduct inquiries into environmental incidents to determine what caused the problem and the individuals it affected. Its national average salary is $98,370 per year.

Environmental Specialist

An environmental specialist discovers pollution and habitat loss issues within the area and proposes solutions. They supervise field tests of hazardous locations in order to have a greater awareness of the harmful effects on the location.

They also examine soil, water, and air samples to determine the general well-being of an area. With $74,912 as the national average salary per year.

Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultants tend to be independent contractors engaged by an array of organizations to provide direction and suggest on how to be environmentally friendly.

They give reports and ideas that businesses can employ to minimize their impact on the environment. This frequently involves taking steps to preserve as much of the native fauna and flora as possible. And $72,260 national average salary a year.


The study of animals and their natural environments is commonly referred to as zoology. They observe and document animal behaviour so as to better comprehend its requirements.

Zoologists keep reports on the ecology of animals write publications and give workshops on how to conserve ecological systems. Zoologists frequently specialize in an area of study, such as ornithology, that investigates birds. They may use this attention to increase efforts for preserving particular species.

With a national average salary of $64,650 a year.

Wildlife Educator

Wildlife educators can work in a variety of settings to teach children and adults about the variety of wildlife that surrounds them. They conduct correct research with the goal to completely enlightening their students about current environmental issues. This function additionally highlights the significance of conservation to young people, urging them to get involved.

They earn a national average salary of $60,174 per year.

Wildlife Photographer

Professional photographers operate in a variety of settings. Wildlife photographers spend a lot of time in wildlife hides that conceal them, allowing them to photograph and film animals behaving naturally in the wild.

Wildlife photographers are able to market their photographs to book publishers or work alongside documentarians to develop instructional programming about the natural world.

The national average salary of $42,585 a year.

Park Ranger

The park rangers seek to educate people about staying safe in America’s National Parks. They monitor the park’s grounds, enforcing the regulations for visitors. They also conduct search operations for anyone who becomes lost or injured in a National Park.

Rangers additionally provide tours for visitors, teaching them about the importance of protecting these locations and their people. A year they earn $40,000 per year as a national average salary.

Wildlife Specialist

Wildlife specialists work to preserve and protect ecosystems and habitats. They protect the planet by creating changes which restrict wildfires and keep water levels steady to avoid flooding.

Local populations of animals are also surveyed by wildlife professionals. They educate people in general on local fauna and flora, hunting restrictions, and safety measures. They advocate for long-term habitats which help local wildlife.

The national average salary is $46,855 a year.

Top Highest Paying Countries in the Wildlife Field

Below are some of the major highest-paying countries and salary ranges in the Wildlife sector:


  • Store Promoter –              $56,000/ year
  • Marketing & E-commerce Specialist –              $101,825/ “
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist –              $86,500/ “
  • Digital Marketing Manager –              $105,638/ “
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator –              $72,000/ “


  • Wildlife Biologist –              $81,080/ year
  • Regional Wildlife Ecologist –              $68,465/ “
  • Regional Fish and Wildlife Technician –              $102,000/ “
  • Zoo Keeper –              $129,484/ “
  • Project Biologist –              $86,103/ “


  • Ranger                                                –              $40,000/ year
  • Zookeeper                                 –              $38,000/ “
  • Landscape Ecologist –              $34,837/ “
  • Ecologist –              $34,178/ “
  • Assistant Ecologist –              $26,100/ “


  • Ecologist –              $90,000/ year
  • Biodiversity Consultant –              $95,000/ “
  • Grassland Ecologist –              $96,300/ “
  • Principal Ecologist –              $137,000/ “
  • Aquatic Ecologist –              $71,000/ “

South Africa

  • Human Resources Manager –              $20,000/ year
  • Aquatic Ecologist –              $ 36,218/ “
  • Data Management Programme –              $18,055/ “
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist –              $15,000/ “
  • Store Promoter –              $10,000/ “

Where to Get Wildlife Conservation Jobs Online 

These are other platforms which you could easily search and apply for any conservative job you wish in any country of your choice:

  • Indeed.com
  • Glassdoor.com
  • ZipRecruiter.com
  • LinkedIn.com
  • Wildsunrescue.com

Wildlife Conservation Job Duties

These are the duties of a wildlife conservation job:

  • Sampling and testing water and soil for contaminants or pollution levels
  • Protecting and sustaining biodiversity by addressing species at risk
  • Researching, planning, and advising on projects that involve vegetation regeneration
  • Preventing and containing forest fires
  • Interacting with specialists and funders to set up fundraisers
  • Educating the people about the significance of caring for wildlife and the environment

Requirements for a Wildlife Job

Wildlife biologists require at least a bachelor’s degree to work in the field. A four-year undergraduate degree frequently involves studies in biology, ecology, environmental science, management of wildlife, chemistry, physics, statistics, and conservation.

To excel in this sector, wildlife biologists need the following skills:

  • Attention to details
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking

How to Apply for a Wildlife Job

Follow the guides below to apply for a wildlife-conservative job:

  • Investigate potential wildlife conservation jobs. To accomplish this, you need to select a website that is used by advanced countries.
  • When you identify a vacant job, read the job description to ensure you meet the criteria for the position.
  • Create a standard CV and a cover letter that match the job description.
  • Upload your CV and letter of inquiry to the company’s personnel portal.
  • Then you have to wait for a response from the company to which you applied.

During this period, you ought to reject any offer that requires you to pay a fee before getting hired with visa sponsorship.

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