How to Get Subscribe Button on Twitch

The odds of earning money from your passion for video games or other activities you can broadcast to an audience is one of the best things about streaming on Twitch.

How to Get Subscribe Button on Twitch

Furthermore, you do need to reach the point where viewers can subscribe to your channel or make donations in order to get the subscribe button on Twitch.

What is A Subscribe button on Twitch?

To monetize your channel Twitch, you need to get a subscribe button. This is a star-shaped “Purple” button on your channel that allows your viewers to sign up for one of three tiers of monthly channel subscriptions.

In addition, viewers who have Prime Gaming can subscribe to your channel for free each month.

How to Get Subscribe Button on Twitch

To get a subscribe button on Twitch, you must first sign up as a Twitch Affiliate. Then ensure to meet the following requirements to reach Affiliate status:

  • You must have a minimum of 50 followers.
  • Maintain an average of 3 simultaneous viewers within the last 30 days.
  • Stream 500 minutes or more within a month.
  • Stream over at least 7 days over the last 30 days.

After doing that, the subscribe button will automatically start to display on your channel once you are approved for the Twitch Affiliate program, allowing other people to subscribe to your channel.

Where is the Subscribe Button on Twitch

On Twitch, the subscribe button is situated directly beneath and to the right of the stream’s video. It is a star-shaped, purple button with the word “subscribe” written on it.

Whether you are using a laptop or a mobile device, the button has the same appearance and is in the same place.

The “subscribe” button will be changed to a “gift a sub” button if you are currently a subscriber to the channel.

If you are signed into your own Twitch account and visit your own channel, the “subscribe” button will be replaced with the “give a sub” option.

As soon as you click the subscribe button, a window displaying all the benefits of subscribing, including emotes, and the option to speak in “sub-only mode” will appear.

After you click the “subscribe” button once more, a new pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your payment information and finish the transaction.

Currently, there is no mechanism for broadcasters to relocate this button throughout their channel. As a result, it will always be located in the same place.

NOTE: If you visit a channel to which you are not subscribed and click the “subscribe” button, the channel will not immediately become a part of your subscription.

Final Words

You ought to be compensated, if you dedicate time and effort to Twitch streaming. Why not earn something in exchange for your time and work, rather than burning out?

What is the rarest Twitch badge?

The Founders Badge is possibly the most uncommon of them. The border around the white graphic of the number one has the recognizable violet hue of Twitch.

How long does it take to get a Subscribe button on Twitch?

You must have broadcast as an Affiliate or Partner for at least 90 distinct days.

Why can’t I Sub on Twitch?

Try making the purchase in a different browser or incognito/private browsing mode using the same payment method.

This can help determine whether cookies or cache in your browser. Thus, check once more that the transaction may be completed through your bank.

How much does a Twitch subscription cost?

A monthly subscription must be at least $4.99. However, the features offered vary depending on the channel. So, they are not always different.

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