How to Get Opay POS

As an OPay agent, you have the chance to set up a “mini-bank” in your local area. OPay, which is discussed in another post, is a fast-growing Fintech business in Nigeria. Agency banking is only one of the areas where they thrive.

How to Get Opay POS

This article serves as a guide on How to Get Opay POS in Nigeria to ensure you, an Opay agent, can make withdrawals, transfers, deposits, and other financial transactions.

With Opay POS you may access more benefits from Opay, so do not miss out on the chance now, continue reading this blog for more information.

How to Get Opay POS

Opay offers a variety of digital financial services that make cashless transactions and other financial dealings simple, safe, and available.

Opay POS devices offer a cost-effective and practical choice for companies wishing to accept cashless payments. An Opay agents have access to a variety of digital financial services in addition to an extra source of revenue.

So, it is a nice idea to think of having an Opay POS for any of your transactions or business, be it small or big business.

How to Request an Opay POS Machine

Follow the steps below if you wish to get an Opay POS machine:

  • To start the process, you have to go to the Opay app on your mobile device.
  • Log into your account.
  • Go to Me tab
  • Click on the Picture icon at the top left corner to go to account details.
  • Click the Upgrade to Level 3 option.
  • Now you have to upload your picture.
  • Upload a Valid ID card (Intl. Passport, National ID, Voters Card or Driver License) a recent Utility bill, and your BVN.
  • Then Submit.

After that, you have to wait for 24-72 hours for the Opay team to review and then approve your KYC. You will receive email and SMS notifications once your KYC is approved.

And if approved, you may proceed to pay for the POS machine and then get it delivered to you at once. However, you have to opportunity to reapply if your request was declined.

Opay POS Machine Requirements

You must meet these requirements to be eligible for the Opay machine application. Those requirements include:

  • You must have an active Opay account.
  • A valid bank account.
  • BVN (Bank verification number).
  • A valid means of identification such as a Voter’s card, Driver’s License, National ID card, or an international passport.
  • Recent utility bill.
  • Your statement of bank account.

Once you have all these documents ready, you can proceed to apply for an Opay POS machine.

Why You Should Own an Opay POS

With the Opay POS, you may receive low fees and a hassle-free way to carry out different services for your customers. With the POS you may receive funds into your wallet instantly and even offer transfer services to your customers in real time.

And no waiting for end-of-day reconciliation. As a partner with Opay, your growth is their growth. They offer a powerful dashboard to view all your business transactions and help you understand your business better.


Can I Get POS for Free?

Although some complete POS systems offer a free tier, you’ll probably need to pay for processing and other extras. Other businesses charge for the hardware, like a tablet or terminal, but allow you to use their software for free.

How Do I Request a POS Machine?

POS Terminal:

  • Create an account (Business) and log in. Provide the required details and a business account will be automatically created for you instantly.
  • Request for a POS – Click on the Add a new POS button and then follow all other prompt onscreen instructions.
  • Then fund your account and pay for the terminal.
  • Now you can get your POS delivered within 48 hours.

What are the Benefits of Being a Merchant in Opay?

Here are reasons you should become a merchant with Opay:

Opay offers low fees and a hassle-free way to carry out different services for your clients and customers.

Receive funds into your wallet instantly and even offer transfer services to customers. No waiting for the end-of-day settlement.

Cost to Become an Opay Agent?

Application for the OPay POS terminal is free. However, you need to have in your OPay Wallet a minimum of 20,000 in caution fees.

The caution cost will be deducted from your wallet once your POS request is authorized, and you as the agent will only receive a refund when the POS terminal is returned to the business.

How Do I Become an Opay POS Agent?

You must register on the Opay website and submit all necessary documentation in order to become an Opay POS agent. Opay will provide you with training and support after your application is approved.

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