How to Opt Out of Crunchyroll Beta

This Crunchyroll beta experience revolves around the website only. Most users have been complaining since the Crunchyroll platform site was updated to the Beta mode.

How to Opt Out of Crunchyroll Beta

A lot of this users are looking for a way to Opt out of Crunchyroll Beta. If that be the case, there should be no worries, because this blog is here to enlighten you.

How to Opt out of Crunchyroll Beta

There were methods that you can utilize to revert to Crunchyroll Classic including a drop-down menu in your account. Now, Crunchyroll makes it clear that the modification is ongoing. Currently, logging in is required to access anything other than the regular version.

Complaints are decreasing as Crunchyroll improves the website. During this launch, Crunchyroll users complained about awful experiences, thereby resulting in complaints. This page is for you if you fall into that category and want to opt out of Crunchyroll Beta.

How to Get Out of Crunchyroll Beta

Even though Crunchyroll Beta includes a few new features, such as a user interface with a more contemporary style, enhanced video quality, and additional browsing options, there remain some problems and malfunctions that can be inconvenient.

Users would like to opt out of Crunchyroll Beta because of this. The steps to take for quitting from this Beta version are listed below:

  • To start you have to visit the Account Information page once you log into your account.
  • Scroll down and then click on the Opt Out button in the Beta program to continue.
  • Now you will be sent a confirmation screen and you click the Opt Out again to finish.
  • After that you are done and you will be returned to Crunchyroll’s original version.

Why is Crunhyroll Beta not Working?

Due to several issues with the Crunchyroll Beta version, Crunchyroll is unfortunately not functioning. Just a small portion of the ongoing issues with Crunchyroll Beta include the ones listed below:

  • Black displays come from the use of adblockers.
  • Lower resolution.
  • A smaller display for a video player.
  • Releases across multiple languages.
  • Many browsers fail to function properly with it.
  • Unintuitive and challenging menu.
  • Resets haphazardly.


It doesn’t look good for the Crunchyroll Beta version right now because both subscribers and non-subscribers are still very loud in their objections. Crunchyroll should, at least, reconsider if there is a petition in place and subscribers continue to voice their displeasure.

Even the most unlikely patches that allow viewers to enjoy the Classic edition are becoming dated for the time being, so it remains to be seen. It appears that browser extensions are the short-term solution till Crunchyroll makes some changes.


Can I Leave Crunchyroll Beta?

Users may opt-in and out of the Beta experience whenever they like, and are encouraged to share feedback in their Leave Feedback section which is located under the profile header.

How Can I Return to Crunchyroll’s Old Layout?

Even Premium subscribers are forced to use the new style in order to access Premium content, they are not given the option to use the old layout because every user must log out in order to return to the previous layout.

What Does Crunchyroll Beta Do?

The brand-new Crunchylists feature, a mobile-responsive interface, a brand-new homepage, updated browse and watch pages, and new search capabilities are all available to users of the New Crunchyroll Beta.

Is It Safe to Use Beta?

As a beta, there may likely be bugs. Install it only when you’re ready to report bugs and share logs, avoid using it just to try out Android 11’s new features. There are already enough instances of it. If you choose the Beta option, you must also understand that all of the information stored on the phone might be lost.

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