How to Cancel Crunchyroll Membership

Are you looking to cancel your membership on Crunchyroll? There are different methods on how you can cancel crunchyroll membership subscription easily. In this blog, you will be enlightened more on the steps that you require to cancel your membership on Crunchyroll. All you are required to do is read through and follow the procedures outlined in this blog.

How to Cancel Crunchyroll Membership

How to Cancel Crunchyroll Membership

But just as a user of Crunchyroll could be curious about how to end their membership, even passionate anime lovers may want to quit using Crunchyroll. Therefore, for many different reasons, people might want to terminate their subscriptions and possibly switch to other streaming services. For terminating your membership, you will have to continue reading through this blog for guidelines.

Steps to Cancel Crunchyroll Membership on the Website

The platform offers both free and premium accounts for users to utilize. You can cancel your Crunchyroll subscription in different ways, on mobile and on the website.

So, if you wish to cancel your membership on Crunchyroll, but don’t know how? Then follow the steps outlined below:

Free and Premium Subscribers Cancellation

  • Visit the Crunchyroll official web platform
  • Fill in your Login Details to access your account.
  • Now you have to click on the Drop-Down menu that is next to your username at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on the Settings option from the dropdown menu.
  • Scroll down and select the Membership section.
  • Click on the Cancel Membership option.
  • Then follow the onscreen prompts to confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel Crunchyroll Membership on Mobile

There might be good reasons you would want to cancel your membership to your account. So, if you would want to cancel your subscriptions on your mobile devices but don’t know how? Just follow the steps that are here below:

On iPhone

If you are an iOS user and you want to cancel your Crunchyroll membership kindly follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Settings app.
  • Click on your Apple ID profile.
  • Click on the Subscription button.
  • Now you have to tap Crunchyroll.
  • Then click on the Cancel Subscription option and click on the Confirm button.

On Android

The methods on Android device varies, follow through these procedures carefully.

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store app on your mobile device.
  • Click on your profile icon and the Payment and Subscription option to continue.
  • Select the Subscriptions button.
  • Now the Crunchyroll section.
  • Now you have to click on the Cancel Subscription button.
  • Select a reason and then click Continue and Cancel Subscription to finish the process.

Why Cancel Crunchyroll?

An anime fan may think they’ve found bliss when they first subscribe to Crunchyroll. There are numerous options accessible to them, and they may follow the weekly episode releases of their favorite anime series. However, the service may be fantastic for some, but not everyone is contented with it, at least in the long term.

Now, anime fans may watch a variety of shows on other fantastic streaming services. Various anime series are now available to stream on websites like Hulu and Netflix and many more.

As a result, there are more possibilities for those who wish to review classic shows like Naruto or watch new episodes of the latest series every time.

As such, people choose to terminate their Crunchyroll subscription once they no longer enjoy the services when they run out of content to view. When they have discovered another streaming service with superior shows, and when Crunchyroll is no longer able to satisfy their needs.


It’s simple to see why Crunchyroll is one of the most popular streaming services online; it offers several advantages that every consumer would like. However, understanding the procedure is essential if you plan to terminate your membership. You can refer to the instructions in this article whenever you want to cancel your Crunchyroll membership.

What Happens If I Cancel my Free Trial on Crunchyroll?

The membership can be totally canceled if you are using the Crunchyroll free trial and decide to stop it. As a result, all the stuff you have viewed while a member will be deleted from your device and you will not be able to access them anymore.

How Do I Stop Recurring Payments on Crunchyroll?

You will have recurring payments every month if you choose to pay for a membership with a debit or credit card. You can contact Crunchyroll and ask them to discontinue the recurring payment if you would like to avoid experiencing this.

PayPal requires you to terminate the membership from the account page. Additionally, you can stop being charged by using the “Cancel Recurring Payment” button in the “Recurring Payment” part of the Account Settings page on their website.

Can I Cancel my Crunchyroll Membership Anytime?

Yes! Your Crunchyroll Premium subscription can be canceled at any moment, but it will be terminated on the last day of your billing cycle. Until the end of the payment period, you can use the account and access premium content.

Why is the Cancelled Subscription Still Active?

Your membership will be active until the last day of the billing cycle if you terminate your subscription far in advance of the due date. It will cancel shortly, and you will no longer have access to Crunchyroll’s premium content.

How Much is Crunchyroll Subscription?

Price ranges for Crunchyroll start at $7.99 and go all the way up to $14.99. The platform does have a free, ad-supported tier that gives you restricted access to their library of animes and mangas.

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